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Elevate and Celebrate Luncheon Series

A fresh approach to networking

Join Kaine Mathrick Tech’s professional networking community where quality events, great network of people and genuine connections naturally lead to business referrals.

Our new Elevate & Celebrate event series are a dynamic and productive series of networking events designed to help our clients network and grow their businesses through referrals and business opportunities.

We believe that when you know, like and trust someone, business naturally flows.  We will help you expand your networks and grow your business.

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Elevate and Celebrate

Elevate & Celebrate Events

Watch this space for coming events.  If you are interested in getting involved in our events, please Register your Interest and we will keep you informed of our coming Elevate & Celebrate event.

Coming Events


Golf Day (Melbourne)

Friday Morning (followed by Lunch):  8:00am – 1:00pm

Date:  20th May 2022

Networking evening
Networking evening
Elevate & Celebrate community giving

About Elevate & Celebrate

Elevate & Celebrate was the brainchild of Managing Director Bradley Kaine and was launched officially in July 2021.

In essence, we wanted to create a community that included businesses and their key stakeholders to come together under the KMT Elevate & Celebrate brand.

We want to give back, to our clients and our community.  So what we are offering is access to our network, which provides new business contacts, relationships and potential new business opportunities for you.  The aim is to provide our clients with access to a great bunch of people and leaders from all types of industries.

It is our vision to align these events to a deeper purpose.  We are currently working with our team to agree on a community organisation or cause that we can meaningfully contribute to and be able to update our KMT Elevate and Celebrate community with the impact we have made over the years.

More information to come.  If you are or have connections with such an organisation, please contact [email protected]

We have drawn inspiration from some of our clients in this area and over the years we have donated, sponsored, and attended events.

Some of these are;

KMT has also been focused on contributing to the community in various ways.  However, it is time to really Change the Game and that is what Elevate & Celebrate is about.

MSP IT Partner

Community Purpose

KMT Elevate & Celebrate believes in giving back.  We will support a charitable organisation (soon to be announced) through our networking events, by giving our time and donations from our business and attendees.

It is our aim to make a meaningful impact to the community of which we live and work.

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