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Operating a construction business means large workforces, numerous devices, dynamic projects, multiple locations that change, complicated logistics and complex supply chains.  We understand to maintain your competitive edge, you must have transparency with vendors, clients and ensure your operations are cohesive in everything from project site management, to inspections and billing.  That’s where Managed IT Services have become a necessity for construction companies.

Digital transformation and technology services is a trend that only stands to increase as the construction industry continues to innovate.  Standards such as drone surveying, 3D printing and GPS wearables to monitor and increased safety regulations – translate to more data and emphasise consolidating platforms and keeping systems online and secure.

Our comprehensive managed service & cyber security solutions are a smarter way to manage your construction IT.

Building the most secure modern workplaces with
'cyber-first' Managed IT Services

We understand construction IT, an ability to deploy resources easily for onsite teams and reliable and secure cloud solutions to push apps and data to a central location is crucial for your day to day operations.

Managed IT Services for Construction Companies


Simplify your IT Support

Help your teams optimise productivity by resolving recurring IT issues once and for all and promptly resolving any other IT issues.  We like to think we are as helpful to them as you are to your customers freeing your teams to focus on big-picture tasks.

End User IT Support

From day 1, our people become your people.  You will be allocated a dedicated IT help desk team who will manage all of the end user IT support requests increasing productivity and efficiency and reducing downtime.

  • 24/7 IT monitoring of computers
  • Technical Support
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance
  • After-hours response to critical alerts

Learn more:  Managed IT Support

Technology support for Project Sites

We understand construction companies operate projects over multiple locations that tend to frequently change.  To keep productive, project sites need to connect between sites, improve work processes, enable collaboration between employees and suppliers.  Our team will onboard your users and sites seamlessly to get your sites and users up and running.

  • Fast onboarding and offboarding of individuals
  • Provision of hardware for individuals and sites
  • Easy hardware procurement

Proactive monitoring & management

Our managed IT service will look after your resources such as your devices, applications, storage systems, networks, SaaS, centralised application deployment and more.  Our service monitors and manages your IT infrastructure around the clock.  We proactively manage systems, apply appropriate patching and alert you in advance to any potential issues.

  • 24/7 IT monitoring of computers
  • Managed anti-virus software
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance
  • Backup Monitoring and Management
  • Microsoft Windows Patch management & reporting

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Keep your business safe from a cyber attack

Protect your business from a cyber attack with integrated cyber protection included with your managed IT services.  Our Managed Cyber Security Services offer multiple layers of protection against cyber attacks with 24/7 support.

Secure Workplace: Protect your end users

Our Secure Workplace solutions provide protection to your end-users and ensure they are not at risk from potential threats such as ransomware.  Our secure workplace solutions will help you defend your devices, block internet threats and help protect from BEC or Business Email Compromise.

Services include:

Secure Data Centres

Businesses have a responsibility to their clients to protect their critical assets.  Whether it is protecting the brand, intellectual capital customer information or providing controls for critical infrastructure, the means for incident detection and response to protecting organizational interests have three common elements: people, processes, and technology.

Our services to protect your data centre include:

Network Security

Cyber security solutions are designed to protect your business and ensure network protection.  Network security ensures your network and data is protected from cyber breaches, intrusions and other threats.  This takes into account your hardware and construction software as well as processes or rules and configurations relating to network use, accessibility and overall threat protection.

We will ensure your network is secured in the following three levels:

  1. Hardware
  2. Software
  3. Cloud Services

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Cyber security iin the construction industry
Unified Communications for Construction Companies


Empower your flexible workforce with our professional services

Improving productivity is an ongoing priority for construction companies globally and is not only a priority but a challenge.  As demands become more rigorous across construction sites and the right technology will improve productivity, safety and site operations.

Construction companies will need to deliver fast innovation without additional resources, in a secure and frictionless way.  To drive collaborative innovation, companies need to implement a robust strategy that enables the company to increase the speed of work.  We can help.

Modern Workplace Experience

The workplace has evolved and with it, employee expectations.  This has forced businesses to deliver digital-first and connected experiences to drive productivity and retain talent.  Our Hybrid Modern Workplace solutions ensure your technology will meet the demands of your business and will:

  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Schedule
  • Enhance Safety

Cloud Computing & efficient networks

Businesses are challenged with the task of developing and delivering innovation at rapid speed and cloud technology is critical to empowering a mobile workforce.  These days, businesses must be able to store relevant data and scale applications and share information and large files from various locations as required.

