Case Study: Cloud Computing helps client achieve marked improvement in productivity

Published on: June 11th, 2020
Last edited: November 20th, 2020

Tablet and Phone using Cloud Computing

Like many other businesses in Australia, Scolten Collins McKissock Wealth Management started small. Like most small businesses, their approach was non-corporatized in the early days. As the company grew bigger and started dealing with more prominent clients, the need to develop a more corporate and enterprise approach was obvious. They needed an overhaul of their IT system as well, and they understood the need to work with the best company on the market. KMT was suggested. One of the decision-makers was educated on what the company needed, and it was clear that KMT was the best partner to work with at that point.


  • Managed IT Support Services
  • A strategic approach to the IT needs of the business
  • A complete overhaul of the IT infrastructure
  • Updating older hardware to suit the new IT system
  • Cloud-based infrastructure.


  • Updated IT infrastructure that suits the new status of the company
  • Removal of outdated IT infrastructure
  • Improved mobility and access to the IT system from remote locations
  • Improved security and flexibility
  • Cloud-based solution that has yielded several other benefits
  • Overall-cost effective IT system that supports the needs of the company even in this trying time.


Scolten Collins McKissock is a Wealth Management company that helps clients understand and reach their lifestyle and financial goals. Established about three decades ago, the company has helped several Australian families and businesses create the future they desire. It has been recognized widely for its affordable, quality financial planning services and sound advice that suit individuals and business organizations.

At Scolten Collins McKissock Wealth Management, the team works closely with each client. There is a strong emphasis on understanding the needs of each client, setting realistic goals, and instilling the confidence needed to bring the goals to life. The circumstances of each client are also considered while setting strategies.

Another wonderful factor that sets Scolten Collins McKissock Wealth Management apart from other players in the market is the way they work with their clients. They establish a long-lasting relationship that will be beneficial for the client in the long run.


From the beginning, Scolten Collins McKissock Wealth Management has been doing well. Their programs have always been fantastic, with reasonable results. At a point, it became obvious that the IT infrastructure was not going to be ideal for the growth targets and the direction the business was heading.

Scolten Collins McKissock was determined to take a more corporate and enterprise approach since the quality and quantity of clients they were dealing with was improving tremendously. There was a clear need, also, for the IT infrastructure of the company to be upgraded to meet the current needs.

The decision-makers at Scolten Collins McKissock had an idea of what they wanted. They understood the need to adress the software, hardware, and infrastructure requirement of the company once again. They also recognized the need to move their data to the cloud. After an initial meeting with Matt Dixon (KMT Sales Director), the decision was made to work with KMT to give their IT system the overhaul it needed.


Scolten Collins McKissock IT infrastructure needed a comprehensive overhaul with a solid strategic direction. The entire system was assessed to identify what is useful and what is needed. In the end, necessary infrastructure was established, with an update of the older hardware prioritized.

In addition to the infrastructural upgrade initiated and executed by KMT, the group also managed the IT services to get the company on the right path. The software components of the system were also improved to suit the needs of the company.

KMT also helped Scolten Collins McKissock move its storage to the cloud. This is a strategy that has yielded tremendous benefits for the business. The commitment of the IT managed service provider has continued to be useful to the organization as the relationship keeps getting better.


The dynamic IT solutions introduced by KMT have helped Scolten Collins McKissock Wealth Management to transition from its status as a small business to a corporate financial services company that can take on much larger clients in Australia. The company’s IT infrastructure is at a level that helps everyone in the organization perform better.

KMT’s strategic approach to all the IT needs of Scolten Collins McKissock Wealth Management has significantly improved productivity. Everyone in the organization is also more relaxed since the new system is significantly more secure. Moving the company to the cloud has also proven to be a real blessing as the company has quickly moved to remote working due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company realizes that they would have been in some sort of mess if not for that move.

For Scolten Collins McKissock Wealth Management, another significant benefit of working with KMT is the value the relationship has been adding. The way the project was coordinated and how available they have been to help with any issue at all. The single biggest reason the company will recommend KMT, according to the spokesperson, is “the responsive of the business.”


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