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About MCA Group

MCA Group is a premier corporate psychology consultancy, specialising in leadership and organisational development. The company prioritises the cultivation of long-lasting client relationships, akin to true partnerships, exemplified by its enduring collaboration with organisations like KMT.

MCA Group’s ethos centres on fostering lasting bonds with its clients by providing a diverse range of services.

The company’s expert team offers a spectrum of services, including leadership coaching, senior executive advisory, influential communication guidance, and the utilisation of its proprietary assessment tool.

“In essence, we were poised to undertake a comprehensive overhaul of our entire IT infrastructure. The task encompassed various“MCA Group’s work extends across a broad spectrum, serving teams, organisations, and individual leaders alike, all with a shared dedication to driving positive transformation.” Peter Andrewartha, Director, MCA Group.

The Situation

MCA was faced with a challenging position while maintaining offices across different states, with its exchange services and on-premises data storage housed in a physical server infrastructure located at one MCA’s facilities. The predicament was two-fold; MCA grappled with outdated technology, despite consistent investments in technology, and it had reached a juncture where it was imperative to transition away from its previous IT service provider.

With a foundation in psychology, MCA seamlessly integrates well-being strategies into its corporate work. Daily activities encompass a wide array of engagements, spanning from intimate one-on-one sessions, underscoring MCA’s commitment to personalised, impactful interactions, to addressing audiences of up to 6000 individuals, whether in person or virtually.

“In essence, we were poised to undertake a comprehensive overhaul of our entire IT infrastructure. The task encompassed various aspects, spanning data storage, email, and exchange services to the devices employed across the organisations.” Peter Andrewartha

Ongoing commitment to cybersecurity remained front of mind

Additionally, MCA’s commitment to its clients played a pivotal role in shaping its approach to the challenge. The company’s client base includes large government departments, ASX-listed companies, and not-for-profit organisations, all of which have strict data security requirements. MCA had consistently prioritised data security, striving to surpass its clients’ expectations in this critical area.

“While we hadn’t encountered any specific security issues, we were committed to keeping abreast of best practices, staying proactive, and remaining well ahead of the curve, ensuring we continued to deliver the highest levels of security and protection for our clients.” Peter Andrewartha.

Finding the right partner

As MCA embarked on its transformation journey, it began a meticulous quest to find the right partner.

“We conducted extensive research, exploring various IT providers based on reputation, industry expertise, and experience. This evaluation led to a shortlist of three potential providers, among which, KMT stood out.” Peter Andrewartha.

Ultimately, it was a combination of factors that made KMT the ideal solution for MCA. Firstly, KMT’s strong reputation and word-of-mouth endorsements from satisfied clients weighed significantly in its favour. For MCA, recommendations from those who had positive experiences held great value, and KMT’s reputation in the regard was compelling. Secondly, MCA conducted an independent review of KMT and was impressed with the company’s professional and transparent approach.

“We were particularly impressed with the KMT’s training platforms, finding them both intuitive and comprehensive.”

The Situation

MCA onboarded with KMT in 2021 and have been working in partnership ever since.

In terms of the onboarding process, KMT’s commitment to meticulous management further solidified the partnership. The professionalism evident in its documentation, training platforms, and the comprehensive support offered made the decision an easy one for MCA.

A relationship flourishes with seamless onboarding

Regular and open communication, led by Scott Mathrick, facilitated a smooth transition as MCA underwent the complex and comprehensive IT infrastructure change.

“Scott and his team were consistently accessible, demonstrating keen attention to detail and a genuine care for our business beyond the scope of their services.” Peter Andrewartha.

With support from KMT, MCA underwent a full migration to cloud platforms. Specifically, the Microsoft 365 stack and all on-premises data was integrated into a Microsoft Sharepoint solution, cloud back-ups were implemented, and the network connection was increased to remove connectivity limitations.


Meeting the challenge of high expectations

At the outset of the partnership with KMT, MCA had clear and ambitious expectations. Simply put, it was seeking a robust and reliable IT system that would work, allowing focus to be centred on core business activities.

“Our expectations were very high. We aren’t technology experts and so we were seeking a genuine partnership with a company capable of taking full responsibility for our IT.” Peter Andrewartha.

MCA aspired to have to have the confidence that its partner would guide the company in making informed decisions and contribute to the transformation of its operations.

Expectation vs. reality

The collaboration between MCA and KMT has exceeded initial expectations, delivering a multitude of tangible benefits. Importantly, MCA’s systems now seamlessly align with business needs, proving to be not just fit for purpose but also opening up new avenues for collaboration.

“The SharePoint system, expertly crafted by KMT, has revolutionised how we access and utilise documents, allowing multiple users to interact with data simultaneously, driving efficiency and productivity. The user-friendly set-up has also greatly enhanced our day-to-day work processes.” Peter Andrewartha.

From a financial point of view, the removal of the physical servers and reduced server count facilitated a saving of $700 per month, per server, and approximately $30k in server upgrades no longer required.

Cybersecurity remains a crucial element of success

Through the partnership, MCA has delved deep into the realm of cybersecurity, offering comprehensive education of essential aspects of cybersecurity.

“This in-depth exploration has equipped our entire firm with the knowledge and tools necessary to establish a cutting-edge cybersecurity infrastructure.” Peter Andrewartha.

MCA has implemented the KMT Secure Modern Workplace solution which means the company now meets the ACSC Essential Eight Maturity Level 2.

MCA now stands at the forefront of cybersecurity, providing both the firm and its clients with a high level of security and peace of mind.

About Peter

Peter is a registered psychologist and company director with nearly two decades experience working within the public and private sector.

Peter is an expert in influential communication. He advocates for positive leadership with the understanding that people and culture are what make an organisation successful. Peter’s clinical ability empowers him to build trusting relationships with clients and stakeholders, thus enhancing the application of his corporate knowledge in the delivery of this organisational work. In this way, he strives to convey complex material into practical and business-relevant strategies for audiences to easily digest and adopt.

Peter Andrewartha MCA Group

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