Cost effective, cyber-first MSP for the Financial Services Industry Australia

As a financial services business your clients come to you because you are the expert in numbers and they need a professional such as yourself to handle this for them.  As an MSP (Managed Service Provider) and an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider), we are the experts in managing other businesses IT.

Accounting firms, wealth managers and other financial services businesses need proactive managed IT services that understand and support their entire IT environment, allowing you to focus on your firm and your clients without worrying about technology issues.

Financial Services firms are prized targets for malware and cyber attacks.  Businesses that deal with customer information are privy to highly confidential information — not just for their own business, but for their clients. Financial Services firms have access to business expenses, income, payroll, tax information, and so on.

When it comes to providing IT support to Financial Services businesses, we put cyber security as a top priority. With the increasing demands of the modern workplace, businesses need to manage greater complexity and more vulnerabilities. It’s important that your devices are connected to a secure and working network that has been tailored for your business to protect against incoming threats. Read on to find out more about how we’ve become industry leaders as IT service providers for Accounting firms, wealth managers and Financial Services businesses.

Accounting Technology & IT Support that goes beyond compliance

Accounting firms need to ensure they store data securely, access their files and collaborate between teams from anywhere and have technology that works is crucial for efficient day to day operations.

Managed Services for financial services and accountants


Managed Services that makes IT painless

Our IT support team is on hand to fix the IT issues when they arise.  Both onsite and on the phone, your dedicated support team is there to help your teams get back up and running as fast as we can.  We will also make proactive recommendations where possible to remove any ongoing and repeat issues.

Dedicated IT Support Team

Our people become your people.  Your dedicated IT support team will be on hand to work through all of your IT support issues and manage your end-user support requests increasing your efficiency and productivity.

  • 24*7 remote monitoring tools
  • IT support onsite or on phone
  • Proactive preventative maintenance
  • Repeatable and effective processes for onboarding your employees

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Remote monitoring & maintenance

During our onboarding process, we will install our monitoring software across your systems and devices which will monitor your infrastructure around the clock.  We will monitor your network operational activities by using remote devices, which are known as probes or monitors. This helps us  ensure efficient network infrastructure control and management.  Meaning patches, updates and issues will be proactively applied.

  • 24/7 IT monitoring of computers
  • Managed anti-virus software
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance
  • Backup Monitoring and Management
  • Microsoft Windows Patch management & reporting


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Modern Workplace

Today’s accounting firms are working in entirely new ways, with cloud-based technology, new digital tools, new work locations, and a new hybrid work culture. We provide technology solutions that will help you achieve greater mobility, agility and productivity.

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Keep your financial data secure

Financial Services, Accountants and Wealth Managers cannot afford to downplay the number of cyber security threats.  Accounting firms are a vulnerable target and desperately need to embrace cybersecurity best practices. If your firm has not prioritized cybersecurity, it must do so now. One attack could cripple your company or put it out of business.

Cyber First Workplaces

Set up your business for success by enabling your people to work securely and productively from their homes, in offices or on site.  Your workplace will be designed to meet your business requirements to enable seamless, productive  work.

Managed Services Workplace Essentials

End-User cyber protection

Protect your desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and servers.  These points are highly susceptible to numerous vulnerabilities, such as malware and ransomware attacks.

Endpoint security is an indispensable element in any business’s IT infrastructure.  Our Cyber First workplace solutions will protect your devices and firewalls and more.

Services include:

Secure Infrastructures

Businesses need to be more cyber aware than ever, especially if they hold sensitive client information.  As an extension of our Modern Workplace solution, our secure data centre solution provides Network Management, Data Security, and Managed Cyber Security.

All businesses must actively defend their networks and we provide comprehensive protection of your infrastructure and data centre servers and firewalls from cyber threats.

Managed Services for financial services and accountants
Managed Services for financial services and accountants


Strategic Business Reviews provide IT roadmaps that make sense

Our clients being medium Australian businesses need a measured and cost effective approach to their technology that includes a comprehensive and current cyber security layer.  KMT has modernised many businesses IT infrastructures and up levelled cyber protection to meet the varying needs of the business.

Proactive review of Licensing

We will proactively review your licencing quarterly to work through any potential cost savings.  In the case of AFS Logistics, we saved them over $15K per month on licencing alone.

Consolidation of technology infrastructure solutions

Where possible, we will recommend solutions that consolidate file and print servers and cloud migration solutions to save money and achieve efficiencies.  Our quarterly business reviews provide our clients with a regular touchpoint to discuss their business requirements so efficient and cost effective solutions can be recommended.

