AFS Logistics migrates to the cloud, implements cyber first managed services + saves over $75K annually

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AFS Logistics was founded in 1995 with a vision to become Australia’s most trusted logistics & freight management solutions provider. Today, they are the nation’s fastest growing logistics management specialist, supporting over 80 leading brands across multiple categories, throughout Australia and internationally.

They are proud to have great customers, and some of the best talent in the Transport + Logistics industry.  Their team of logistics experts has deep first-hand knowledge, strong disciplines, and diverse experience.

Their proprietary leading-edge technology has been shaped entirely by the needs of their customers.   They have developed long term carrier partnerships, best-in-class, to ensure customers enjoy a professional, smooth, and hassle-free service.

Exceptional customer service and providing leading edge solutions is is at the heart of AFS’s operations.

“KMT are proactive.  They don’t wait until we raise issues or something breaks.  They regularly monitor our licencing to advise us of any savings to be made, and were  proactive in advising us of servers that we no longer required.  Keeping on top of our licencing and upgrading our servers resulted in significant cost savings.” Andre Silva


AFS Logistics realised that they were in the midst of a significant growth period.  In fact, only 5 years ago, there was around 60 staff which has now grown to over 160 staff spread across multiple sites across various states.

This created several issues for the business and they were aware that they needed to stay up to date and current with not only their infrastructure, but also their cyber security.

Cyber Security

The leadership team at AFS were also alert to the fact that there was an increasing requirement to become more diligent with cyber security protection.  In fact, in 2022 the ACSC announced that transport, along with critical food and higher education had become subject to mandatory cyber incident reporting requirements, this placed greater strain on their leadership team to adopt a cyber security strategy.

AFS understood the severity of cyber security incidents was increasing. The virtualisation of Australian life that accelerated during the coronavirus pandemic has become entrenched. Remote working arrangements have given way to a hybrid working model, further increasing cyber security risks as employees switch regularly between personal and corporate devices.

In the most recent ACSC Annual Cyber Threat Report, it states attacks are increasing for medium sized businesses and cost on average $88407 in losses per cyber attack.  This was true for Toll Group, when they confirmed in May 2020, they suffered their second ransomware attack in under four months.  This time the attack resulted in data loss.

Given the rapidly evolving nature and the deep sophistication of cyberattacks today, it is vital that transport and logistics firms and their customers stay up to date on the cyberthreat landscape.  AFS Logistics were acutely aware that the solution was to become compliant with the ACSC Essential Eight Maturity Level 2 as a minimum.

Inefficient IT infrastructure

In addition to the cyber security concerns, AFS were frustrated with their current technology solution.  Their infrastructure was not meeting the demands of the business.  As their client base grew, so did their staff and the stress imposed on the IT infrastructure meant that the system was becoming strained, not to mention the increased risk of cyber vulnerabilities.

The current infrastructure was lacking the ability to scale with the demands of the business, specifically their server resources could not increase its throughput during peak periods and their internet connection was unreliable and slow.  Both of which were creating huge inefficiencies and costing the business money.

Wrong MSP partner

They were working with another MSP at the time (before Kaine Mathrick Tech) and the leaders at AFS felt that they were not the right partner to take them to the next level.  There was no urgency around resolving IT support issues, or the larger infrastructure or cyber issues and they lacked a deep understanding of the business.  Simple things like onboarding staff took weeks and they made many errors along the way.  AFS decided to look for a new MSP which is when they found KMT.

“There is an accessibility to KMT, there is always a human on the other end of the phone.  Whenever I need, I can speak to the right person to deal with my issue, whether its my service desk team, my account manager or Bradley Kaine or Scott Mathrick.  They are always there to help us with any issue to talk things through.  There is a real human element to KMT.”


In the first instance, they reviewed their current MSP and this is when they found Kaine Mathrick Tech.  They onboarded with KMT in 2017 and have been working in partnership ever since.

Kaine Mathrick Tech has continuously provided AFS with quality strategic advice over the years supported by their dedicated IT service desk that solves day to day issues.  This removed the noise from their technology and allowed Andre to focus on the strategy and ensuring that AFS’s technology was future proofed and meeting the needs of the business and providing the efficiencies required to enable growth.

New infrastructure + cyber strategy

AFS needed a measured and cost effective approach to their technology with a comprehensive and relevant cyber security strategy to protect the business from cyber threat.

Specifically, AFS needed to modernise their IT structure and uplevel their cyber security protection. A scalable solution that could meet the varying demands of the business.

The objectives were to:

  • Upgrade their operating systems
  • Review all Microsoft Licencing and Azure platform
  • Upgrade their cyber security posture and understand vulnerabilities
  • Implement disaster recovery and incident response
  • Save money and achieve efficiencies where possible

KMT presented a full ICT and cyber security solution to AFS which included:

  • Consolidation of file and print servers from the office and transitioning to cloud environment and Azure.  Savings made on the equipment, internet and location to host servers.
  • Savings of 20-25% on ongoing licencing costs with an ongoing review quarterly to flag where efficiencies and savings can be made.
  • Align with the ACSC Essential Eight Maturity Level 2 to improve their cyber security posture and reduce the risk of exploitation of malicious actors.

” KMT seamlessly managed the migration between Azure and AWS with no loss of data – they are qualified in both, which made our project seamless” Andre Silva


  • A cloud based IT infrastructure that meets the current needs of the company
  • An excellent partnership that has helped the business cope with the demands of expansion
  • Savings of over $75K annually on IT spend.
  • Improved mobility and access to the IT system and secured network from remote workplaces
  • Implementation of a Secure Modern Workplace and Secure Data Centre services meaning comprehensive cyber security protection whilst enjoying award winning IT support, strategy and advice.
  • A trustworthy MSSP and MSP that always responds on time.
  • New staff members are onboarded quickly and efficiently with streamlined processes.

KMT’s project teams are exceptional.  The level of communication and touchpoints both during a project and in general solidifies their position as the Human Face of Tech.  KMT really are human.  There is always someone there for us.  Our business runs so much more efficiently.  We are completely off-prem now, we operate completely on cloud-based or in the cloud.  Whether KMT is managing the app or system or not, they are always willing to help troubleshoot.  Working with Scott on the ICT strategy and Brad with cyber first.” Andre Silva

A bit about the Andre

As Head of Technology at AFS Logistics, Andre is a highly motivated professional who identifies and delivers innovative solutions and practices. With over 20 years of experience in logistics throughout the Asia Pacific region, Andre has a recognised ability to deliver complex projects and applications to clients on time and within budget.

Andre is a proficient leader & mentor who leads and engages his team for high performance to deliver required business outcomes. He has a proven track record in developing and bringing to market, industry leading technical solutions for both internal & external stakeholders.

Regarded as a thought leader in respect to innovation practices within the tech space, Andre leads the AFS technology strategy which includes our proprietary owned MOVEiT Logistics management system and the broader technology team who specialise in application design & development, project management and service delivery, using modern frameworks, best practices and methodologies.

Andre DeSilva AFS Transport


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