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Effective connectivity is an integral part of productive business operations

It will come as no surprise that technology is an integral part of business success today.  The digital era is well and truly here to stay, the use of mobile devices, cloud computing to collaborate, cognitive computing and AI to improve operations and data to extract business insights.  All demanding high-quality internet connectivity and robust networks.

Technology such as VoIP and Unified communications rely on traditional IT technologies.  Cloud services, applications, data sharing, collaboration all relies on a solid internet connection.

We have relationships with all of the major business broadband and internet providers in Australia and can offer you a wide range of competitively priced options tailored to meet your needs.

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Business Grade Fibre

A private line is the best option for businesses that require fast, secure, reliable connectivity.  Private lines are dedicated connections that offer unrivaled security and resilience with fast loading speeds.

Private lines can connect your premises to the internet or provide a link between your office locations.  An ideal solution if your business relies on speed, uninterrupted connectivity and can be used for a combination of voice, data, video and internet.

Wireless Broadband

Wireless broadband is the perfect solution for businesses that require high-speed business broadband that moves with your business.  Empower your teams to share data across multiple services on the same account to encourage collaboration.

Option to choose a data plan that includes either a 4G or 5G network access to suit your needs.

Stay connected whilst working remotely.

NBN for business

NBN is an optic fibre network that delivers internet.  NBN will futureproof your business connectivity with high capacity internet with faster speeds.  NBN will enable more online connectivity and interactivity, and improve the productivity of your digital assets.

NBN provides a reliable connection with speed options depending on the business internet provider.  We can assist you in selecting the most appropriate solution and plan to suit your business requirements.

5G Mobile Internet

5G is reportedly up to 100 times faster than 4G.  5G Mobile Internet delivers lightning speed internet connectivity on any device, keeping your business connected to other team members, clients and online services, keeping your business connected in-house and while working remotely.

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We put people and relationships first – we are the Human Face of Tech.  We are a technology provider who helps SME businesses by becoming your strategic partner.   Named best Melbourne MSP of 2021, we provide comprehensive IT support and deliver on all information technology requirements, business internet, IT strategy and project delivery.

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