Cloud & Modern Data Centre

Account Management

Your Account Manager will work with your business to understand your needs and help ensure you have the most efficient technology for your business.  They will meet with you regularly and assist with:

  • Quarterly business reviews to establish a quality IT roadmap to guide your strategy and budgeting
  • Infrastructure Audits with real insights into your infrastructure and ageing hardware
  • Escalation point between projects and your IT support team if required

Hybrid Workplace

Microsoft Modern Workplace uses Microsoft 365 technologies and productivity applications which will mobilise your workplace to collaborate and work from anywhere. It also allows you to automate time-consuming tasks across your business, boosting productivity and allowing employees to focus more on innovation than admin.

Financial Services leaders transforming their business effectiveness and customer experience with Kaine Mathrick Tech

KSR Partner Accountants
Intralink Wealth Management

See how these Financial Services businesses have created efficiencies with Kaine Mathrick Tech.


KMT helps Cygnet remove the noise around their IT

“We literally went from dealing with all sorts of annoying IT issues to dealing with none.  Issues are stopped before they become a problem.  As a result, we have gained valuable days in the month back to be able to focus on the business.  For a business like ours – time is money” Jeremy Swan


Managed IT Services that make financial sense

We provide Managed IT Support and quality modern workplace solutions to some of the industry’s most well-known Financial Services businesses.

We provide comprehensive IT support for accountants and people working in the finance industry.

  • Average resolution time for an IT support request is under 39 mins
  • Protect your buisness data and our client data from cyber threat with KMT comprehensive managed cyber security services
  • Our quality dashboards and reporting provide you with transparency over your technology and our service
  • Ensure you avoid any downtime if disaster strikes with our Business Continuity and Incident Response plans Regular and proactive backups across all business sites
  • Future proof the technology of your Financial Service firms with Strategic Technology Reviews
  • We have the expertise to work as an extension of your team, ensuring our solutions have a strategic impact on your business
  • Cloud-based solutions to enable your workforce to operate from anywhere securely with our new hybrid modern workplace

Managed IT Service provider for accountants in Melbourne

Let us assess your Financial Services and find the right technology solutions for your business

Technology solutions for Financial Services and Accountants


Join our team of financial services success stories

As a financial services business, you know the value of efficiency, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness. We embody those values in providing IT solutions to the finance industry.   By working with your team, we get to know your people personally. That way, we can provide Financial Services firms with the best possible IT services.

We can help secure your business, and improve your security posture.  We have partnered with over 110 Australian firms, and have become one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the country.

We guarantee you fast responses at an exceptional standard. Our goal is to integrate with your team to understand all of the challenges you face.

From here, we work with you to develop strategies and structures that are future-proof. Throughout this partnership, we offer you:

  • Tailored IT support specific to the Financial Services industry, with room to grow with your business
  • Exceptionally high-quality IT support to allow you more time to get on with work
  • Proactive management of risk keeps you at the top of your game
  • Protection from cyber security threats with a range of preventative and responsive solutions

Let us manage your IT and cyber security so you can get back to building your clients wealth.

IT solutions for accountants

What our clients have to say

5 Stars

“The main differentiator with KMT is the people – they make a huge difference. There is an expectation that KMT understands technology – it’s a given that KMT will get the IT right.  They are very capable as an IT partner.  But it is the way the staff manages our issues.  Communication keeping us abreast of the progress of issue resolution, the regular account meetings, and the personal approach of the team is what sets them apart”


5 Stars

“Very pleased with the assistance we receive from the KMT team. Our company has been using KMT’s services for over 7 years. They provide us with IT support and advice, respond to problems quickly and efficiently.”


freight people
5 Stars

“KMT are great to deal with. We were initially recommended KMT by another business colleague and have been very impressed. They are collaborative, adaptive to our requirements, and forward-thinking in an ever-changing technology environment. Highly recommended.


Kaine Mathrick Tech Partners

We are proud to be trained and recognised in a number of accreditations and partner with the world’s leading technology companies.

The most secure & efficient workplace experiences are created with KMT.

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FAQs technology solutions for accounting and financial services

What are some of the main IT challenges faced in the accounting and finance industry?

The accounting industry is subject to some unique challenges that can be solved with the appropriate IT support. Potential issues include:

  • Being the target for cyber attacks, compromising your business and confidential information you deal with for your clients
  • Large file transfers between different clients and accountants
  • Working on the same projects across different locations, offices and time zones
  • Having to frequently back up work and documents so that they’re secure
  • Having to meet strict deadlines and not having time to wait for long, protracted repairs if something goes wrong
Can tech support make Financial Services more efficient?

Absolutely. Technology has already gone a long way to improving the work that accountants do, and IT solutions for finance can improve efficiency even further. With the right tech support, your business can minimise downtime, speed up communication, and work more securely than ever.

What does Managed IT Services for Accounting and Financial Services cost?

Ongoing costs for managed IT support for accounting firms will depend on what services you require. We begin with a full audit of your current systems and offer suggestions for improvement. Following this, we integrate with your team to keep you operating around the clock. Finally, we sit down with you to come up with strategies for future solutions. If you’re looking for an accurate quote, contact us today.

When it comes to IT support, we've accounted for everything.