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Elevate and Celebrate Luncheon Series

A fresh approach to networking

Join Kaine Mathrick Tech’s professional networking community where quality events, great network of people and genuine connections naturally lead to business referrals.

Our new Elevate & Celebrate event series are a dynamic and productive series of networking events designed to help our clients network and grow their businesses through referrals and business opportunities.

We believe that when you know, like and trust someone, business naturally flows.  We will help you expand your networks and grow your business.

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Elevate and Celebrate

Every event contributes to Challenge - Supporting Kids with Cancer

We are dedicated to creating a significant impact within a community organization, one where our contributions can be clearly measured. Our chosen partner is Challenge – Supporting Kids with Cancer, and our goal is to effect meaningful change with a tangible impact.

Distinguishing social purpose from mere charitable giving is crucial. Social purpose entails a deep commitment to our charitable partner that is ingrained in our organizational culture. Companies with a strong social purpose consistently make deliberate choices in their day-to-day operations that uphold their social and environmental responsibilities. These purpose-driven practices become integral to the company’s processes, ensuring alignment from the frontlines to the C-Suite.

Every Managed Services Contract signed by a new client or renewed by an existing attracts a donation from KMT to Challenge, meaning every contract signed makes a difference in a child’s life.

Our unwavering commitment lies in making a substantial, positive difference.

Find out more about our Social Purpose commitment to Challenge>

Annual Golf Day

At KMT, our dedication to social purpose is the essence of who we are. We believe in “changing the game” by integrating a spirit of giving back into every interaction.

Discover the heart of our social purpose at our annual Golf Day with Challenge, a pivotal element of our Elevate & Celebrate event series. More than networking, these gatherings are dynamic moments where our clients connect, grow their businesses, and contribute to a greater cause—Challenge – Supporting Kids with Cancer charity: Supporting Kids with Cancer.

Elevate & Celebrate events are celebrations of collaboration and growth. With every shared moment, we foster not just business connections but a ripple effect of positive change in our community.

Our chosen partner, Challenge, holds a special place in our hearts. Together, we aim to make a measurable impact, ensuring our contributions result in meaningful change. Beyond charitable giving, our social purpose is a deep commitment woven into our organisational culture. It’s reflected in every choice we make, showcasing our dedication to social and environmental responsibilities.

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About Elevate & Celebrate

Elevate & Celebrate was the brainchild of Managing Director Bradley Kaine and was launched officially in July 2021.

In essence, we wanted to create a community that included businesses and their key stakeholders to come together under the KMT Elevate & Celebrate brand.

We want to give back, to our clients and our community.  So what we are offering is access to our network, which provides new business contacts, relationships and potential new business opportunities for you.  The aim is to provide our clients with access to a great bunch of people and leaders from all types of industries.

KMT is dedicated to assisting Challenge – Supporting Kids with Cancer charity in expanding its reach through our extensive networks, impactful events, and strategic social media efforts. Our network connections will serve as a gateway to new supporters, sponsors, and partners, allowing Challenge to tap into a broader community of individuals and organizations who share our commitment to helping children with cancer. We will also organize and promote events that not only raise awareness but also generate vital funds for the charity, ensuring its sustainable growth.

Additionally, our social media campaigns will leverage the power of online platforms to spread the word about Challenge’s mission, engage with a wider audience, and inspire action. Through KMT’s collaborative efforts, we aim to extend the reach of Challenge – Supporting Kids with Cancer, providing crucial support to young patients and their families during their challenging journey.

KMT has also been focused on contributing to the community in various ways.  However, it is time to really Change the Game and that is what Elevate & Celebrate is about.

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Community Purpose

KMT Elevate & Celebrate believes in giving back.  We will support a charitable organisation (soon to be announced) through our networking events, by giving our time and donations from our business and attendees.

It is our aim to make a meaningful impact to the community of which we live and work.

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