Case Study: Eureka believed that engaging a quality IT partner was the key to their success

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“I have full confidence that our IT issues are dealt with within a reasonable time.  I never have to follow up, the level of communication is exceptional, there is no issue too big or too small.”  

Bill Papaioannou

“KMT could not do enough for us during our onboarding process, it was seamless.  From day 1 everything seemed to work and any issues were resolved quickly.”

Bill Papaioannou

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Manufacturing plays a major role in the Australian economy, with levels of output and employment that considerably exceed mining and agriculture combined. It continues to be the dominant source of technological innovation in the business sector. Reflecting reduced barriers to trade, rising world incomes and increasing globalisation, trade in manufactures is growing faster than primary commodities.  Indeed, opportunities for trade have never been greater for Australian manufacturing.

All businesses inherently understand that technology is at the heart of any successful organisation or they risk compromising their ability to keep up with their competitors.  Technology affects every aspect of a business from finance to the project management process, the manufacturing sites, and the collaboration and communication between the end-users.

Eureka’s IT environment was managed on a tight budget which has presented some challenges, however, recently with innovation, the business requires increased visibility into their production environment to help with scheduling, budgeting and efficiencies and needed an IT partner who could help them on their journey.

“Having a partner that we have confidence in and can trust has made a huge difference to our business. Our technology has been hindering our ability to work effectively and achieve efficiencies in our production environment and we knew it was time for a migration.  We had full faith that KMT were the right partner to help us through this.”

Who are Eureka Garages & Sheds?

Eureka Garages is highly respected within the manufacturing industry, with top quality products made to last. Their products are widely recognised for their design, strength and ease of construction.

  • Eureka Garages & Sheds is an 100% Australian owned company, which has been servicing domestic, rural and commercial customers for in excess of 30 years
  • They manufacture Gardens Sheds to manufacturing Industrial Buildings.
  • Buildings are manufactured at factory premises and sold through retail display centres located throughout Victoria.

“Onboarding and changing over to KMT has helped save our business time, it is more cost effective for us as a business so we can focus on new projects.  We now have confidence our IT systems are supporting our business goals moving forward.”

Eureka Garages + Sheds had outgrown its IT infrastructure

As an innovative manufacturing business Eureka realised that it needed to prioritise its technology infrastructure.  It had always been seen as a cost centre, and hence the solutions were budget friendly and no longer serving the business.  There was a lack of visibility into the production meaning there was no visibility over their metrics, reporting, scheduling, resourcing and wastage.  The business strongly desired to achieve production efficiency and streamline their processes.

To manage concurrent projects and innovate whilst achieving efficiencies, technology is critical to their success.  Production needs the ability to effectively resource and schedule, whilst management requires accurate and detailed metrics to make larger business decisions such as resourcing, budgeting and strategy.

Additionally, safety standards and OH&S measures must be compliant and consistent across all sites.  Industry regulations must be adhered to.

Eureka identified a need to take a proactive approach to technology and was prepared to heavily invest in tools and resources for the right result.  The leadership team decided they were looking for a technology partner that could provide realistic, appropriate technology solutions to ensure the business’ needs were being met and to assist them in their growth.

A solution that delivered business efficiencies and collaboration between offices and teams.

As Eureka expands, so are the requirements of its clients.  The move from garden sheds to industrial buildings meant the business needed to improve its communications and transparency across the business.  Leaders, and teams required increased levels of collaboration and communication.  There was a need for a cloud based solution to manage production and management requirements and the internal environment required hardening to product against cyber threats.   This meant the business would enjoy a centrally hosted platform to manage the project management workload where all teams including management and finance can access securely and view live data.

Document access, manufacturing transparency and financial data needed to come together on one secure accessible platform to enable them to continue to be dynamic in a rapidly changing industry.

In addition to a new infrastructure solution, Eureka was looking for a partnership.  An IT partner they can trust and rely on, someone that understood their business direction and could deliver technology solutions that will enable them to future-proof themselves.

The decision to change MSP providers

Eureka was utilising another Melbourne MSP who was no longer serving their needs.  Using a ‘break-fix’ model, every time there was an IT issue it resulted in more spend and slow resolution time.  Projects were overdue and the budget was unpredictable.

The business desired a professional MSP with integrity, and delivered on their promises that could offer predictable spend.  During the process, Eureka identified that KMT was the perfect IT partner and realised they were a group of highly skilled individuals.

“People and relationships first is evident with the level of performance of the people within KMT, if there is an ever an issue with performance, but there is a level of expectation that KMT want every one to be at.” says Bill.

Cyber-First Managed IT Services

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Learn more about our cyber-first managed IT services specifically designed for manufacturing businesses.

A seamless onboarding process

In manufacturing, business never stops and access to the right information instantaneously means savings on time and money.  Similarly, any downtime with technology is costly and detrimental.  That’s why a smooth onboarding process was so integral to Eureka.

“From the minute KMT were engaged, they were flexible and accommodating.  We were due to commence our contract at the beginning of March, but our previous IT provider refused to end the contract earlier, so KMT provided a credit to us without us even having to ask – that was an amazing feeling and we knew they truly valued our relationship over everything.

That was a great feeling, I know I am partnered with the right service partner with integrity, without me even asking – the value is in the relationship.” says Bill

A partnership was a non-negotiable for Eureka and that is what they have found with KMT.   KMT pride themselves on putting people and relationships first and Bill couldn’t agree more: “

Ongoing technology support

As a cyber-first managed service provider, Kaine Mathrick Tech has provided Eureka with a proactive IT support solution that fixes issues before they have impact on the business.  The monthly meetings conducted with their dedicated Account Manager enable the business to stay one step ahead of any new technology, updates or issues that may be present.

The easy client portal to log tickets has made it seamless for the teams to log IT support tickets if required.

Benefits include

  • Improved administrative efficiency
  • Improved efficient IT Support with a dedicated Help Desk Team
  • Increased flexibility for workers with remote working solutions
  • Improved staff retention and user experience
  • Business growth even in tough market conditions
  • Power-saving and cost-efficient cloud solution
  • Increased Cyber security resilience and flexibility
  • Removal of legacy Server Operating System and associated Cyber risk
  • Removal of aged on-premise IT infrastructure

Employees can easily collaborate and work on documentation in real-time while working at different sites which have driven a huge increase in the efficiency and productivity of a business. Internal communication has also improved through the introduction of new online communication tools.

Expert IT provider for the Manufacturing Industry

Our managed IT services are tailored for the manufacturing industry.  We understand the ins and outs of efficiency and productivity and understand that you must harness the full potential of your IT environment to run a smarter and more efficient factory.

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