About The Speakers


Scott Mathrick

Technical Director, Kaine Mathrick Tech

Scott, a Director of KMT and an expert in Cyber Security.  Over 20 years experience bridging the gap between business goals and technology.

Fraser Wilson (1)

Fraser Wilson

Partner Solution Architect – Security & Compliance, Microsoft

Fraser Wilson, a Microsoft Security expert with 12+ years in the IT industry, has been at Microsoft for over 6 years. His contributions span various Microsoft and security solutions. As an Essential 8 Author for Microsoft. Fraser is a frequent speaker at Microsoft events and webinars, sharing insights and best practices on Microsoft Security.

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What You Will Learn

Join us for an informative webinar series that delves deep into the world of not-for-profit cybersecurity. Discover the unique challenges faced by nonprofit organisations and explore the critical role cyber security plays in maintaining donor confidence and safeguarding your organisation’s reputation.

We’ll break down the ACSC Essential Eight Framework, unveil the powerful Microsoft 365 Stack, and engage in an interactive Q&A session with industry experts, including Soren, a Partner Development Manager at Microsoft with a proven track record in driving business growth and developing winning GTM strategies.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your not-for-profit’s cybersecurity posture and gain valuable insights to protect your mission.

1. Understanding the Nonprofit Cybersecurity Landscape: Explore the unique cybersecurity challenges faced by nonprofit organizations and highlight the critical role of cybersecurity in maintaining donor confidence and preserving the organization’s reputation

2. Introduction to the ACSC Essential Eight Framework: Break down each of the Essential Eight strategies and their significance in enhancing cybersecurity posture for nonprofits.

3. Unveiling the Microsoft 365 Stack: Dive into the comprehensive suite of cybersecurity tools within Microsoft 365 and how it aligns with the Essential Eight strategies and can be tailored to the nonprofit sector

4. Interactive Q&A Session: Engage with our panellists in a live Q&A session and address specific queries and concerns related to nonprofit cybersecurity and Microsoft 365 implementation.

Your business deserves the best protection against cyber threats.

The 2023 Australian Nonprofit State of the Industry Survey unveils crucial insights into the not-for-profit sector, focusing on data privacy, cybersecurity, and digital capabilities. Notably, one in five organisations harbours concerns about the potential devastation caused by cyberattacks, while 8% have already encountered such incidents.


Not-for-profit organisations in Australia
(as at 8 Feb 2023)

-ACNC’s Australian Charities Report 9th edition


NFPs establishing a cybersecurity and privacy uplift program

-PwC’s 3rd Annual Not-for-profit CEO Survey


are shifting their operations to address beneficiary or supporter needs in the digital age, demonstrating how technology is enhancing and allowing for greater coverage in terms of service delivery.

-PwC’s 3rd Annual Not-for-profit CEO Survey

Leadership in Non-for-Profits: Navigating the Unique Landscape

“78% of small nonprofits agree that enabling remote work is a compelling reason to move to the cloud. More than 90% of very small nonprofits share that opinion. Both groups believe that cloud-based applications are easier to manage and secure.”

Many nonprofits consider moving to the cloud to help them with their biggest organisational challenge—to do more with less. As their staff, donations, and volunteers lose ground against increasing demands for resources and benefits, nonprofits are stretched thin and looking for new ways to close that gap. Cloud technologies provide a flexible, more affordable, and secure solution to achieve that.

Cyber Incident Breakdown

Handling & Compliance with Data Privacy Regulations

More than 60% of organisations expect a surge in reportable cyber incidents this year

and yet cybersecurity training and privacy compliance once again ranked low in the key skills identified by NFP leaders that employees require to prepare for the impact of technology on their roles according to PwC’s 2022 Global Digital Trust Insights.

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Cyber Insurance Webinar 2023
Kaine Mathrick Tech, 2/484 Graham St,Port Melbourne,VIC-3027
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March 13, 2023
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May 31, 2023
Live webinar with panel of experts. Aimed at business leaders within Australian SMB’s, our non-technical webinar series provides practical information and advice on how to protect your business against a cyber attack.
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