Quality IT support for solicitors and firms of all sizes

Empower Your Legal Firm with Unparalleled Cyber Protection and IT Services.  Kaine Mathrick Tech specialises in game changing, cyber-first managed services, meticulously tailored for legal firms. We understand the unique digital challenges and confidentiality needs of legal professionals.

Our comprehensive suite of services ensures not only robust cybersecurity but also seamless IT performance, enabling your firm to excel in an increasingly digital world. With Kaine Mathrick Tech, you’re not just guarding against cyber threats; you’re investing in the efficiency, reliability, and reputation of your legal practice. Choose us for a partnership that transforms your approach to technology and security, making your firm resilient and future-ready.

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Affordable Cloud Solutions, Robust Cybersecurity Defense, and Comprehensive IT Support Tailored for Law Firms.

Legal firms require a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to adeptly handle their IT infrastructure and bolster cybersecurity, providing seamless support. This enables them to concentrate on delivering client results, free from technological disruptions.

Quality IT support for solicitors and firms of all sizes


Streamline your IT support

Our IT support services are specifically designed for legal firms, focusing on reliability, security, and compliance. We provide round-the-clock support to ensure your systems run smoothly, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Effective IT support helps streamline various operational processes within a legal firm. From managing case files and legal documentation to facilitating communication and collaboration among staff, IT support ensures that technology tools are always functioning optimally. This leads to reduced downtime, quicker problem resolution, and, consequently, higher productivity levels. Legal professionals can focus more on their clients and cases, rather than being bogged down by technical issues.

Scalability and Future Proofing

As a legal firm grows, its IT needs will evolve. IT support services can provide scalable solutions that grow with the firm. This includes upgrading systems, integrating new technologies, and providing training and support for new software or tools. By keeping the firm’s IT infrastructure up-to-date and adaptable, IT support services ensure that the firm is equipped to handle future challenges and opportunities, positioning it for long-term success.

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Dedicated Account Management

Our account management tailored for legal firms, focusing on delivering a personalized and efficient service experience. This support is essential for ensuring that legal practices can fully leverage their IT infrastructure to meet their specific needs.

Here are the features and benefits of KMT’s account management support:

Features of KMT’s Account Management Support for Legal Firms:

  1. Dedicated Account Managers: Legal firms are assigned knowledgeable account managers who understand the nuances of the legal industry and can address specific needs and challenges.
  2. Regular Check-ins and Reporting: KMT provides routine updates and reports on the IT infrastructure’s performance, ensuring transparency and keeping firms informed about their IT health.
  3. Customized IT Roadmaps: The account managers work closely with legal firms to develop tailored IT strategies and roadmaps that align with their long-term goals and objectives.
  4. Responsive Communication: Quick and effective communication channels are established, allowing for rapid response to queries and concerns.
  5. Proactive Problem Solving: Account managers proactively identify and address potential IT issues before they become disruptive, ensuring smooth operations.

Benefits for Legal Firms:

  1. Personalized IT Strategy: The dedicated account management ensures that IT strategies are tailored to the specific needs of the legal firm, enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness.
  2. Enhanced Communication and Transparency: Regular check-ins and open communication lines ensure that legal firms are always aware of their IT status and can make informed decisions.
  3. Strategic IT Planning: The customized IT roadmaps help legal firms plan for the future, ensuring their IT infrastructure can support growth and adapt to changing needs.
  4. Reduced IT-related Stress: Proactive management of IT issues means fewer disruptions, allowing legal professionals to focus more on their clients and cases.
  5. Improved IT Investment ROI: With strategic planning and regular evaluations, legal firms can ensure they are getting the most out of their IT investments, improving their return on investment.

KMT’s account management support for legal firms is designed to create a partnership that extends beyond typical technical support, providing strategic guidance and a deep understanding of the unique needs of the legal sector. This approach helps legal firms maximize their IT efficiency, security, and performance.


Secure vital legal data & confidential client records from cyber threats.

