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Kaine Mathrick Tech is a full-service MSP located in Australia.  We are specialists in all things Information Technology and specialise in both IT and communications and have managed hundreds of projects involving cloud migrations and business networks.  From a simple installation of a cable right through to the design, commissioning and support of a wide area network, our experienced team can manage your telecommunications and mobility requirements.

Our expert team can help free you from the complexities of managing your internal IT infrastructure, networking solutions and connectivity.  Our scalable solutions consider your business goals and we will do everything from sourcing your hardware, deploying your networks and maintain your IT infrastructure with our quality service desk.

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MPLS Networks - Multiprotocol Label

MPLS networks offer simplicity, control and cost savings for businesses that have multiple offices.  This economical solution can be integrated seamlessly over any existing infrastructure.

Each site connects to a central cloud that controls access to the internet.   These networks can be made up of a variety of connection methods and our monitoring and management tools allow you to prioritise traffic for an efficient flow of data.  Your sites will be able to transfer data and voice to each other increasing efficiency and security.

VPN - virtual private networks

Ensure your data is securely transmitted with your business network.  Traffic is encrypted between devices and your network, your data and traffic remain private as it travels. Your teams can work outside of the office and securely connect to the corporate network – even smartphones and tablets.

Our VPN solutions offer secure connectivity between remote locations and your office infrastructure making it a very safe and efficient way of routing your network traffic.

SD-WAN Solutions

As demands on your network increase, information can become congested and cause disruptions to your operations.  Our SD-Wan solutions will ensure your network remains stable and runs fast.  Multiple office locations will be connected by our SD-WAN solution that works to improve security and data speeds.

SD-WAN replaces traditional technologies like MPLS and VPN, by consolidating your WAN connections into a single wide-area network.  Offering benefits for businesses with high cloud dependency, SD-WAN will deliver optimal user experience across locations by allowing you to quickly manage the flow of your traffic.

Procurement, instillation and management of your network

Networks have many physical hardware components.  Our experts will manage your network devices including routers, firewalls, appliances WAN and LAN.

Routers, switches and firewalls are used to connect users and devices to make up your network and we are able to purchase, manage and migrate your IT infrastructure.

We will configure and provide the ongoing maintenance of your existing or new network and improve your network speed and connectivity.  We can provide you with strategic advice, proactive maintenance and IT support with a single point of contact.

Network Security

Our Network Security options protect your business data being shared between applications and devices on your network.  Our solutions can mitigate and protect your business against cyber and malware attacks.  Our IT experts will proactively manage and monitor your networks, fixing issues before they become problems and keep your business secure.

Remote Management & Monitoring of your IT infrastructure

We will manage and monitor your networks using quality RMM software.  We will ensure your network and infrastructure including services are monitored 24×7 to check for any issues and proactively resolve issues.  Our Managed Services will ensure your IT is running smoothly, provide quality reporting and documentation of your networks to provide you with transparency of your IT infrastructure.

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