Communications for Businesses


Seamless and intuitive communications solutions to revolutionise the way you work.

A better way to work for however you're working. Collaboration to enable your teams to work from anywhere in the new digital workplace.


A true collaboration experience

Manage all communication tools and technology on the one platform.

Scale and deploy

Scale, deploy and manage with ease

An easy solution in comparison with other options. Deploy, manage and scale with ease.


Consolidate communications expenses

Streamline outgoing communications expenses through your existing Telstra contract under the one bill.

Make and recieve calls anywhere, anytime

Avoid the complexities of seperate collaboration and communication systems and future proof your business with a modern cloud based telephony solution.
Better User Experience

Call, conference and collaborate from one tool whether working remotely, in the office or another location.

Exceptional Call Quality

Call anyone inside or outside your organisation anywhere, from anywhere via Microsoft teams with premium call quality.

Quick & Easy to Implement

Fast and easy to implement with limited impact on end users. Training provided for end users to get the most out of Teams.

Reduced operating costs

Free internal calls, cost effective call plans and no need for onsite infrastructure, Teams Calling saves money.

Secure Telephony

Peace of mind with security, compliance and underlying network that guarantees uptime

One Tech Partner

Consolidate the number of suppliers you work with. We can manage all of your communications and technology IT support.

Predictable costs

Move away from traditional telephone systems to a managed cloud service. Saving on PBX costs, maintenance and other ad-hoc costs to receive one monthly charge.

Future proof your business

Collaborate easily from anywhere and modernise your workforce and prepare your business for the retirement of ISDN fixed-line telephony in 2022.

Discover information about cloud based phone systems

Unlock the power of a unified workplace

Our Modern Business Telephone System has many features, to understand more detail.
Instant Messaging

Quickly chat and send instant messages to colleagues.  Save time and know when other users are online and no need for multiple communications tools.

Meetings & Conferences

Easily schedule calls for meetings with or without Video and screen sharing from anywhere.

Automation functionality

Automate functions such as call queues, call distribution and auto attendant

Planning & Scheduling

Easily manage calendar, tasks and projects

Free Internal Calling

Make and receive internal calls free.

File Sharing

Share, edit and create files in real time with colleagues.

Reduced operating costs

With free internal calls, cost-effective call plans and no need for onsite infrastructure, you will save money in more ways than one.

Easy to implement

Our experts can help deploy Teams Calling quickly and efficiently, without needing to attend or visit site

Future proof your business

Modernise your workforce and prepare your business for the potential retirement of ISDN.

Ready to build your digital workplace?

Get in touch with a telephony specialist by message or phone.

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Business Communications - Features & Benefits
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Business Communications - Features & Benefits
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A better way to work for however you're working. Collaboration to enable your teams to work from anywhere in the new digital workplace.