We understand that in the legal world, the confidentiality and integrity of information are paramount. Our state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions are designed to protect your sensitive data from evolving cyber threats, ensuring your firm operates with the highest level of security. With our proactive monitoring, cutting-edge technology, and expert team, we guard your digital assets, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional legal services with peace of mind. Partner with KMT for a fortress of cybersecurity around your legal practice.

Enhanced Data Protection and Confidentiality

Legal firms deal with a vast amount of sensitive data, making data management and security a top priority. Technology project delivery often involves the implementation of secure data storage solutions, advanced encryption methods, and comprehensive data backup systems. This not only ensures the protection of client information but also aids in compliance with legal industry regulations regarding data privacy and protection.

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Reduced Risk and Enhanced Efficiency

By outsourcing cybersecurity management to experts, legal firms can mitigate the risk of cyber threats such as data breaches or ransomware attacks. This proactive approach to risk management means fewer disruptions due to IT issues, allowing lawyers and staff to focus on their core work without the added stress of managing IT security. Additionally, managed services often come with 24/7 monitoring and support, ensuring any issues are addressed promptly, further reducing downtime and maintaining operational efficiency.

Our services to protect your data centre include:

Compliance with Industry Regulations

Legal firms are subject to various regulations concerning data protection and privacy, like complying with the ACSC Essential Eight Maturity Level 2. Managed cybersecurity services are well-versed in these regulations and can ensure that the firm’s IT infrastructure complies with these legal requirements. This compliance not only avoids potential legal penalties but also reinforces the firm’s commitment to adhering to legal standards.

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KMT Managed Cyber Security Services for law firms
KMT Data Protection for Law firms


Achieve a Streamlined Environment through Our Expert Services.

Our unique approach to technology project delivery focuses on creating solutions that seamlessly integrate with your firm’s unique workflow and legal practices. We understand the critical importance of confidentiality, compliance, and efficiency in the legal sector. Our team of experts works closely with you to ensure that every tech initiative – from implementing advanced case management systems to upgrading secure communication networks – is executed flawlessly, enhancing your firm’s operational effectiveness and client service.

Cloud Infrastructure & Migrations

Cloud infrastructure for legal firms means Enhanced Accessibility and Collaboration. Cloud technology allows lawyers and staff to access files and applications from anywhere, at any time, enabling flexible work arrangements and ensuring continuity of work regardless of location. This accessibility is particularly beneficial for legal firms where time-sensitive matters and the need for quick collaboration on documents and case files are common. With cloud infrastructure, teams can work on the same documents simultaneously, share information securely, and communicate more effectively, leading to improved efficiency and responsiveness in client service. This level of agility and collaboration, facilitated by the cloud, can significantly enhance a legal firm’s ability to serve its clients effectively in a dynamic legal environment.

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Improved Client Communication and Collaboration

Unified communications for legal firms means Improved Client Communication and Collaboration. This technology integrates various communication tools—such as email, instant messaging, voice and video conferencing, and file sharing—into a single, cohesive platform. For legal professionals, this means streamlined communication with clients and colleagues, enabling more efficient case discussions, quicker decision-making, and enhanced ability to respond promptly to client needs. This level of seamless communication can significantly improve client satisfaction and foster stronger client-lawyer relationships, which are crucial in the legal sector.

Our communications solutions include:

Microsoft Modern Workplace

A Microsoft Modern Workplace can significantly benefit legal firms in numerous ways:

