July Edition I Keeping Connected During Lockdown

Keeping Connected During Lockdown

Hi All,

Welcome back and thanks for reading our July edition of the KMT Download.

This year and last year have been particularly challenging for many and as we enter yet another Lockdown – 6.0 for those living in Victoria, the light at the end of the tunnel may seem further away.  This got me thinking…

Many of us, including myself, have found this lockdown the straw that broke the camel’s back, the one that has pushed even the most positive of us to the brink and back again.  So…. how, in these circumstances do we stay engaged, positive, and connected?

As a leader, I have had to dig a little deeper lately and really look around me to see what I can do to not only take care of myself, but also ensure I am supporting the well-being of my team, my family and my clients.  This lead me to a few conclusions.  Some I thought I might share with you over the next few months.

Take care of each other

During periods of uncertainty, the power of human connection cannot be discounted.  There are many ways that we can maintain that connection with others in the workplace, some of these we have implemented are:

  1. Online Games Nights
  2. Morning huddles to keep teams connected
  3. Sending care packs to staff and hosting an online catch-up (see below for a discount from our partner Grape Explorations)
  4. Managers checking in on a 1-1 level
  5. Providing an EAP service for confidential support

Use Technology to your advantage

There are many cloud-based solutions to enable your teams to adapt to a hybrid way of working.  Streamlining legacy systems, taking a cloud-based approach, modernising your workplace will keep your teams connected across any location.

Watch out for cyber attacks

Cybercriminals have taken advantage of this situation, leading to an increase in cyberattacks.  The switch to working from home exposed many businesses’ vulnerability, with employees less diligent about security protocols, whilst networks and personal devices are being used in ways they weren’t designed for.

Hybrid working brings a new set of challenges for businesses and security.  It is important to encourage safe, secure ways of working and ensure our networks and devices are secured whilst constantly moving around.

Make data-driven decisions

The decisions made by you as business leaders at this time are especially important as we continue to survive in a state of flux.  It is important that your decisions are properly informed and will steer your business in the right direction.  This can be done by forming a data-driven strategy that can help you prepare for future disruption and will remove any guesswork from your decision-making process.

Give back

Research has shown that giving and cooperating with others stimulates the reward areas of the brain, helping you to develop positive feelings.  Working with others can also give us a sense of purpose and feelings of self-worth.

As an organisation, KMT is currently investigating our own version of this and will be assessing and contacting a number of not-for-profit causes that we will assess to become our long-term social purpose partner.

We are already heavily involved in charitable giving.  We are looking for a long-term commitment and partnership to a charitable purpose that will be woven into the fabric of our culture.  We intend to make intentional decisions day to day that supports our social purpose and encode these purpose-driven practices into our processes so the company is aligned from the frontline to the C-Suite.

If you have any suggestions, or you are involved in a suitable cause, please submit your suggestion to [email protected]


A slightly different update for you all to download this month!  But I would like to extend to all of you if you have any questions or would like to have a chat about anything related to the above, myself and the KMT team are here – don’t be a stranger and stay safe!


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your Account Manager or me for a strategy session.

Much love,
Bradley Kaine
Managing Director – KMT


Staying connected during uncertain times

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Our Journey - Best Workplaces of 2021

Ranked 11th Best Workplace in Australia!

We are beyond thrilled to announce that Kaine Mathrick Tech has been recognised as Australia’s Best Workplace 2021 awarded by Great Place to Work.

This is a badge of honor that validates the employee experience we have created for our people and the great workplace culture we have built.  A Great Place to Work recognises businesses that are pushing the boundaries when it comes to workplace practices.

KMT believes if we create exceptional experiences for our team, our clients will create an exceptional experience for our clients.

Grape Explorations Melbourne

Our Staff Care Kits come from Grape Explorations!

Save 10% with our code KMT10!

We love supporting local and they certainly need every help they can get at the moment!

So our monthly spotlight goes to Grape Explorations Australia who normally provides “Relaxed, casual and sophisticated group wine region tours of The Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley and surrounds”

During lockdowns Michael and the crew are offering delivered wine and food care packs for our contacts for 10% off – use the code KMT10 on checkout!

Elevate and Celebrate Luncheon Series

Elevate & Celebrate Luncheon Series

Our new Elevate & Celebrate event series are a dynamic and productive series of networking events designed to help our clients network and grow their businesses through referrals and business opportunities.  We are hosting the first of these in June.  If you are interested in attending one of our events, please express your interest.


Customer Feedback

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Careers & Culture

Keeping our teams #United with our monthly FOMO events

Our teams took to the race track in our latest monthly FOMO event.  The team had a fantastic night with a healthy level of competition.

Our workplace is more of a home away from home than an office.  We believe if we create a great culture focusing on internal service excellence, we will deliver exceptional service to our customers.

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Article Name
June Edition I KMT's IT Support Evolution Begins
KMT monthly newsletter developed for all Australian businesses interested in a non-technical update on what is happening with technology that enables business growth and innovation. We call it the KMT-Download
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Kaine Mathrick Tech
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