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Our services will help you get the most from your technology. We will review your existing IT infrastructure and set up identifying any shortfalls and improvements.

An IT Audit is a time consuming manual task and requires expertise or a large investment in IT Auditing systems. For a limited time we are offering a free IT Audit to help you:

  • Understand your existing environment. We can assist you in understanding your current set up and assets and help you begin rationalising your systems.
  • Solve performance issues. Identifing routing loops or poor network optimisation, resolving problems with devices and trouble shooting slow performance of servers or work stations.
  • Reduce IT support issues. All end user devices should be running consistent, approved versions of software, patching should be up to date and systems should be uniform across your business.
  • Identify vulnerabilities. Our agentless proprietary risk analyser performs a scan over your network, IT assets and systems identifying network and security risks.

Get the most from your technology by understanding how to improve the efficiency and performance of your systems.

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Our Audit Process

1. Review Meeting

From our first meeting, you will meet with your Account Manager and a technology expert to gain an understanding of your business needs and an overview of your infrastructure. We will ensure we fully understand your business, any relevant history and the reasons for your current set up.

2. Audit

We will carry out a physical audit of your IT systems and benchmark of your IT infrastructure against best practice.

3. Presentation of Findings

We will then report back to you with our findings and identify any vulnerabilities or shortfalls and suggest possible improvements. This will identify whether everything is operating efficiently, your assets are secure and whether your current set up is optimal to support your business goals and objectives.

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