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Business are challenged with the task of developing and delivering innovation at increasing speed. To compete, businesses must be able to store relevant data and scale applications as required.

Cloud computing has the potential to help organisations leverage modern technologies such as computer virtualisation and worldwide internet connectivity.

Improve Business Continuity

Guaranteed network connectivity enabling an increase in the availability of computing infrastructure and rapidly scale to meet peaks and troughs in usage demand, and with the computing infrastructure typically located in multiple physical locations for improved disaster recovery.

Reduce upfront costs

Reduce capital expenditure of computer equipment and related expenses such as a physical data centre and support staff, with reasonably predictable operational expenditure, and only paying for the amount of computing processing and data storage that is actually used.

Reduce ongoing costs

Use of infrastructure and technical specialists typically shared among many customers to achieve economies of scale.  The cost of applying controls to help address security risks associated with shared infrastructure may reduce the potential cost savings of some types of cloud computing;

Reduce carbon footprint

Employ more efficient use of computer hardware requiring less electricity and airconditioning.

Pursue new business opportunities

Trial new growth plans with confidence to reach and interact with customers over the internet.

Why should businesses move to cloud?

For many Small and Medium businesses, migrating to the cloud can be daunting. Many worry that it may be less secure than on-premise data and file storage, or it will cost too much or take to much time and the business in the process.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In reality, migrating to the cloud will provide sizable savings, measurable improvements in performance and productivity and increased security across business devices and network.

Our experience shows that there are three main drivers contributing to businesses decision to move to the cloud and they are:

people working together using the cloud
People on devices connected to the cloud network

The cloud & modern data center explained

The cloud and modern data center refers to servers that are accessed over the internet, and the software and databases that run on those servers. Cloud servers are located in secure data centers globally. By migrating to cloud computing, businesses don’t have to maintain and manage physical servers or run software and application on their own machines, enabling users to access the same files and applications on any device.

Switching to cloud computing reduces costs and overheads as businesses no longer need to update and maintain their own servers, as the cloud will do this. This is a great solution for small and medium businesses where internal infrastructure may be cost prohibitive.

There are three types of cloud solutions and KMT can help you with these solutions.

Public Cloud

The public cloud utilises a third party provider makes resources such as virtual machines, applications and storage available over the internet.

Save on hardware and maintenance costs and only pay for what you need on a subscription basis and scale to meet changing demands and workload.

Hybrid Cloud

As the name suggests a hybrid solution brings together a mix of solutions depending on what is needed for your business to optimise your performance.

The hybrid model uses a combination of public and private cloud using existing on premise hardware, colocation and IaaS.

Private Cloud

Private cloud is best for businesses with unpredictable computing needs that require complete control of their environment.

With the infrastructure hosted on-site or in a data centre allowing greater security with storage and networking fully customised to your business needs.


We remove the jargon & help you choose the best cloud solution

Ensure your cloud infrastructure solution supports your business goals
Strategy & Roadmap

An effective Cloud & Modern Data Center strategy will define the roadmap for your cloud transformation. Our senior solution architects will undertake a detailed architecture review and cloud strategy review to identify gaps and align your solutions with your business goals.  Learn More.

Expert Advice

Understanding the cloud can be confusing and making mistakes can be costly and time consuming. We aim to make it as easy as possible and are experienced in delivering cloud technology solutions and are on hand to help with advice, installations, migration support and backup solutions.

Colocation Services

As your business grows, it may not be sustainable to keep servers and equipment in your office. The overheads from power and maintenance can be prohibitive as is ensuring the right climate. Colocation allows you to place your servers in a data center.

Public Cloud

Our expertise across the end user support, infrastructure, network and applications means our solutions are designed to directly integrate with public cloud providers such as Azure. We will assist you in evaluating your requirements, understand how your staff access data, your performance requirements, migration options and ensure your permissions and security meet your needs.

Hybrid Cloud

Supporting a diverse range of workloads, hybrid cloud solutions have the potential to deliver cost savings, flexibility and security. For smaller businesses, managing a diverse infrastructure can be difficult. Our Hybrid solution will ensure you function productively and effectively. We will recommend a solution that works suits your business goals and enable you to migrate your workloads and streamline your processes.

Private Cloud

Without proper planning moving to a private cloud can be tricky. Our team of cloud experts will start by defining what the private cloud means to your business. Our solution will not only consider the migration, but will also help you identify the right tools to maintain and maximise the benefits. Automation and other tools will ensure your private cloud runs smoothly.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Many businesses today are using costly and outdated data back up solutions and are inadequately prepared for a disaster. Our DRaaS goes far beyond simple backups to ensure all of your key workloads are protected and the disaster recovery process is in accordance with your business priorities and compliance needs. Disaster Recovery is different for each business and our solutions can be tailored to suit different requirements.

Managed IT Support

Our managed IT support provides proactive management, maintenance and patches for your technology infrastructure ensuring your IT is working effectively so you and your teams can get on with running your business. Managing infrastructure is time consuming and can absorb the time of many resources. Our cost effective service will ensure you are up and running all of the time.

Azure Solutions

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive suite of integrated cloud solutions that we use to build, deploy and manage applications through a global network of data centers. A flexible solution, Azure enables you to build and deploy wherever you want, using the tools, applications and frameworks of your choice. Using open source technology, we can drive maximum value from your existing investments.

We specialise in leading cloud platforms

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Successfully migrate to the cloud

Improve operational resilience

Reduce risk and risk mitigation costs. The cloud runs on its own servers via a company who is entirely responsible to ensure that it is functioning and bug free.

Reduce operational costs

Save money in the long run. The cloud is scalable, whereas traditional servers require expensive upgrades and a technical team to manage and maintain them.

Better Collaboration

Collaboration and file sharing are amongst the top requested cloud services. Cloud computing will allow your team to edit files in real time anywhere.

More Secure

Cloud providers will back up data to additional remote services and perform more security audits than you would on your own server. You will never have to worry about losing critical data.

Seamless implementation

Getting started seems complicated, but it is easier than installing a new local server. Better yet, we can help you seamlessly migrate ensuring your data is safe.

Reduce your carbon foot print

Cloud computing requires less physical services allowing companies to downsize data centres if not eradicate them. Plus the ability to share files reduces the need to print.

Maximise your investment with cloud technology solutions that scale with you

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Migrate to cloud with confidence

Extensive cloud experience

With hundreds of cloud migrations under our belt with small and medium businesses, we understand what works.

Microsoft Silver Partner

Our accreditation’s, such as being an Microsoft Silver Partner provide us with the knowledge and tools to help with your integration.

Expert Advice

Our team are highly trained to provide practical, useful advice that will ensure you get the right cloud based technologies to support your long term business goals.

Comprehensive solutions

We have developed a tried and proven project management methodology based on industry best practice which simplifies and accelerates migrations.

Faster migration results

We aim to reduce complexity and simplify each step of the migration process helping accelerate migrations by reducing the time of which you will realise the value of migrating to the cloud.

We are here for you

Our cloud certified engineers are here to answer any questions you may have. Navigating the cloud can be complex, our team will keep you informed every step of the way.

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When COVID-19 hit Australia we required all staff to working remotely within a tight time-frame. Within a week and a half, KMT were able to make this happen. Throughout the process, KMT were informative, patient and reliable.

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