Superior IT services for medical practices

In the fast-evolving landscape of healthcare, where the safeguarding of patient data and the seamless operation of critical systems are paramount, welcome to a new era of IT excellence tailored specifically for medical practices and the healthcare industry. Our Cyber-First Managed IT Services represent a groundbreaking approach, putting cybersecurity at the forefront of your technology infrastructure. With a profound understanding of the unique challenges and compliance requirements in healthcare, we offer comprehensive solutions that not only keep your systems running smoothly but also shield your sensitive patient information from ever-evolving cyber threats. Join us on this journey to a more secure and efficient healthcare technology landscape, where your focus remains on delivering top-notch care while we handle the rest with uncompromising cyber-first IT services.

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Creating the Most Secure and Modern Healthcare Workplaces with a 'Cyber-First' Approach

With superior technology solutions and leading-edge cyber security , it’s no wonder why healthcare businesses choose Kaine Mathrick Tech.

Our IT support services provide you with the right advice, products, and support to maintain a high-performance IT environment for your medical practice.  Our Medical IT services will ensure that your computers and servers meet the RACGP computer security standards.

Our services are not limited to IT support, cloud infrastructure management, cyber security, regular backups, Office 365 and ransomware protection.  We will provide you with full account management with quarterly strategic reviews to maintain a high-performance IT environment. We are a full service IT company.  We can become your outsourced IT department or partner with your in-house team.


Simplify your IT Support

Empower your healthcare teams to maximise productivity by permanently addressing recurring IT challenges and swiftly resolving any other IT issues. We pride ourselves on being just as supportive to your staff as you are to your patients, enabling your teams to concentrate on high-priority, strategic tasks.

End-users IT Support

From the very beginning, our team becomes an integral part of yours. You’ll have a dedicated IT help desk team at your service, focused on handling all end-user IT support requests. This approach not only enhances productivity and efficiency but also minimises downtime for your medical practice.

Our offerings include:

  • Around-the-clock monitoring of computer systems.
  • Technical support to address any IT-related issues.
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance to proactively maintain system health.
  • Rapid response to critical alerts even after regular business hours.

With our support, your medical facility can operate smoothly and ensure uninterrupted patient care.

Technology Support for Project Sites

We recognize that healthcare facilities often manage operations across various locations, and these sites can undergo frequent changes. To ensure the smooth functioning of your medical facilities, it’s crucial to establish effective communication, streamline workflows, and facilitate collaboration among staff and suppliers. Our dedicated team specialises in seamlessly onboarding your users and sites to swiftly set them up for success.

Our services encompass:

    • Swift onboarding and offboarding processes for individuals.
    • Providing the necessary hardware for both individuals and sites.
    • Simplifying the procurement of hardware, making it hassle-free for your medical facility.

Proactive Monitoring and Management

Our managed IT service will look after your resources such as your devices, applications, storage systems, networks, SaaS, centralised application deployment and more.  Our service monitors and manages your IT infrastructure around the clock.  We proactively manage systems, apply appropriate patching and alert you in advance to any potential issues.

  • 24/7 IT monitoring of computers
  • Managed anti-virus software
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance
  • Backup Monitoring and Management
  • Microsoft Windows Patch management & reporting

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Superior IT services for medical practices
Superior IT services for medical practices


Safeguard Your Crucial Medical Data and Confidential Patient Records from Cyber Threats

Proactively safeguard your medical practice against cyber threats by integrating comprehensive cyber protection into your managed IT services. Our Managed Cyber Security Services are specifically designed for the healthcare sector, providing multiple layers of defence against cyberattacks, backed by round-the-clock support.

Secure Workplace: Safeguarding Your End Users

Our Secure Workspace solutions are designed to offer robust protection for your end users, ensuring they remain shielded from potential threats, including ransomware. Our secure workspace solutions are your frontline defence, safeguarding your devices, thwarting internet threats, and providing added protection against Business Email Compromise (BEC) – all essential safeguards for the medical sector.

Services include:

Secure Data Centres

Businesses have a responsibility to their clients to protect their critical assets.  Whether it is protecting the brand, intellectual capital customer information or providing controls for critical infrastructure, the means for incident detection and response to protecting organizational interests have three common elements: people, processes, and technology.

Our services to protect your data centre include:

Network Security

Our cybersecurity solutions are meticulously crafted to safeguard your medical practice, guaranteeing the utmost protection for your network. Network security plays a pivotal role in shielding your network and data from cyber threats, breaches, and intrusions. This comprehensive approach extends to safeguarding both your hardware and medical software, as well as establishing rules, configurations, and processes that govern network access and overall threat prevention.

