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June Edition I KMT’s IT Support Evolution Begins

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Kaseya ransomware attack updates: Your questions answered

NEWS ALERT:  Ransomware attack affects over 300 Australian Businesses  

Kaseya a common IT management software used globally by Managed IT Service providers (MSPs) or technology partners has been a victim of a cyber attack.  At least 300 customers from 5 Australian-based MSPs were affected by the attack which hit a number of Kaseya’s on-premise customers with ransomware.   

KMT hits 1000 followers on LinkedIn platform 2021

KMT hits 1000 followers on LinkedIn

We are excited to share that Kaine Mathrick Tech recently hit the 1,000+ follower mark on our LinkedIn company page. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who has followed and engaged with our brand, likes our posts, and shares our content. We really appreciate your support and enjoy connecting with you.

What is Teams Calling and how does it work

What is a Cloud-Based Phone System and how does it work?

What is a Cloud-Based Phone System? A cloud phone is a phone system for businesses that allows you to make calls over the internet instead of traditional telephone lines.   A cloud phone can be used with a number of devices such as smartphones, VoIP-enabled phones, or a headset. A cloud-based phone system delivers business-grade call features while removing the requirement to purchase and maintain PBX hardware.  As there is no central hardware in a cloud-based phone system, phones can be connected at any location and unified into a company-wide phone service such as Teams Calling Cloud Telephony.   All you need is adequate internet access and all telephony and data can be delivered to your team anywhere, any time. Read more about... View Article

Teams Calling Australia

Pros and Cons of Cloud-Based Phone Systems

What are the Pros and Cons of a Cloud-Based Phone System? Our in-depth breakdown of the pros and cons of a cloud-based phone system should help you make the right decision for your business. Workplaces are evolving, and businesses that don’t keep pace run the risk of significant impacts on productivity and profitability.   Nowadays, end-users expect to be able to meet, call, conference, collaborate and message from a single application. Businesses desire increased productivity despite the new complexities introduced by hybrid working conditions. As businesses change and grow, the requirement to be able to adapt and scale systems and processes to suit their needs becomes a necessity.  Traditional on-premise phone systems are more difficult to scale due to higher setup... View Article

Why all small businesses should Consider Using a Business Phone System in Cloud

15 reasons why moving to a cloud-based phone system is a no brainer for Australian businesses

Top 16 reasons switching to a cloud-based phone system should be in your technology roadmap in 2021 For businesses to run effectively, reliable and seamless communication is vital.  With conventional PBX phone systems gradually taking a back seat, virtual phone systems or cloud phone systems are now gaining more popularity.   Also known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or Internet Calling, a cloud-based phone system does not rely on legacy technology like on-premise hardware.   All you need is an internet connection. Understand more about how a cloud-based phone system works. Why Should You Consider Using a Business Phone System in Cloud? With all the features it has to offer, let’s have a look at some reasons why you should think... View Article

Our IT Service Desk is Changing the Game

Our clients are everything to us at KMT and we will always be driven by a desire to deliver the best IT Support to you.  We are always listening to your feedback and working to improve our processes to best serve your needs.

KMT Download May 2021 Edition

May Edition I Awards, New Staff & Lockdown 4.0

May was a busy month for the team at KMT as we continue to work with our clients to shift their technology to support their changing business requirements.


Kaine Mathrick Tech One of the Top Managed IT Services Providers in 2021

With more than 11 years of experience in Managed IT Services, strategy, and IT project managed and cyber security, over 40 in-house engineers, and high-profile Australian clients to boot, is it hardly surprising that Kaine Mathrick Tech is one of the managed IT services companies?

Cyber Crime costs to Australian SMBs in 2021

Australian Businesses are being targeted by cyber attacks now more than ever in 2021

It is becoming very hard to ignore the frequency small and medium Australian businesses are being targeted with cyber-attacks,  ACSC concluded that 62% of SMBs have reported that they experienced…

KMT Download April Edition 2021

April Edition I Collaborate Securely

March was a busy month for the team at KMT as we continue to work with our clients to shift their technology to support their changing business requirements.

KMT Michael Rama with his team at GIRI coffee

KMTs Michael Rama starts GIRI coffee in Indonesia

Michael Rama recently partnered up with his sister and two friends to start a coffee outlet back home in Indonesia. His motivation behind the startup was to support his family and the local community.

Our Cyber Security Managed Services will protect your business from a cyber attack affordably

Top 10 cyber security statistics and trends for 2021

Cyber threats are now the new norm across private and public sectors and continue to grow in 2021. Australians lost more than $634 million to scams in 2019 alone. Estimates indicate the annual cost to be as high as $29 billion.

IT Support desk KPIs, Melbourne MSP

March Edition I Meshing Cyber

March was a busy month for the team at KMT as we continue to work with our clients to shift their technology to support their changing business requirements.

