Case Study: CBCHS, empowered by Managed Services

Kaine Mathrick Tech provides comprehensive IT managed services to a community health provider in Melbourne’s South-East. Services include managing IT infrastructure, providing expertise and strategic management of their IT services, and a broader support desk coverage aimed at optimum performance.

Success Story: Central Bayside Community Health Service


Community health


Central Bayside Community Health Service (CBCHS) 


Central Bayside Community Health Service (CBCHS) was doing well in its market. Respected by clients and providing high-quality services, CBCHS needed a strong IT backbone, to match their highly functioning front. The company, therefore, involved an external consultant. It was agreed that it needed a more robust approach to IT management than its small in-house IT workforce could provide.

  • KMT’s Managed IT Service
  • Loan server and storage from KMT on the interim while working on a long-term solution
  • Microsoft Office 365 software
  • Upgrade of the entire IT infrastructure
  • Great support desk from KMT team
  • Supply and installation of new hardware for flexibility in the workplace
  • Strategic management of IT infrastructure for overall improvement in service delivery
  • IT managed services that support remote working
  • Improved IT hardware to make the workplace more flexible
  • A reliable solution to current IT issues plus coverage for services that may become necessary in the future

CBCHS is an established provider in the community health sector. It provides a wide range of services to support healthy living, general wellbeing, and social connection. They are committed to achieving the best results for clients that need it most, using evidence-based practices to make this happen.

CBCHS was established in 1989. In more than 30 years of operation, it has grown in many ways. They provide dental and allied health, nursing and counseling, and specialist medical services. They also provide aged care social supports and the Community Visitors Scheme (CVS). Their programs for differently-abled people include day services, community engagement, individual support and more, to support people with disabilities to live independently and achieve their unique goals.

In Melbourne, CBCHS is well-recognised as an organisation that caters to the needs of clients in the most effective and professional manner. CBCHS boasts a team of experts who work hard to ensure that clients are provided with the service and support they need to live happier and healthier lives.



While CBCHS was developed in the sector, there were issues with the IT infrastructure. These issues impeded efficient operation and workflow.

CBCHS health workers, working on computer

As an organisation that always wants to be on top of the situation, CBCHS undertook a review with an external consultant to understand the challenges better and determine the best way to approach things. It was then identified that there was a real need for increased expertise and strategic management of their IT services and a broader support desk coverage. As a result, it was determined that the challenges would be resolved by moving from an in-house IT workforce to an outsourced model.

Ultimately, it was therefore agreed that there is a pressing need to engage an established IT Managed Services Provider. KMT was strongly recommended in testimonials and references. The management team decided to get KMT involved.


Quote, Managed Services, IT Solutions enabling usersSolution

The first important move was to design a befitting contract based on the presentation made by the KMT team. This was done in the most professional manner, which marked the beginning of a fruitful relationship.

One of the very first challenges KMT addressed was the issue of some servers going offline from time to time. While working on a permanent solution to the problem, KMT provided loan servers and storage for the company. A permanent solution has since been implemented.

In addition to addressing the server issues, KMT overhauled the IT infrastructure of CBCHS. There have been significant upgrades in both hardware and software components of the IT system and networks. The KMT support desk has proven to be readily accessible and responsive.

KMT has also played a huge role in helping CBCHS cope with the challenges of COVID-19. They were prompt and proactive in establishing IT solutions that have enabled users to work from alternative workplaces, including from home, to keep things moving smoothly.



A key benefit of working with a reputable company is that CBCHS management has become more confident in their IT infrastructure. This relationship has therefore been fruitful in many ways. The management team has been particularly impressed with the rapport with all the staff and the availability of the expert support desk. Everyone seems to be approachable and helpful.

The technical know-how of KMT has also had a massive impact on the overall operation of CBCHS. The server issues have been adequately addressed. Even when there was a hardware failure, the KMT team minimized the impact on the users, getting the company back online quickly without data loss.

Since KMT became the IT Managed Services Provider for CBCHS, they have implemented several changes that have addressed current issues and have averted possible future challenges. The way the company helped CBCHS cope with COVID-19 is just one example of how resourceful they have and can be. The management team at CBCHS is confident that their IT infrastructure is in great hands. According to Paul Bunn, the General Manager responsible for IT, the main reasons they would recommend KMT include customer service, responsiveness, great rapport, and the fact that they are cognisant of CBCHS’ culture.

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