We are committed to fortifying your network security across three crucial levels:

  1. Hardware Security
  2. Software Security
  3. Cloud Services Security

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Empower your flexible workforce with our professional services

Enhancing productivity remains a perpetual and pressing concern for medical organisations in Australia, presenting both a priority and a formidable challenge. In the face of increasingly stringent demands within healthcare settings, the adoption of appropriate technology can significantly boost productivity, enhance safety measures, and streamline overall site operations.

Medical organisations must keep pace with rapid innovation, all while managing their resources efficiently and maintaining a secure and seamless operational environment. To foster collaborative innovation, it is imperative for healthcare entities to implement a robust strategy that accelerates work processes. In this endeavour, our team is well-equipped to provide assistance and support.

Modern workplace Experience

The healthcare workplace has undergone significant transformation, accompanied by shifting employee expectations. This evolution has compelled medical institutions to provide digital-centric and interconnected experiences to boost efficiency and retain valuable staff. Our Hybrid Modern Workplace solutions are tailored to guarantee that your technology aligns with the needs of your healthcare practice, delivering the following benefits:

  • Augment Productivity
  • Optimise Scheduling
  • Elevate Safety Standards

Cloud Computing & Efficient Networks

Healthcare organisations face the challenge of rapidly developing and delivering innovation while accommodating a mobile workforce. Cloud technology plays a pivotal role in enabling this transformation. In today’s healthcare landscape, it’s imperative for medical institutions to efficiently store critical data, scale applications, and facilitate seamless information sharing and file transfer across diverse locations.

Cloud computing opens doors for organizations to harness modern technologies like computer virtualization and global internet connectivity. Our cloud migration services are designed to:

  1. Enhance Business Continuity
  2. Reduce Upfront Capital Expenditure
  3. Lower Ongoing Costs
  4. Facilitate Efficient and Productive Remote and Hybrid Work Environments
  5. Ensure Smooth Application Operations
  6. Enable Fast File Uploads and Data Sharing

Our cloud and network solutions include:

Unified Communications & VoIP

We recognise that overseeing healthcare projects across multiple locations entails handling a higher volume of calls. Ensuring efficient and seamless communication is paramount, especially as more projects are incorporated into the schedule and additional team members come on board. To cater to these needs, a flexible and scalable phone system becomes essential. Our comprehensive communications solutions encompass:

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Superior IT services for medical practices
Superior IT services for medical practices


Scheduled and Proactive Data Backups for Medical Facilities

Can you confidently recover essential patient and employee information in the event of system loss, theft, or damage to your computers, mobile devices, or storage systems? Now, more than ever, maintaining regular, tested, and secure backups is of utmost importance.

By optimising your cloud services, internet connectivity, and network security, we can tailor a customised solution that safeguards your medical practice with a robust data recovery strategy.

Our cloud-based service encompasses:

Thorough Data Backups

In the healthcare industry, meticulous backups are paramount. The absence of critical data can result in extended periods of downtime, which can translate into substantial financial losses. To avoid these potential setbacks, a robust backup solution is a necessity. Our comprehensive cyber solution encompasses secure and dependable data backup services, safeguarding your applications and systems with the utmost reliability.

Data Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

In the medical industry, Data Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a crucial component. It involves the replication of your vital business systems and data to facilitate seamless data retrieval in the event of an unforeseen incident or emergency. Ensuring the continuity and accessibility of your healthcare data is our priority.


High-Quality IT Service Management (ITSM) to Foster Growth

In the healthcare industry, the upcoming year will necessitate businesses and IT teams to tackle the demands of swift digital transformation. Embracing emerging challenges and opportunities, such as hyper-automation, hybrid experiences, distributed environments, and the proliferation of data, will be imperative.

To successfully navigate this journey, it is prudent to engage a top-tier IT partner, and that’s where we come in. Our array of services comprises:

Technology Strategy Services Tailored for the Medical Field

Transform your healthcare operations with IT strategies that align seamlessly, technology solutions that function seamlessly, and expert project management. Our IT consulting services and project delivery teams are committed to assisting you, whether your needs range from acquiring new laptops to formulating a comprehensive IT strategy or implementing a cutting-edge cloud platform.

Count on us to help you effectively manage:

  • Installations and Upgrades
  • Virtualisation
  • Infrastructure Designs
  • Networks and Cabling
  • Technology Audits
  • Office 365 Integration
  • Office Relocations

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Account Management

Our dedicated Account Manager will collaborate closely with your medical institution, offering continual strategic guidance and counsel while serving as the sole point of contact for your technology needs. They will maintain regular meetings and aid in:

  • Conducting routine strategic business reviews to craft a robust IT roadmap, guiding your strategy and budgeting efforts.
  • Performing comprehensive Infrastructure Audits to provide valuable insights into your infrastructure, including aging hardware.
  • Serving as an escalation point between projects and your IT support team whenever necessary.

