Cyber security packages tailored for your needs

To protect your business, you need IT security that performs to specification. Cyber security packages from Kaine Mathrick Tech are customised to give you the best in protection when and where you need it most.

We offer two levels of protection with packages to ensure you have the best defences in place for your budget. Our packages bundle selected services into a single managed cyber security service as an add on to your managed IT support contract.

About our cyber security packages

We offer 2 cyber security packages; a workplace, and network security package.

cyber security packages

Secure Workplace

Secure your workplace with our proactive protection, monitoring and detection for end points.


  • 24/7 endpoint SOC support
  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR)
  • Risk profile and reporting
  • User Risk analysis
  • Phishing Simulation and Spam email
  • Dark Web monitoring
  • Encryption Technologies
  • Proactive monitoring, detection and remediation of cyber threats
cyber security packages

Secure Network

Our network security solution provides you with a robust solution including realtime reporting, threat detection, response and remediation for the server environment.


  • SIEM Services
  • 24/7 endpoint SOC support
  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR)
  • Intrusion detection system (IPS/IDS)
  • Firewall Security
  • Data Security
  • User activity monitoring

Discover the perfect cyber security package for you with a security audit.

Cyber security packages from Kaine Mathrick Tech

The main thing to understand about cyber security packages is that, due to the constantly shifting nature of cyber threats, there is no perfect solution. Maintaining security is an ongoing process of learning and improving.

At Kaine Mathrick Tech, our sole focus is to work with you to find the ideal solution for your business.

This means taking the time to thoroughly understand the IT security issues that you face, and giving you solutions that fit within your budget.

Our IT security packages employ the NIST Cybersecurity Framework of Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover. We action this framework with a holistic, 15-way plan that includes:

  • Workplace cyber security audits
  • Data Centre cyber security audits
  • Password protection
  • Effective, proactive, regular back ups
  • Mobile device security
  • Multi factor authentication
  • Encryption Technologies
  • 24×7 security operations centre – SOC
  • Proactive patching & computer updates
  • SIEM/Log Management Firewall
  • Advanced firewall protection

With us at your back, you can rest assured that your business is protected.

Why choose Kaine Mathrick Tech?

Cyber first approach


We use and trust the same solutions to protect our own business.

Australian owned

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Quick response times without the language barrier.

Dedicated support

Dedicated support team

Our staff get to know your business to ensure you get personalised service

Human technology

A human face of technology

Our people become your people, focused on doing the right thing.


Relationships first

Proactive approach future-proofing your business.


"We have been working with KMT for a number of years now and find them to be most responsive to our needs. They often assist with working with other ICT providers and have been eager to assist in IT architectural reviews. They not only provide assistance on a day to day basis, but have been instrumental in bring to our attention compliance and risk mitigation factors to ensure the safety of our data."

Kaine Mathrick Tech Partners

We are proud to be trained and recognised in a number of accreditations and partner with the world’s leading technology companies.

The most secure & efficient workplace experiences are created with KMT.

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Frequently asked questions about cyber security packages

What cyber protection should I expect out of my Managed IT services contract?

There are a number of security protection layers that should be covered as part of your MSP IT services contract.  if your business is not using Kaine Mathrick Tech as your MSP, you should ensure they have the basic services covered.  Essentially, you should have as a minimum:

  • Password protection
  • Effective, proactive, regular backups
  • Mobile device security
  • Multifactor Authentication MFA
  • Spam email management
What's the difference between cheaper and more expensive cyber security packages?

The main difference is the features. The more you spend, the more features you have available to your business to identify and stop threats.

Lower cost packages give a basic but impressive array of security measures, including staff awareness training. Higher level packages offer more comprehensive solutions that encompass greater levels of threat detection such as SIEM and SOC Servies.

Spending less on cyber security may be the appropriate course for some smaller business. But for medium to large business with a lot on the line, it pays to have the absolute best in protection.

Can you guarantee that my business will always be secure?

In short, no. Cyber security requires a dynamic approach that involves testing, learning, and improving. There is no silver bullet program or solution that will prevent any and all attacks. Any cyber security business that guarantees your absolute protection through cyber security packages and solutions is lying.

Depending on your business and the nature of your industry, you may encounter threats that are entirely unique — threats that we as IT security experts may not have experienced before. However, with Kaine Mathrick Tech you can at least be sure that you’re getting the best protection possible.

How do I know what cyber security package is right for me?

Understanding the IT security requirements of your business is the critical first step in promoting better protection. When you know and understand your needs, you can rest assured that you are getting what you pay for.

Get in touch with the team at Kaine Mathrick Tech to organise a full audit of your security systems. From there, our experts will give you a transparent overview of the issues that you might face, and offer suggestions to which cyber security package you should purchase.

Ready to protect your business with a cyber security package? Let's get started.

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