Proactively hunt & eliminate threats with SOC

A Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a centralised security function responsible for managing and maintaining businesses cyber security by protecting or responding to attacks.

A beautifully advanced security management service

Monitors & Mitigates events 24/7

Our SOC as a service utilises the most advanced technology to scan millions of events that transpire in real time across vast networks. When a cyber threat is identified, your SOC team will alert us and will monitor these activities around the clock to detect and mitigate any threats in real time.

Ranks Assets, Alerts & Severity

SOC allows companies to rank the importance of layers of data and determine the severity of threats that appear on computer networks. Tracing cyber threats is confusing and time consuming due to the vast range of harmless vs critical discrepancies that emerge on network radars. SOC will easily distinguish and manage these issues with urgency.

Proactive Detection of threats

We proactively detect and secure against targeted attacks that seek highly classified information such as identity and credit card or customer information of account holders. SOC as a service will also fill the gaps with security infrastructure and remove vulnerabilities.

File integrity monitoring

Cyber criminals often target critical system files in order to gain access to your network. Our SOC service will keep your data safe by monitoring the integrity of your files and automatically detect suspicious or unusual changes to files and registries.

Compliance Reporting

There are different levels of SOC as a service to suit your needs. A standard SOC service will daily monitor and status report 365 days a year ensuring your meet compliance requirements.

Advanced protection inside & out

Our SOC service can spot insider threats to the security of your customer database. Inside threats can also be transferred via thumb drives, email attachments and other foreign sources. Viruses are often not caught until they have spread. With SOC, we will notify you the moment we detect an issues.

Awareness Training

Our SOC as a service will enable your business to take policy setting and awareness training to a new level as you become more knowledgable on the vital matters of system security and how such matters change with each successive generation of firewalls and threats.

Threat assessment & Planning

Your business will be able to remain secure against the most advanced threats by offering a coordinated approach to intelligence gathering. With real-time threat assessments, you will be able to develop better plans for security response.

SIEM Management

We provide full security information and event management (SIEM) service which easily incorporates data from all of your business devices, applications and databases.

Understand your cybersecurity vulnerabilities & recommendations on how to protect your business from the inside out


Affordable solution for advanced detection and incident response

Best Security Advice

Access to next generation incident response and threat detection with a dedicated team who solely focus on monitoring new threats and working on remediation. Enables your business to have dynamic security that acts as your defence to manage your analysis, monitoring, prevention and remediation.

Affordable Security Expertise

Establishing and maintaining an internal security SOC team is expensive and time consuming and out of the picture for small or medium enterprises. Our monthly fixed fee structure means there are no upfront investment or ongoing operational costs whilst benefiting from a high level of expertise and skills.

Stay one step ahead

Our solution uses AI technology to ensure speedy threat prevention, detection and response. From global tat intelligence and centralised threat detection and response, our advanced security solution will ensure your business will be protected from an accelerating threat landscape.

Act fast & minimise disruption

Using a SOC as a service you can rest assured greater speed in identifying attacks and remedying them before it causes more damage. SOC teams deploy a range of security technologies designed to prevent and detect threats as well as strengthen defense.

Limit Security Risk

SOC monitoring gives businesses a huge advantage to defend themselves against incidents and intrusions, regardless of source, time of day and type of attack. It helps organisations stay on top of threats facing their environments and limit their risk.

Hackers target SME's

In today’s ever changing threat landscape, it is no longer a matter of if, but when you will suffer a cyber attack. It is critical businesses of all sizes are fully equipped to proactively identify and eliminate any attacks that may bypass standard perimeter defenses.

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