Technical Resources & eBooks

Technical Resources

Here are some of the technical resources we have collected we thought you may find interesting:   2021-gartner-top-strategic-technology-trends-ebook

Tech team

How an MSP can help your SMB drive innovation & save money

Understand the top 6 most common problems solved by Managed IT Service Provider (MSP)

IT Support Desk Update

COVID strikes again in Feb, but nothing keeps our IT Support team down!

Snap lockdown in Melbourne increases our IT support tickets by 13%. Launch of our new Teams Calling – Cloud Phone System. CSAT score a solid 94%.

Hacker typing on keyboard

What is Malware? How to Detect and Prevent an Attack

The first half of 2020 recorded more cyber intrusions than all of 2019. Learn how to detect and prevent malicious malware attacks.

Cloudtango MSP50 2021

Kaine Mathrick Tech secures a Top Ranking in 2021 MSP Awards Cloudtango

Kaine Mathrick Tech in the top 10 Australian MSP’s according to Cloudtango

Careers at KMT

We’re Hiring!!!

We’re Hiring at KMT

Team at the 2020 Christmas party

Celebrating our employees of the year 2020

Huge congratulations to Steve and James, our Employees of the year 2020. On Friday 11th December, everyone at Kaine Mathrick Tech came together to celebrate the year that was. For many, it was the first time they had seen their teammates in over 6 months due to the government

Great Place to Work Certificate

KMT Earned Designation as a Great Place to Work-Certified™ Company

Kaine Mathrick Tech, an award-winning Managed IT Service and Cyber Security provider, today announced that it is Great Place to Work-Certified™

Why all small businesses should Consider Using a Business Phone System in Cloud

Transform the way you work with Teams Calling

Managed IT and communications provider KMT has announced the launch of its new cloud-based unified communications solution, Teams Calling.

Teams Calling

Best phone systems for small business 2021

Today’s communication systems are unified and give employees the flexibility to communicate with each other and with customers via phone, text and video. Find out more about the best business phone solutions in 2021.

CRN Fast 50 2020

KMT ranked in the 2020 CRN Fast50 Awards!

It’s with great pride and excitement that we announce we have been recoginised in the CRN Fast 50 2020 for the 3rd time.  As a result, KMT is one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Australia.

cyber security padlock on tablet

The 5 Types of Business Email Compromise

Business Email Compromise is a deceitful cyber attack, involving hackers employing social engineering tactics, for financial gain.

Man typing on computer cyber security

What is Phishing? How to recognise and avoid an attack

Phishing is a social engineering cyber attack, in which a target is contacted by an imposter, in an attempt to obtain sensitive information. Learn how to recognise and avoid a phishing scam.

Masked ransomware hacker

What is Ransomware? And how to safeguard against it.

Ransomware is a malware program that encrypts and locks the files on a victim’s computer. Learn how to best protect your business from an attack.

Cyber Security Framework

What is the Cyber Security Framework – NIST?

The cyber landscape is constantly evolving. A proactive and dynamic Cyber Security Framework is therefore integral for risk mitigation.

Cyber Security; pad lock on computer

What is Cyber Security? A Guide for Australian Small to Medium Business.

Cyber Security is the protection of your IT systems and is critical for small to medium businesses in this evolving cyber landscape.

IT Support Team Update: August

IT Support Team Update for September 2020: On the desk with Tom

Kaine Mathrick Tech continues to thrive in lockdown. September saw an increased MSP CSAT score, a new team member, and a croquembouche!

crn impact awards

KMT named finalist in the CRN Impact Awards 2020

CRN Impact 2020 announces another award for Kaine Mathrick Tech securing a finalist position in the CRN Impact awards – Modernising Infrastructure category.

KM Tech_Branding_Pattern_Digital_71ppi_Midnight

Kaine Mathrick Tech officially launches new brand to Partners

View our brand launch presentation delivered by Scott Mathrick Co-Founder KMT

km tech

Kaine Mathrick Tech expands its technology services

KMT launches a new company brand and expanded range of services focused on creating more efficient and secure workplace experiences. 

on the desk

IT Support Team Update for August 2020: On the desk with Tom

What a month for this Melbourne based Managed IT Service Provider. This IT Support Team update includes tickets, burgers and a brand launch!

MSP 50

KMT ranked in the top 50 MSP’s by Cloud Tango

KMT ranked in top 50 worldwide for MSP50 Cloudtango MSP awards.

KMT branding project

KMT are Changing the Game

We are changing the game so we are changing our name

Modern Workplace

Keeping Up With The Modern Workplace

The modern workplace requires collaboration.

Cyber security

Phishing Scams: All you need to know to stay safe

A good understanding of what phishing is will help you detect one in time and prevent the scam from taking place.

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