Cloud computing has the potential to help organisations leverage modern technologies such as computer virtualisation and worldwide internet connectivity.  Our cloud migration services will:

  • Improve business continuity
  • Reduce upfront costs on capital expenditure
  • Reduce ongoing costs
  • Efficient and productive remote and hybrid working
  • Efficient running of apps
  • Fast file uploads and data sharing

Our cloud and network solutions include:

VoIP & Unified Communications

We understand that managing projects from different locations mean managing more calls.  Effective and seamless communication is critical and more projects are added to the schedule and more team members join, a flexible and scalable phone system is required. Our communications solutions include:

Learn More:  Communications Solutions


Protect your data & customer information

Would you be able to recover important business and customer information if your systems, computers, mobile devices or storage systems were lost, stolen or damaged?

Now more than ever, it is crucial to have regular, tested, secure backups.

Streamlining your cloud services, internet and network security, we can provide you with an individual solution that will help you ensure your business is protected with a recovery solution.

Our cloud-based service includes:

Obessive Backups

Backups can be the difference between hours of downtime or weeks to months.  Every minute without your business data has cost implications.  To ensure you aren’t losing valuable time and money, a backup solution is essential.   Our cyber solution includes secure and reliable data backup to protect your applications and systems.

Data Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Replication of your business systems and data recovering your data in the case of an event.

IT Support for Construction Industry
ITSM for Construction Companies in Australia


Quality IT Service Management Services (ITSM) to support your growth

In the coming year, businesses and IT teams will need to embrace the challenges of rapid digital transformation.  Embracing new challenges and opportunities such as hyper-automation, hybrid experiences, distributed environments and an explosion of data.

To achieve this, a quality IT partner is advisable and this is where we can help.  Our services include:

Technology Strategy Services

Revolutionise the way you work with IT Strategy that makes sense, technology that works and expert project management.  Our IT consulting services and project delivery teams will ensure that whether you require a new laptop to a detailed IT strategy or a roll out of a new cloud platform, we will be here to support you in the process.  We can help you manage:

  1. Installations and upgrades
  2. Virtualisation
  3. Infrastructure designs
  4. Networks and Cabling
  5. Technology Audits
  6. Office 365
  7. Office Moves

Learn More:  Professional Services

Account Management

A dedicated Account Manager will work closely with your business to provide ongoing strategic support and advice and will be a single point of contact for your technology.  They will meet with you regularly and assist with:

  • Quarterly business reviews to establish a quality IT roadmap to guide your strategy and budgeting
  • Infrastructure Audits with real insights into your infrastructure and ageing hardware
  • Escalation point between projects and your IT support team if required

Customer Experience Team

Our customer experience team is the team that answers the phones, they will assess your IT support query and essentially triage the request and ensure it is allocated to the right IT support technician.  This means that your technology issues will be dealt with by the right person the first time and will ensure that issues are resolved fast.

More than just a Managed Services Provider

We know that choosing any business partner is more than just providing a solution and good service.  Values such as community spirit, attention to modern issues such as diversity and inclusion and corporate compliance are all important to align.

Here is why we are Changing the Game of Managed Services:

We love to give back

Challenge Kids with Cancer

We give money to a select range of not for profit organisations working towards change in areas such as food insecurity, health, digital inclusion and climate change.

Community & Social Purpose 

Diversity & Inclusion

Happy Easter

We live in a diverse world and the technology industry needs to embrace it.  To change begins with us doing our part.  We are committed to making diversity, equity and inclusion part of our culture.

Diversity & Inclusion

Corporate Governance

KMT is certified for ISO27001 & ISO9001

In 2022 KMT is certified for ISO27001 and ISO 9001.  ISMS is a systematic approach to risk management, containing measures that address the three pillars of information security, people, processes and technology.


Technology solutions that make sense

Secure Workplace

Empower your people to work securely and productively from their homes, in offices or on project sites. We design your working experience around what you want to achieve, seamless work.

