Be ready to protect your business during a cyber attack: set up an Incident Response plan

Our Incident Response plans are designed to detect, manage and mitigate cyber attacks and breaches. A fast and professional response is critical to ensuring you can recover to business as usual with minimal disruption. It is vital to be prepared and respond quickly, whatever the size of your business.

If you have suffered a cyber attack, an investigation into the digital forensics assists you in understanding what happened, why it occurred and how you can remedy the issue. Our experts will gather evidence about the circumstances leading up to the incident, which security measures failed during the attack and where the attack originated. As part of our service, you will receive a full report of our findings and prepare recommendations to key stakeholders.

About our Incident Response capabilities

Employee awareness prepares your employees — from directors to floor staff — to recognise and respond to cyber threats that they are likely to encounter. Our cyber security employee training is:

Incident response


  • Event handling
  • Vulnerability prioritisation
  • Clear and actionable advice
  • Comprehensive plan and reporting


Having an Incident Response Plan in place allows your business to quickly respond to cyber security threats. Benefits to you, the business owner, include:

  • You’ll know what to do if you experience a cyber attack, and your in-house team will be ready to spring into action.
  • Damage will be mitigated and minimised, with contingency plans in place for if something goes wrong.
  • We will provide comprehensive and rapid advice, from initial detection and shutting down the attack, through to remediating any financial and reputation damage.
  • If an attack has occurred, we will conduct a comprehensive review and recommend remedial actions.
Our team has the experience to predict and avert possible cyber attacks.

Let us put a plan into place to mitigate damages if trouble arises.

Incident Response solutions from Kaine Mathrick Tech

A quality Incident Response plan will ensure the right people are established before an incident occurs. This is vital for ensuring your business can quickly and appropriately respond to a breach. An Incident Response plan should outline the risk of data loss against loss of revenue resulting from downtime and make recommendations.

Our effective incident response planning incorporates coordination across all business functions including communications, legal, compliance and operations. Easily accessible incident response plans ensure all levels of your business can react with greater agility.

Your Incident Response plan will prepare you to maintain relationships with third parties such as law enforcement, breach remediation and forensics experts. These relationships are critical to fast track your remediation activity and resume normal business operations.

  1. Improved decision making
  2. Internal coordination
  3. External coordination
  4. Clarity on responsibilities
  5. Damage limitation
  6. Fast remediation
  7. Compliant security policy

Failure to plan is a plan to fail, and business disruption is a matter of when, not if. It is recorded that only 10% of businesses will survive if they experience more than 5 days of downtime due to a disaster. Have an Incident Response, and prepare for what the future holds.

Incident Response

The benefits of choosing Kaine Mathrick Tech

Cyber first approach
The best in tech

The Incident Response plans we use for our clients are the same ones we trust to protect our own business.

Dedicated support
Personalised service

Our team will work closely with your team, with a focus on getting the best possible outcomes.

Australian owned MSP
Locally based team

With our Melbourne based team, we can visit you onsite if an issue cannot be fixed offsite.

Managed Services Partnership
Working together

Future-proof your business with a team that has the experience to provide solutions to fix the challenges you face across all industries.

Human technology
Real people

Our team will work closely with your team, with a focus on getting the best possible outcomes.

What our clients are saying about our Incident Response service

Chisholm Gamon
5 Stars

This is the team you want helping your business when it’s needed. I’ve been working with the team at KMT for over 2 years and am continually surprised at the lengths they will go to with helping ensure our business and team are operating as needed. Quick responses, easy communication formats and offensively knowledgeable. KMT aren’t just a basic IT solution team, they are a full scale offering for any scale we are trying to achieve.


5 Stars

We have been working with KMT for a number of years now and find them to be most responsive to our needs… They not only provide assistance on a day to day basis, but have been instrumental in bringing to our attention compliance and risk mitigation factors to ensure the safety of our data.


freight people
5 Stars

KMT are great to deal with. We were initially recommended KMT from another business colleague and have been very impressed. They are collaborative, adaptive to our requirements and forward-thinking in an ever-changing technology environment. Highly recommended.


Kaine Mathrick Tech Partners

We are proud to be trained and recognised in a number of accreditations and partner with the world’s leading technology companies.

The most secure & efficient workplace experiences are created with KMT.

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Frequently asked questions about cyber security

What is Incident Response?

“Incident Response” is a term to describe the process of handling a cyber attack, like a data breach. It’s a plan for how to respond after an incident, and is designed to limit damage and losses.

Why do we need Incident Response?

An Incident Response acts as the last line of defence against the loss of data and revenue. By having a plan in place and acting quickly, the negative effects of a cyber attack can be mitigated.

How much does Incident Response cost?

Our cyber security packages are based on a per head pricing model meaning you can scale up or down based on your business needs. It delivers lower costs, increased end user satisfaction and productivity, provides a greater breadth and depth of expertise and results in more reliable, up to date and efficient infrastructure solutions.

Why is it better to have a dedicated response team for Incident Response?

A local, dedicated, qualified and certified Melbourne based IT support team who knows your business inside and out means you’ll get faster resolution times and a seamless efficient personal service.

What if I already have an existing IT service provider? Can you still help with Incident Response?

You may have an existing provider, or are already outsourcing your IT. Our unique client process ensures we understand your business, and that you get to know your dedicated support team. We will optimise your infrastructure and migration will occur with little to no business disruption.

Protect your business from the malware of tomorrow, today.

Get started with an Incident Response plan.

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