EJM partnered with KMT to address its IT challenges and help facilitate their growth plans

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We provide simple, tailored financial solutions to help people achieve their financial goals.


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Background of EJM Financial Services

EJM Financial Services has been a prominent player in the financial advisory space for more than 30 years, with a commitment to providing holistic financial advice tailored to individual client needs.

With 43 staff members spread across Australia providing more than 160 years of financial planning experience and expertise, EJM is dedicated to ensuring their clients’ financial objectives and goals are met through personalised advice and excellent service.

EJM supports couples, families, and retirees to achieve their perfect lifestyle through their services that include superannuation and self-managed super funds, insurance, retirement planning, and more.

The day-to-day operations involve engaging with families from the time of diagnosis through the treatment period and beyond. With a focus on delivering personalised services, Challenge facilitates multiple activities for the whole family unit, including camping experiences, parent retreats, in-hospital services, and various forms of therapy. The organisation also provides financial assistance, scholarships, and support for families dealing with loss. 

 The COVID-19 pandemic inadvertently pushed Challenge to expand its national reach by adopting online communication methods for program delivery. 

The challenges facing EJM Financial Services

As part of a strategic growth plan that would see EJM’s reach expand by 2033 through both organic growth and acquisitions, it became clear its operations needed to expand. However, EJM’s existing infrastructure was a significant hurdle.

“It was clear our original IT provider was not equipped to handle the expansion of our business and would not be able to properly support us on our growth journey,” said Jonida Haidar, EJM’s Operations Manager.”  

EJM needed to achieve administration efficiencies

The company had been battling with issues such as slow response times between EJM and its original IT provider, inefficient communication systems and outdated technology, which greatly hindered its ability to focus on the core business and growth strategy. The day-to-day function was also heavily impacted by long wait times for IT support.

As a financial services practice, EJM operates under a licensee. With that comes administrative and regulatory requirements that require efficiency from IT support. Additionally, EJM is responsible for sensitive and personal data.

“Cybersecurity is a big part of our focus. We had been struggling to find a partner able to support and guide us through not just our day to day needs from an IT point of view, but also ensuring we were safeguarding our clients’ sensitive information to the highest possible degree.”

EJM didn’t have the technological or cybersecurity expertise to navigate these challenges alone.

“We needed a partner that was able to answer all of our questions, no matter how big or small. More than that, we needed a partner that could communicate with us in language we could understand.”

EJM was referred to Kaine Mathrick Tech (KMT) and, after initial discussions, EJM felt all their questions were answered.

“We knew they were the ones we were going to partner with. We were confident KMT was going to deliver a smooth journey towards our goals for growth and scaling.”

The Solution

EJM partnered with KMT to address its IT challenges and help facilitate their growth plans.

One of the core components of KMT’s approach involved creating dedicated teams, or “pods”, consisting of engineers, team leaders, account managers, and customer service representatives, aligned specifically with EJM’s needs.

“Having a dedicated team that understands our business has been crucial. We no longer have to explain ourselves repeatedly, which was a significant pain point.”

A proactive approach to Cyber Security

KMT’s proactive approach to cybersecurity was another critical aspect of the solution. Recognising the sensitivity of the financial data handled by EJM, KMT implemented robust cybersecurity measures, providing EJM with peace of mind and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Achieving enhanced security and efficiencies

Deploying KMT’s Secure Modern Workplace involved a comprehensive overhaul of EJM’s IT infrastructure, with an emphasis on security and efficiency. The transformation included migrating to Azure AD, which facilitated more effective access and management of resources, the decommissioning all physical servers which reduced maintenance costs and enhanced security, and migrating to SharePoint to centralise data storage and collaboration efforts among employees which created a more connected work environment. Microsoft Teams was implemented for streamlined communication, while Office 365 migration was used to improve email services.

To enhance security, KMT implemented Office 365 lockdown and hardening measures, ensuring a robust cyber platform deployment. EJM also adopted cloud-based Private Branch Exchange System (PBX) for telephony needs, supporting multiple sites seamlessly.

By transitioning to a unified Microsoft environment, EJM saw immediate, significant improvements in productivity and efficiency.

“The transition was seamless, and it has made a huge difference in how we operate. We can now easily work from anywhere, which has been a real game changer. And with the new businesses coming in, rather than being on separate systems which made them feel like they were still separate from everyone else, we’re all now on the same system which has helped boost the morale of the new team members.”

Building a supportive partnership

With new laptops for all employees and migration of email and data to Office 365 and SharePoint, EJM embraced a fully digital workplace, enabling employees to work more efficiently and securely.

Looking Ahead

Since partnering with KMT, EJM has experienced a transformation in its IT infrastructure and operations. With improved response times, streamlined communication, and modernised technology, EJM has been able to refocus on its core business objectives.

“We now have confidence that our IT needs are taken care of, allowing us to focus on our clients and our plans for growth.”

EJM remains committed to its vision for 2033, confident that KMT’s support will continue to play a crucial role in its success. With a reliable IT partner in KMT, EJM is well-positioned to achieve their growth targets and continue providing exceptional financial services to its clients.


EJM’s partnership with KMT exemplifies the value of a strategic IT partnership in driving business growth and efficiency. By addressing IT challenges and embracing modern technology solutions, EJM has been able to simultaneously keep focus on its clients and lay a robust foundation for future growth.

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