Case Study: a reliable IT infrastructure empowered Melbourne freight company to go national

Secon realized in time that they had outgrown their IT infrastructure. The decision-makers in the company knew they needed a reliable platform that will help them grow the business nationally. They also realized the need for improved data security.

They approached Telstra, a reliable network provider in Australia, to know about the possibility of hooking up to a great private network. Telstra recommended Kaine Mathrick Tech as the perfect company. Due to the respect and trust they had for Telstra, Secon accepted to work with KMT, and the story has been fantastic so far.


  • A perfect strategy that will allow Secon to expand operations and run smoothly
  • A strong partnership that will help the company in setting up infrastructure and managing the network efficiently
  • Ongoing support that will enable the company to operate with more efficiency
  • A strong network that will allow for flexible work schedules
  • A more secured IT infrastructure and network
  • Updated devices and tools tailored to staff needs


  • A much-improved IT infrastructure that meets the current needs of the company
  • An excellent partnership that has helped the business cope with the demands of expansion
  • A reliable IT infrastructure and stable network that has made operations smoother
  • Improved mobility and access to the IT system and secured network from remote workplaces
  • Improved flexibility without the fear of being hacked
  • A trustworthy local network provider that always responds on time.


Secon Freight Logistics is a leading transport company based in Melbourne. Started some 50 years ago, the company has been serving a good portion of the Victoria area for decades, while remaining true to its root as a family-owned wharf and cartage warehouse and distribution business.

Secon Freight Logistics is now a full-service logistics company that specializes in supply chain solutions for retail, FMCG, light industrial, food and dairy, as well as bulk plastic industries. Its primary services include container cartage, warehousing, distribution, and bulk services.

Over the years, Secon Freight Logistics has built a solid reputation. It is a leading logistics company in Melbourne and beyond because of its strong emphasis on trust. Despite how big it has grown, the company is still run as a family business, treating all staff and clients as part of the family.


Secon Freight Logistics has expanded significantly in recent years. At a point, it became clear to the management that they had acutely outgrown their IT infrastructure and network. It was evident that for more expansions to happen smoothly, an overhaul of the system was needed.

The management at Secon also had a strategy that was a little difficult to implement with their set-up. They realized that a reliable network provider was also needed to strategize appropriately and implement the strategy. It was time to move away from their current localized network to one that could support their growth and expansion goals.

Secon Freight Logistics also realized the need to improve data security. It is common knowledge that logistics companies are targets of cybercriminals and the company wanted to improve data security even as they expand their operations. For a company that had started dealing with multi-national companies, it was evident that a strong partnership with a private network provider was needed.


KMT started the new partnership with Secon Freight Logistics at the strategic level. The tech experts from KMT looked at what the team at Secon had and started strategizing again. It was taken to a whole new level, where implementation was easier and more productive.

KMT also embarked on a massive overhaul of the IT infrastructure in Secon. The right devices and tools to meet the challenges were installed to build the perfect network. In building the new network, the specific needs of the business, and the direction it was heading were considered.

Full functionality, reliability, and data security were among the key objectives of building the new network for Secon. These key objectives and others were realized, thanks to the collaborative approach of all teams involved.


The major reason Secon Freight Logistics decided to work with KMT was that Telstra highly recommended us. The experience has been more heart-warming than advertised. According to Secon, ‘watching all the key players come together and work together to achieve the outcome’ was the highlight of the project. Several team members from KMT have been singled out for praises due to their expertise and professionalism.

Another major benefit Secon Freight Logistics has enjoyed from the partnership is the fact that KMT has remained steadfast. The system is operating optimally, and the KMT team is offering ongoing support to ensure that no ugly incidence is recorded at all. As the business continues to expand, a few more changes are being implemented to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Secon Freight Logistics realized what they wanted and went for it as early as possible. According to Secon, ‘It’s not just about trucks and people, it’s about having reliable and secure processes and systems too. We spend a lot on software systems, and they are paramount’.

At this point, Secon Freight Logistics is operating smoothly with full confidence that their IT system and private network is in excellent condition. They also know that the team at KMT is doing more to ensure that the network can handle their expansions, and they are fully secured at all times.

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