Modern Workplace

We understand that the new hybrid workplace requires technology that enables them to work from anywhere.  Site WIFI, cloud-based phone systems, BOYD and security are all part of our offering.

Managed IT Support

Grow your business with a managed IT support plan. We can construct the right IT support for your business, so you can focus on the business of construction.

Cyber Security

Improve your cyber security and risk.  Strengthen your security systems and operations to prevent, detect and respond to threats against your business.

Communications Services

Our managed communication services are designed to easily connect your communication tools and data for a smoother collaboration experience.

Professional Services

We can build your construction business a tailored IT strategy. With a customised approach, we can help you get the most out of IT and take your business to the next level.

Join these leading Construction companies in achieving the best operational efficiencies and employee experiences

Hotondo Homes
MC Labour

See how these Construction companies have transformed with Kaine Mathrick Tech.


Foamex meets growth plans in a tough market due to improvements in their IT Infrastructure

“The expert knowledge and guidance from KMT meant that our ability to collaborate between office sites and teams has improved dramatically.  We are now well placed to respond to changes quickly in the way people work and interact in the office.” 

Construction IT solutions from Kaine Mathrick Tech


Put your trust in us

IT solutions are essential for all modern construction companies, all tradespeople, and all other related businesses in the building industry.

At Kaine Mathrick Tech, we understand the issues that face your business and will craft your ITSM solutions to keep your business productive and connected around the clock.

We can guarantee you fast responses at a professional standard. Our goal is to integrate with your team to understand all of the challenges you face. From here, we work with you to develop strategies and structures that are future-proof.

Technology for construction industry

Why choose Kaine Mathrick Tech?

People and Relationships First KMT icon
People and relationships first

Like your construction company, we value teamwork. We’ll work tirelessly to become part of your team.

Dedicated support
Personalised service

When it comes to construction IT, one size does not fit all. We’ll get to know your business with a full audit.

Australian owned MSP
100% Australian owned and operated

We execute IT support for construction companies with a local team, giving you an immediate response.

Managed Services Partnership
Working together

Our job does not begin when you need us. We offer around the clock monitoring of your IT systems.

Human technology
We fix problems others can't

We don’t close tickets. We proactively address trends as they arise, overcoming problems that other technology providers can’t fix.

What our clients are saying

Chisholm Gamon
5 Stars

Since we have come on board with KMT, we could not be happier, the service and the solutions are flawless.


5 Stars

KMT are really quick to respond to all of our IT and Technology requests. Our IT Support team are really smart and get the issues sored ASAP-Really happy.


freight people
5 Stars

Excellent and responsive customer service – thoroughly detailed and was able to resolve the issues in a professional manner, with great follow up to ensure complete customer service. Really Professional. I am very happy with the KMT Team.


Kaine Mathrick Tech Partners

We are proud to be trained and recognised in a number of accreditations and partner with the world’s leading technology companies.

The most secure & efficient workplace experiences are created with KMT.

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Frequently asked questions about IT support for construction

What are some of the main IT challenges that construction companies face?

In terms of IT support, there are a number of challenges that construction businesses face. These include:

  • Large file transfers between architects, clients, the company, and a range of other stakeholders
  • Document management and ready availability at all hours of the day
  • Multiple office sites, building sites, and other locations of interest that require functional infrastructure
  • Around the clock communication ability with clients and other stakeholders to ensure the smooth running of projects
  • Cashflow and project management via programs, apps, and other likeminded business software
  • High costs and small profit margins, meaning that IT solutions need to be both functional and affordable
How can I protect my construction company from cyber security threats?

Unfortunately, you cannot rely on antivirus software to keep your business protected from sophisticated cyber security threats. Only a well-rounded cyber security solution will ensure that your business remains protected. When something does go wrong, you want an immediate response and clear action plan to prevent issues in future.

We tailor cyber security packages to suit your business. Contact us to learn more.

How much does IT support for construction cost?

Ongoing costs for managed IT support for construction companies will depend on what services you require. At KMT, we don’t believe that every business is the same, and so, we offer custom IT support packages. We begin with a full audit of your current systems and offer suggestions for improvement. Following this, we integrate with your team to keep you operating around the clock. Finally, we sit down with you to come up with strategies for future solutions. If you’re looking for an accurate quote, contact us today.

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