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What is Unified Communications?

As your business grows, communication and collaboration become harder to maintain. A lack of communication between teams can lead to disjointed experiences for customers and staff. Easily connect your communications tools and data for smoother interactions.

Businesses communicate in a number of ways including phone calls, video conferencing, instant messaging, email and the list goes on.   Technology is at the forefront of how businesses operate and the modern workplace demands seamless integration of all tools to drive efficiencies and productivity.   With endless tools in the market to assist with communication it can get complicated.

Unified Communications or UC brings together all of the ways your business communicates to your clients and employees.  UC or unified communications is the integration of a businesses telephony, conferencing and messaging to work together, over your existing IT infrastrucutre rather than using additional tools.

Unified Communication solutions are suitable for companies of all sizes.

Stay connected with unified communications solutions

Ensure your teams remain connected and can communicate with anyone inside or outside of yoru company without them needing to access another tool.


Enable your teams to communicate from anywhere.  Phone calls and voicemails can be managed on any device on any location.  External calls will present the one business number maintaining a level of professionalism.

Improve efficiency

The modern workplace requires teams to operate from anywhere.  Unified communications enable access phone systems and collaboration tools whether they are working from their office or another location on any device.

Reduce Costs

Save costs by reducing the number of tools and solutions your business relies on for communication.  Unified Communications integrates and optimises interactions within your business meaning productivity will also greatly improve.

Improved Collaboration

Save time and improve collaboration by seeing if colleagues are present or free to recieve calls or messages.  This is known as “presence information” and enables teams to focus on tasks that can be resolved at the time.

Future-proof communications

Business phone solutions are evolving to unified communications as the requirements of the modern workplace demands seamless access to work tools regardless of where they are working from.

Better customer service

Technology advances have left customers and communities expecting a high level of customer service.  Unified Communications provide businesses with the ability to provide fast and efficient service so you are able to meet your clients expectations.

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Ensure your teams are on the same page


Stay connected to your teams and customers regardless of where you are working.  Make and recieve calls, chat, message and more.

Online User Interface

Enjoy full control to customise and update settings from easy to use web-based tools.


Improve conferencing efficiencies enabling your teams and external parties meet and solve problems via voice or video from multiple locations.  Discover our Conferencing.

Presence Information

Presence information enables your teams to access each other when they are available to collaborate.  Studies show up to 10% improvements in productivity.


Enable teams greater opportunities to collaborate by expanding communication capabilities and providing employees with more flexibility around how they work.  Improve decision making time frames.


Notifications can be recieved in a number of ways improviding the communication process across teams.  Voicemails, text messages and emails can be utlised along with recordings.

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Unified Communications provides businesses with new communication capabilities, better operational flexibility, and is more affordable than traditional systems. It also helps ensure that you’re not locked into a single technology provider.