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Revolutionise your conferencing solutions.

Our solutions will provide everything you need to empower your team, clients and suppliers to meet via audio or video conferencing.

We will assess your requirements, business operations and future goals and identify the best conference solution for you. Our conferencing solutions are cost-effective and easy to operate, often using tools your teams are familiar with such as Microsoft Teams.  We understand that a professional meeting with no technology glitches saves time, drives efficiencies and presents a professional appearance to external parties.  Sharing documents, collaborating between teams in different locations, presenting and achieving efficiencies is a breeze.

Teams Calling

Our bespoke unified communication solution, Microsoft Teams Calling, will revolutionalise the way your business communicates with each other and externally.

A complete cloud-based phone system, Teams Talk integrates your communication tools including audio and video conferencing within the Microsoft Teams environment, including your desktops and other digital devices.

Using only Microsoft Teams, our solution provides a simple solution that saves the expense of paying for multiple systems and subscriptions.  Training and usability issues are also minimised as most businesses are already familiar with Teams.

Significant Cost Savings

Audio and Video conferencing solutions reduces demand for your teams to gather in a single location, saving money in a number of areas.

No need for large meeting rooms

No need to hire meeting rooms to accommodate your staff.

Reduce Travel Time

Host interactive conference calls with attendees located anywhere.

Reduce Travel Expenses

Save on travel and accommodation expenses.

Effectively Communicate

Improve the quality of your business communications with audio and video conferencing solutions that enable you to switch easily from phone calls, emails, chat and messaging functions.

Express ideas easily

With share screen functions, teams, clients and suppliers can better express their ideas within meetings.

Quick Communications

Reduce the impact of meetings, travel time by enabling teams to instantly meet from their location of choice.

Keep a record

No more minute taking with high quality recording capabilities enabling you to easily recap and qualify decisions.

Efficiency & Productivity

Cloud Conferencing facilities offers seamless interactions between multiple users in any location.

Conference from anywhere

Using any device, you can host or attend a conference from anywhere around the world.

Better meetings

Reduce meeting fatigue with improved meeting effectiveness and collaboration ability.

Decisions made fast

Share important information and communicate complex concepts with ease, enabling decision making to be made fast.

The benefits of choosing Kaine Mathrick Tech

Human technology
Experts in IT, telephony & communications

IT and Communications converging and sharing common technologies, it makes sense to choose a partner whom is an expert in IT.

Telstra MSP
Telstra Gold Partner & Microsoft Silver Partner

We have a proven track record and are trusted with Telstra and Microsoft, rest assured you are in good hands.

People and Relationships First KMT icon
Personalised Service

We begin with an initial audit of your IT infrastructure and make recommendations for improvements to gain efficiencies and cost savings.

Dedicated support
Modern Telephony Service for your Team

We will take the time to understand your requirements so we can understand how to best integrate a phone system that meets your goals.

Award Winning Solutions

We are proud to demonstrate our commitment to our clients and outstanding delivery of first class communications and solutions.

Cyber first approach
One contact for all technology

One contact for all IT and Communications support issues.  We provide ongoing proactive IT maintenance and support saving you time and money.

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