Cyber Security Awareness training is essential component of an effective cyber security strategy

Ensure your staff are your first line of defense

Cyber Security Awareness training is no longer optional for any business wishing to protect themselves against a cyber attack.

Threats that target employees are becoming more aggressive and frequent. Phishing attempts are getting harder to identify as hackers are making their emails very convincing. Staff need to be made aware and kept abreast of the latest scams.

Businesses simply cannot afford to ignore the increasing risk of cyber crime and it makes sense to ensure that employees are trained regularly.

Employee Awareness Training

Our structured cyber awareness training program is delivered on-line and provides online learning for all staff. This reduces the need for one on one training and gives greater flexibility to raise employee awareness when and where its needed. Staff can keep up to date with new cyber security threats to help them recognise the signs of an impending attack and know how to respond.

Phishing Simulation

We deliver phishing simulation tests to identify how your employees respond to phishing attacks. Our Campaigns are customised and sent at random times to replicate real life scenarios. Our service will then provide detailed reporting with actionable information to help you address the areas where your employees need it the most. Once a knowledge gap has been identified, we can provide training videos to reinforce the importance of every employees role in protecting your business.

Online Security Awareness Training

One Step Ahead

Our online training is current and updated in line with new cyber threats. Our phishing simulations are developed based on the latest information to ensure your staff are exposed to up to date threats so they know how to avoid and respond.

Security always top of mind

Our tools and training will help you build and maintain a security conscious culture with regular and accessible online training which is kept up to date with the fast paced threat landscape.

Cost Effective & Convenient

Training is delivered online directly to your employees costing less than one on one and group training sessions requiring a facilitator, location and down time from work. Additionally, with the training available 24/7, employees can conduct it anywhere, any time from any device.

Test Vulnerabilities

Identify and target high risk users and deliver customised simulations to these users to improve their knowledge on cyber crime. We will test your employees with simulated phishing attacks so you can clearly identify key areas of risk and tailor future training around these areas.

Mitigate risk

Avoid fines associated with regulatory compliance by reducing risk of compromise through lack of employee security awareness. The Australian Government and the Notifiable Data Breach scheme under the Privacy Act 1988 means businesses are obligated to keep data safe.

Flexible & Scalable

Secure your data, guarantee privacy and support a large number of users with our security awareness training. Choose from a selection of real world phishing scenarios designed to demonstrate how easy it is to be phished by an email, landing page or text message.

Understand your cybersecurity vulnerabilities & recommendations on how to protect your business from the inside out

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