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Cyber Incident response is designed to swiftly detect and mitigate potential or already occurring attacks and breaches.

Our Business Continuity and Incident Response plans are designed to detect, manage and mitigate cyber attacks and breaches.

A fast and professional response is critical to ensuring you can recover to business as usual with minimal disruption.  It is vital to be prepared and respond quickly what ever the size of your business.

If you have suffered a Cyber attack, an investigation into the digital forensics assists you in understanding what happened, why it occurred and how you can remedy the issue.

Our experts will gather evidence about the circumstances leading up to the incident, which security measures failed during the attack and where the attack originated. As part of our service, you will receive a full report of our findings and prepare recommendations to key stakeholders.


Everything you need to manage a security incident

Event Handling

Within the plan incident and event types are categorized with guidelines provided for suggested and recommended actions and identify the teams responsible for handling them.

Prioritise Vulnerabilities

All businesses face risks, it is important to understand how likely they are to occur and what the impact would be if it did occur. The impact of an unexpected power outage can be critical – if there server and local backup fails, their data cant be recovered.

Clear Actionable Advice

From initial detection and shutting down the attack, through to remediating financial and reputational damage. Comprehensive and rapid advice, we will help mitigate the circumstances around the attack and ensure damage is minimised.

Comprehensive Plan & Reporting

Whatever the threat we will review current security to improve procedures and strengthen defences. If an attack has occurred, we will conduct a comprehensive review and recommend remedial actions.

Failure to plan is a plan to fail

Business disruption is a matter of if not when. A disruption can arise from a number of causes such as storms, power outages and the like. It is recorded that only 10% of businesses will survive if they experience more than 5 days of downtime due to a disaster.

Compliant Security Policy

Having an incident response plan in place will support ISO 27001 and GDPR compliance. We will help you develop a response strategy in line with the appropriate regulations.

Understand your cybersecurity vulnerabilities & recommendations on how to protect your business from the inside out


Getting the foundations right

Improved decision making

A quality incident response plan will ensure the right people are established before an incident occurs ensuring your business can quickly and appropriately respond to a breach. An incident response plan should outline the risk of data loss against loss of revenue resulting from downtime and make recommendations.

Internal Coordination

Our effective incident response planning incorporates coordination across all business functions including communications, legal, compliance and operations. Easily accessible incident response plans ensure all levels of your business can react with greater agility.

External coordination

Your Incident response plan will prepare you to maintain relationships with 3rd parties such as law enforcement, breach remediation and forensics experts. These relationships are critical to fast track your remediation activity and resume normal business operations.

Clarity on responsibilities

It is imperative to have clear roles and responsibilities across your business. Clarity ensures the executive level and key stakeholders will understand external messaging and other issues that should be agreed in advance.

Limit Damage

KMT’s Incident response plan will help you ensure that minor events do not escalate into major incidents. Our charters and checklists for containment, eradication and recovery assist and in some cases you may be able to avert an incident all together.

Fast Remediation

We use the latest technology to conduct a thorough investigation into any size breach or attack. Deploying advanced techniques to identify and incident, our them then offers clear advice and remedial action fast.

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