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You don't have to be an IT expert to understand your IT environment

Our KMT IT Audit will give you a clear view of your network and security risks with a comprehensive report and risk score enable prioritisation of individual issues and measure the health of your network over time.
Cybersecurity Audit
Strategic IT Roadmap

Understand vulnerabilities within your network, actions and improvements to improve productivity, uncover improvements that can be made with cyber security ending up with a robust technology road-map.

SOC as a service ensures your business is protected and monitored 24 hours a day
Identify Inefficiencies

Identify inaccuracies and inefficiencies of your current IT infrastructure and environment ultimately enabling data driven IT infrastructure investment decisions.

cybersecurity and technology audit
Improve Security Posture

KMT Audit provides you with detailed information on your businesses current security vulnerabilities including recommendations on cyber security services to improve your overall security posture.

Take a closer look

With non-intrusive methods our IT audit process will delve into the following areas, so you can get a clear view of your risks and where to focus your IT spend.

Take a health check of your network & systems

A KMT IT Audit will arm you with detailed insights so you can measure and improve your network efficiency and workplace productivity.

Learn about patching statuses, user activity, hardware lifespan management and licencing details and get analytics on how you are going via performance reports.

IT audit
IT Audit, Cyber Security Vulnerability assessment

Improve your security & risk posture

KMT IT Audit is designed to help you improve your security and risk posture by providing you with a clear view of your security policies, web usage, latency issues and content filtering.

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"We had a strategy and outcome we wanted to achieve, but not the road-map or resources to implement it. Working with a quality partner was really important to us. KMT's values aligned and they had exceptional strategic advice combined with quality ongoing IT support"