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Case Study: AMTIL enjoys improved cyber security posture & productivity with KMT

KMT becomes the first IT Managed Service Provider for AMTIL, helping to upgrade the IT infrastructure to the required standard, thereby becoming the backbone of the organisation and facilitating growth.


Non-Profit Sector


The Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited (AMTIL)


Though AMTIL had become a peak national body, it never really had a dedicated IT service provided. The organisation relied on engaging IT support individuals, who were not full-time employees of the organisation. The services will be rendered when the individual is available, and when there is an IT issue, he will be contacted again for a solution. This was not an efficient arrangement. It affected the organisation negatively in many ways. It was obvious that a reliable IT managed service provide was needed. That was when KMT came into the picture.


  • KMT Managed IT Service
  • Upgrade of IT infrastructure to suit the needs of the organisation
  • DATTO for a true DR platform
  • A secure SSL VPN
  • Implementation of a complete end to end Cyber Security platform
  • Office 365


  • A proactive approach to managing IT and network system
  • Quick and seamless IT managed solution that took the burden off the shoulders of everyone in the organisation
  • A more robust and stable platform for improved performance
  • Access to data from anywhere, making it possible for the remote workforce to connect and work effectively
  • Cyber security protection within the business as well as Office 365


The Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited (AMTIL) is a peak national body that represents the interests of manufacturing technology suppliers and users within the precision engineering and advanced manufacturing.

Established in 1999, AMTIL has grown steadily to reflect the needs of its members. It has engaged in a range of activities aimed at supporting and promoting the industry in Australia. Some of these initiatives include Austech, Australia’s premier advanced manufacturing and machine tool exhibition; AMT Magazine, the industry’s leading publication; and several other services for its members.

For more than 20 years of existence, AMTIL has shown that it a reliable institute that puts the interests of members first. The organisation has its finger on the pulse of the major developments and is well placed on educating and supporting businesses and individuals in the manufacturing industry. It doesn’t really matter whether you are a manufacturer, importer, distributor, or a general manufacturing technology company, The Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited has an array of offerings that will help your business.

AMTIL employee manufacturer working with improved IT services


While The Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited was doing great in the area of service delivery to its members, it had a major challenge in the area of IT management. The organisation didn’t have a standard contract with any IT managed service provider. Instead, they engaged an IT support person that was not on full-time employment.

It was very difficult running an efficient IT system with this arrangement. While the IT support was used when he was available, getting him to fix issues immediately was always difficult. Again, the approach to IT management was reactive instead of proactive. A reputable organisation like AMTIL needed something better.

In addition to the challenges of not having an expert IT team and being reactive to IT issues, AMTIL knew that their IT system and network were not optimised for its operations. There was a need for an upgrade, and only a reliable service provider could do it efficiently.


KMT was engaged as the first IT managed service provider for AMTIL, and the experts quickly took the burden off the shoulders of management and all staff of the organisation who depend on the IT system. KMT embarked on a critical IT infrastructure upgrade that will suit the organisation’s needs and accommodate growth in the near future. In addition to installing a new server, KMT removed unsupported out of warranty infrastructure.

KMT also implemented DATTO to provide a true DR platform, onsite and offsite. A secure SSL VPN was also installed to lock down the environment and protect the IT assets. Emails were also migrated to Office 365, which offers several advantages over the previous system.

KMT has also enabled a complete end to end cybersecurity platform for The Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited. The team has implemented web isolation protection, BCDE, advanced AI products, and trained users on best IT practices. KMT continues to provide steady support for AMTIL in All areas of IT needs.


The most significant benefit of working with KMT is the high level of IT service they have provided for The Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited. The upgrading of the IT hardware and software has proactively addressed some of the major challenges faced by the organisation. The up-time has been incredible so far, with no outage recorded so far. The robust and stable platform enabled by KMT has also resulted in greater performance, all round.

The seamless VPN connectivity and other innovations implemented by KMT has also improved flexibility and mobility for AMTIL staff. The remote workforce can easily and quickly access data globally, with core programs responding faster. Overall, there is improved efficiency and productivity.

AMTIL is also enjoying improved cybersecurity. The end to end cybersecurity platform is efficient in keeping the organisation secured. Again, KMT is always available to improve AMTIL’s IT infrastructure to meet the organisation’s needs. All challenges have been resolved, and the IT experts have completely taken the huge load off the shoulders of AMTIL’s management team.

According to AMTIL, “the productivity of our business has never been higher, thanks to the drive and support of KMT.”

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