Case Study: Effective relocation to new premises & remote working solution


Dingo Cement had an efficient network infrastructure that was connected to another business using the same premises. When it was time to relocate, the company realised the need to set up a new IT system in the new premises. It was not just about physical relocation; an independent IT system was required. The company had to ensure that the IT and phones would work immediately after relocation to the new site. The time frame was also challenging, as everything had to be completed within two weeks. Dingo knew they needed an experienced and reliable IT managed service provider. That was when KMT came into the picture.


  • Decommissioning of all infrastructure and removal of the server
  • Migration of all data to BOX
  • Migration of all emails to Office 365
  • Cloud-based telephone system (VoIP)
  • Deployment of WiFi internet solution
  • SaaS


  • Seamless relocation to new premises with IT and phone services working the same day
  • IT and phone services that support remote working
  • Improved IT solution that enables traveling employees to have access to data at all times
  • Reliable VoIP phone service that serves all employees irrespective of their location
  • Secured email in Office 365
  • Exceptional IT service from one of the best MSPs in Australia


Dingo Cement is an Australian-owned company that services customers across all of Australia and other countries. Established some 10 years ago, the company is recognised as one of the industry leaders in cement dry mix manufacturing.

Dingo Cement officially launched its own brand of cement dry mix into the Australian market in November 2009 and has purpose-built manufacturing facilities in Vietnam.  The plants were built to supply the Australian and International markets with cement dry mix products. In 2017, Dingo also began to supply a range of Australian made and packaged products.

Dingo Cement has a reputation for providing high levels of customer service and innovation. One of the notable innovations is the introduction of water resistant packaging for bagged cement. The company’s operations are built around a model that ensures that they deliver products to their customers at the lowest possible cost and of the highest quality.


When it was time to relocate to a new office, Dingo had to deal with the challenges of transferring IT infrastructure to new premises. It was not actually as simple as moving the IT assets to a new location as their network infrastructure was connected to a business using the same premises. It was necessary to decommission all infrastructure and remove the server.

Considering the number of staff that would be in the new office and the cost of installing a physical server, this option was ruled out. There was a need to find an IT managed service provider that would come up with the faultless solution.

In addition to its IT infrastructure, Dingo also needed to ensure that its phones were working once they relocated. The network and phones needed to be optimised to enable remote working, too. All these challenges were to be addressed within a constrained timeframe of 2 weeks.

When KMT entered the picture, they noticed that Dingo had been operating off an aged physical server. The server was decommissioned, and all data were migrated to BOX. This cloud-based solution utilised a NAS box with daily backups to the cloud. All mail was also migrated to Office 365.

KMT also organised a cloud-based telephone system (VoIP) rather than PABX. WiFi internet solution was provided, with full deployment within the two weeks’ timeframe. IT infrastructure, internet solutions, and phone services were available the very day Dingo relocated to their new premises.


KMT provided the perfect solutions to their unique IT network and phone service’s needs. Numerous options were presented without bias, and the best decisions were made. Every question the client had was answered in-depth to clarify every detail of the project.

With the solution offered by KMT, Dingo was able to relocate to new premises without any hitch. The solution also made it easier and more efficient for its staff to work remotely. Now, all traveling users have access to data at all times, thanks to BOX. This has been very beneficial to the numerous workers in sales who are always on the road.

Another big benefit Dingo enjoyed by working with KMT is the timeliness of the solution. Everything was expected to be done within a tight time frame of 2 weeks, and KMT delivered. The IT infrastructure and phones were working from the very day Dingo relocated.

According to Dingo Cement, “the services received from KMT are some of the best in comparison to many other IT firms I have worked with in the past.”

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