IT Support Team Update for July 2020: On the desk with Tom

IT Support Team Update: August

July was another action-packed month in Managed Services here at Kaine Mathrick Tech.

IT Support Team Update

In addition to our new starters last month, we’re very pleased to welcome Madelin Keane to the KMT Service Desk. Madelin brings with her plenty of experience in the Microsoft 365 scene. She is looking forward to deepening her technical skills in the IT Support Team. Welcome to our United and Accountable KMT team Madelin!

I would also like to welcome Allen Kim to our Monitoring team.  The addition of Allen to the team is in line with strengthening our focus and capability around our proactive monitoring.  As we head into this increasingly Cyber Security-focused IT space, it is vital to capture and process more data than ever and Allen will be assisting in this area. Welcome aboard Allen!

In further exciting news from our team, Sam Critsilis has been promoted to Level 2 Technician following his successful completion of our in-house technical testing.  Sam has been with KMT for just under 2 years. In between closing tickets and providing outstanding service to our clients, Sam has shown an impressive commitment to his studies to further his career with KMT.  Well done Mate, your hard work has paid off.  Keep changing that game!

KMT Games, IT Support Team, Working from home and staying connected.

KMT’s Support Team, staying connected while working fro home.

Staying Connected in Isolation

A big shout out to our FOMO Social Club Team, Natasha Woodward and James Costa, who have given up their time to carefully curate the KMT Games  These are a series of Friday night games via Zoom. A time when our team can relax, unwind and enjoy each other’s (virtual) company.  We’re kicking off with Pictionary and the games will culminate in a MasterChef competition. The team is really looking forward to getting involved and having some fun. Stay tuned to our Instagram for a weekly wrap up of the KMT Games!

Today was my first day back in the Port Melbourne office for some weeks. The rest of the KMT Support Team is working entirely from home now. We are now completely accustomed to our new way of working.  A huge Thank You to our Team for their efforts in supporting our clients and each other during this challenging time.

That’s it until next month. I would like to wish my colleagues, our clients and everyone all the best as we work through these next 6 weeks.  Stay safe, look after yourself and wear a mask!

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