Affordable, proactive cyber security solutions

In today’s digital world, you need security solutions that perform the dual action of responding to threats and protecting your assets. No business is the same — each requires a unique approach to cyber security. At Kaine Mathrick Tech, we work with you side by side to understand the specific issues that face your business.

We begin with a discussion and full audit of your current systems and identify areas of vulnerability. Next, we will go ahead and install and implement all protection agents that we have agreed upon. From here, we can begin monitoring and maintaining the platform.

Finally, we will schedule staff awareness training to improve the security understanding of your workforce.

Our holistic approach to managing cyber security follows the NIST cyber security framework of Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover. We have expanded on this in our FAQs below.

We combat cyber security threats with a comprehensive, 15-way plan that includes:

  • Workplace cyber security audits
  • Data Centre cyber security audits
  • Password protection
  • Effective, proactive, regular back ups
  • Mobile device security
  • Multi factor authentication
  • Phishing simulation & Spam email monitoring
  • Security awareness training
  • Web Filtering & DNS protection
  • Advanced endpoint detection and incident response
  • Dark Web monitoring
  • Encryption Technologies
  • 24×7 security operations centre – SOC
  • Proactive patching & computer updates
  • SIEM/Log Management Firewall
  • Advanced firewall protection

In the end, when you work with us, you will have a world-class cyber security program that will give your business the best possible levels of protection from threats.


Cyber Security from Kaine Mathrick Tech

With over 10 years of experience in the cyber security space, Kaine Mathrick Tech is the best choice for local businesses looking to protect themselves.

When you work with us, we form a symbiotic relationship. After conducting an IT audit across your IT environment and systems, our experts will make recommendations and provide an IT roadmap and work with you to implement solutions that work. Throughout the process, you have direct access to our team of IT professionals.

When it comes to your protection, we do not cut corners. All of our IT and cyber security teams are based locally, ensuring that threats are met with the swiftest possible response.

More about our IT security services

Benefit from flexible Managed Cyber Security Services packages. Simply add onto your current KMT Managed IT Support Service or implement Cyber Security as a stand alone searvice. Suited to organisations of all sizes, the solution safeguards businesses from the latest threats and vulnerabilities. We work closely with industry leading security and business continuity partners to ensure we provide the most advanced protection available.
Cyber security packages

Managed security packages tailored for businesses of all sizes.

Cyber security audit

Discovering where the vulnerabilities lie in your holistic IT security program.

Security Awareness training

Training your staff in recognising, reporting, and responding to threats.

Cyber security for end users (EDR)

Improving how your staff use technology to prevent cyber attacks.

Cyber Security for Data Centres (SEIM)

Improving responses to threats and vulnerabilities in data centres.

Cloud & Application security

Ensure data protection with our cloud app security service.

SOC as a service

Security operations centres for around-the-clock monitoring of systems.

5 Stars

Kaine Mathrick Tech is always up to date with what protection we need on our system and provide terrific advice on hardware needs. With the increase in cyber threats, it’s pleasing to know we are well protected. In our line of work IT support and security is critical. I highly recommend KMT.

Allan Briggs, Crisis Shield

Crisis Shield

5 Stars

KMT are very knowledgeable and always fast to act on any IT support issues. They are not worried to jump into any IT challenge and work with you finding and executing a solution in record time. Not only that, they helped us future proof our business for the challenging climate we live in right now. Definitely recommend!

Gary Reichenberg, CT Connections

CT Connections
5 Stars

KMT are great to deal with. We were initially recommended KMT from another business colleague and have been very impressed. They are collaborative, adaptive to our requirements and forward-thinking in an ever-changing technology environment. Highly recommended.

Matt Marshall, Freight People

Freight people

Our partnerships

Kaine Mathrick Tech has been recognised by industry leaders as a key deliverer of cyber security and other IT solutions. We are proudly partnered with Telstra, Microsoft, Datto, VM Ware, and more. When you work with us, you benefit from our relationships with the best in the business.
Telstra partner
Sentinel One
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Fortinet partner
HP Enterprise
HP Partner
Lenovo partner
Office 365 partner

Frequently asked questions about cyber security

How do you review and improve our cyber security as time goes on?

When your business partners with Kaine Mathrick Tech, you receive regular updates about the health of your cyber security. We conduct quarterly business reviews to review the following information in regards to your business:

  • Review of current security posture and status
  • Network audits and assessments
  • Cyber security services including secure workplace and Data Centres
  • Password policy
  • Review Microsoft 365 Secure Score
  • Multi factor authentication (MFA)
  • Microsoft 365 backup
  • Microsft 365 hardening and lockdown
  • Anti-threat protection with Microsoft Defender
What is the NIST Cybersecurity Framework?

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework is a policy framework that promotes better cyber security for businesses like yours. This framework underpins what we do at Kaine Mathrick Tech.

Here’s how it works:

  • Identify — we work with you to identify and manage security risks.
  • Protect — we develop and implement safeguards and strategies.
  • Detect — we develop activities to uncover cyber security events.
  • Response — we take prompt action to address the security risk.
  • Recover — we restore services that were comprised as a result of the event.
How can we stop ransomware?

Ransomware is one of the biggest security issues facing businesses of all sizes. In a nutshell, ransomware is software used by nefarious parties to extort money from others. This extortion usually comes in the form of a program holding data ‘ransom’ with encryption, or by keeping users locked out of their devices.

Here are some quick tips to keep you free from ransomware:

  • Avoid opening links, emails, attachments, and downloads from unverified sources.
  • Use security software installed by a professional, and keep it updated.
  • Never give out personal data, and always secure your data effectively.
  • Avoid public WiFi and other unsecured networks.

The best way to prevent against ransomware is with professional help. At Kaine Mathrick Tech, we can audit your security systems and identify weaknesses. Follow this, we will implement solutions and train your staff on how to identify potential threats like ransomware.

How can we better prepare our staff to be our first line of defence in a cyber attack?

Kaine Mathrick Tech offers a comprehensive staff training program to get your workforce up to speed with all the latest cyber security requirements. Our cyber security awareness training is the first line of defence against threats from outside your business.

What are the biggest cyber security risks in the market?

Some of the most common IT security pitfalls we see faced by businesses are as follows:

  • Attackers looking to exploit vulnerabilities in a decentralised workforce by exploiting VPNs and other avenues of remote access available to employees
  • Sophisticated targeted ransomware attacks focused on encrypt as many computers as possible and wiping backups ultimately demanding ransom
  • Expanded, unsecured expansion of cloud assets resulting in stolen credentials via phishing, the exploitation of cloud misconfiguration, and vulnerable cloud application hacking

Attackers are able to quickly and effectively exploit these vulnerabilities, leading to significant financial losses for businesses. These can range anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars.

What can we do better as a business?

When it comes to IT security, there is always room for improvement. Ongoing cyber security all depends on what you want to achieve. First, we audit your current systems and give recommendations on what we think you need. With our cyber security packages, we can tailor a comprehensive solution based on your requirements and budget.

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