Customer Service Team

Our customer experience team serves as the first point of contact. When you reach out to us, they will evaluate your IT support request, effectively triage the query, and ensure it’s assigned to the most appropriate IT support technician. This meticulous process ensures that your healthcare technology issues are addressed by the right specialist from the outset, leading to swift and efficient issue resolution.

Superior IT services for medical practices

More than just a Managed Services Provider

We understand that selecting a business partner entails more than just receiving a solution and quality service. It involves aligning with values that encompass community engagement, a commitment to contemporary concerns like diversity and inclusion, and adherence to corporate compliance.

Here is why we are Changing the Game of Managed Services:

We love to give back

We contribute financial support to a carefully chosen group of non-profit organisations dedicated to driving positive change in critical areas, including but not limited to addressing food insecurity, improving healthcare, and promoting digital inclusion.

Diversity & Inclusion

At KMT, it’s essential for us to wholeheartedly embrace diversity. We are unwaveringly dedicated to incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion into the very fabric of our corporate culture.

Corporate Governance

ISO27001 certification +ISO 9001 certification

KMT is certified for ISO 27001 certification which represents an Information Security Management System (ISMS), a systematic strategy for managing risk that encompasses measures addressing the core pillars of information security: individuals, procedures, and technology.

We already work with some exceptionally talented Medical providers that entrust us with their technology

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Learn more about how healthcare organisations created operational efficiencies and exceptional employee experiences with Kaine Mathrick Tech.

What makes KMT the best choice for Medical IT

People and Relationships First KMT icon
People first

Our central focus is caring for you and meeting your business needs.

Dedicated support
Personalised service

Unique healthcare businesses warrant unique IT support.

Australian owned MSP
An Australian business

Owned by Australians and operated by locals, our business understands you, your business and the prevailing commercial environment.

Managed Services Partnership
Integrated Teams

KMT IT specialists work hand in glove with your staff, surmounting challenges together.

Human technology
The very best

We excel at anticipating problems and resolving them before they can hurt your business.

Our team will evaluate your healthcare business to determine the right managed IT services plan for you

Health IT support through Kaine Mathrick Tech

The KMT approach to Health Care and Medical Practices

The healthcare sector understands the critical importance of tailoring solutions to individual circumstances. At KMT, we specialise in providing medical IT support that caters to the unique needs of each healthcare business. Our cyber-first approach ensures that we work closely with your team to address all your healthcare IT concerns promptly and efficiently.

KMT is proud to be one of Australia’s fastest-growing technology companies. We have established partnerships with over 100 Australian healthcare organisations and have extended our services nationwide.

IT services for medical providers

See what our other Medical & Health Care clients have to say

5 Stars

“The Board members are appreciative of all the hard work that KMT have done and are doing.   Since I took my post on the board, I have seen KMT grow and mature and the level of professionalism we have experienced along with the strategic advice has been great.  A big thank you to KMT for the amazing work.”


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5 Stars

“We have worked with KMT for a number of years.  They are a true technology partner and they are most responsive to our needs.  They often assist with working with other ICT providers and have been eager to assist in IT architectural reviews. They not only provide assistance on a day-to-day basis but have been instrumental in bringing to our attention compliance and risk mitigation factors to ensure the safety of our data.”


5 Stars

“Yesterday, I had an issue with Citrix and Trakcare access, so I contacted the Helpdesk (KMT). Michael Z promptly restored my Citrix access, but we later discovered my Trakcare account was inactive. Despite a missed call, they followed up via email, and Ryan C successfully restored my Trakcare account. I’m delighted with the support from our new Helpdesk (KMT) team. Thanks for the efficient assistance!”​

Huyen Lieu​

Kaine Mathrick Tech Partners

We are proud to be trained and recognised in a number of accreditations and partner with the world’s leading technology companies.

The most secure & efficient workplace experiences are created with KMT.

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Frequently asked questions about Medical IT

What are the chief IT issues facing the healthcare industry?

Healthcare businesses face multiple challenges including:

  • Cyber attacks undermining function and data confidentiality
  • Sluggish performance speeds due to outdated hardware and software
  • Suboptimal communication and collaboration processes
  • Deficient data redundancy
  • Downtime from malfunctioning systems and equipment
Do you tailor support for healthcare businesses?

We do this for every single one of our clients. When we onboard a client the first thing we organise is a business audit to understand their strengths and risks. We then implement a tailored IT service strategy to ensure your business is as safe and effective as it can be. Whether you require boutique dental IT support or large-scale hospital IT services, KMT can help.

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Will KMT make our healthcare business more efficient?

It is vital that a healthcare business always has functioning and secure IT assets. With the proper service strategy most problems can be avoided and downtime can be virtually eliminated.

Get comprehensive IT support for healthcare businesses