  1. Enhanced Productivity: Microsoft’s suite, including Microsoft 365, offers robust applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams. These foster collaboration and efficiency in document handling, sharing, and editing, crucial for legal work.
  2. Remote Work Enablement: Microsoft Teams provides a unified platform for video conferencing, instant messaging, file sharing, and project management, essential for legal firms adapting to flexible work arrangements and maintaining constant communication.
  3. Cost Savings: The subscription-based nature of Microsoft Modern Workplace solutions reduces upfront software and infrastructure costs. Legal firms can manage budgets more effectively with this model.
  4. Data Security: Given the sensitive nature of legal data, Microsoft’s strong focus on cybersecurity ensures secure storage and sharing of information, aligning with the confidentiality needs of legal firms.
  5. Cloud Collaboration: Azure offers scalable infrastructure and data storage, which legal firms can utilize for hosting applications and databases, reducing the need for extensive on-premises hardware.
  6. Real-time Collaboration: Microsoft 365’s real-time collaboration features allow multiple users to work on documents simultaneously, a boon for case preparation and document review in legal settings.
  7. Centralized Data Management: Tools like SharePoint and OneDrive help legal firms centralize data storage and access, streamlining document management and enhancing information security.
  8. Compliance and Reporting: Legal firms face stringent regulatory requirements. Microsoft solutions support compliance with standards like GDPR, offering built-in compliance and audit tools.
  9. Client Relationship Management: Microsoft Dynamics 365 can aid in managing client relationships and tracking cases, improving client service and operational efficiency.
  10. Analytics and Insights: Power BI provides analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling legal firms to derive insights from data for informed decision-making.
  11. Accessibility: Microsoft’s commitment to accessibility ensures that its software and services are inclusive, important for legal firms aiming to provide equitable services.
  12. Training and Support: Microsoft’s extensive training resources and support assist legal firms in maximizing the value of their Microsoft Modern Workplace.

In summary, a Microsoft Modern Workplace can help legal firms boost productivity, enhance communication, strengthen data security, and comply with regulations, empowering them to focus more effectively on their legal practice and client service.

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Our Services

Kaine Mathrick Tech adopts a cyber-first strategy in our Managed Services, encompassing IT Support, Cloud, Digital, and Business Outcome Services. Our specialists are dedicated to enhancing your technological landscape by boosting organizational efficiency, cutting operating costs, and advancing digital capabilities. We leverage our profound industry knowledge, expertise, and a suite of accelerators and assets to facilitate game changing experiences, ensuring long-lasting and impactful results for your business.

KMT's Proven Track Record: Supporting Legal Clients with Game Changing Technology

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What KMT clients say about our Managed IT Support for Legal Firms

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5 Stars

“We started working with KMTech 12-months ago. In this time, KMTech have demonstrated a commitment to addressing issues promptly and finding effective solutions. A standout going from our previous IT provider to KMTech was the level of support from their team. We have a dedicated account manager and a 6-monthly strategic business review meeting.  KMTech took the time to understand Law Squared as a business and has really supported us on building out our IT strategy.”


5 Stars

“The SharePoint system, expertly crafted by KMT, has revolutionised how we access and utilise documents, allowing multiple users to interact with data simultaneously, driving efficiency and productivity. The user-friendly set-up has also greatly enhanced our day-to-day work processes.  This in-depth exploration has equipped our entire firm with the knowledge and tools necessary to establish a cutting-edge cybersecurity infrastructure”


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5 Stars

“We have been working with KMT for a number of years now and find them to be most responsive to our needs. They often assist with working with other ICT providers and have been eager to assist in IT architectural reviews. They not only provide assistance on a day to day basis, but have been instrumental in bringing to our attention compliance and risk mitigation factors to ensure the safety of our data.”


Frequently asked questions about IT support for solicitors

How our Legal Firm Ensure Maximum Cybersecurity?

Legal firms handle sensitive client information, making them prime targets for cyberattacks. They need to know how the technology in use will protect against data breaches, ransomware, and other cyber threats. This includes questions about firewalls, encryption, secure access controls, and the provider’s response strategies for potential security incidents.

Does the Technology Comply with Legal Industry Regulations?

Compliance with legal and regulatory standards is paramount for legal firms. They often inquire about how technology solutions adhere to industry-specific regulations like client confidentiality rules, data retention policies, and privacy laws. Understanding how tech solutions help in maintaining compliance with standards such as ACSC Essential Eight.

ACSC Essential Eight Maturity Level 2

How Will Technology Improve Our Operational Efficiency?

Legal firms are interested in how technology can streamline their operations, improve client communication, and manage case files more effectively. They often ask about the integration of practice management software, document management systems, and how technology can enhance collaboration and productivity within the firm. The goal is to understand how tech solutions can save time, reduce costs, and ultimately lead to better client service.

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