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KMT branding project

KMT Group has changed the game of Managed Services over the past ten years and, that’s why we’re changing our name. 

Meet the new Kaine Mathrick Tech or simply KMT.

KMT Group was created back in 2010 by two mates Bradley Kaine and Scott Mathrick with a simple idea: to change the game of managed services.  The dream was to create a new kind of technology partner with genuine experience and partnership-first culture focused on doing what is right – putting people and relationships first.

To us at KMT, change the game means creating the best possible experience for every customer, solving the problem, not just tickets. Over the past ten years, we have expanded this idea and now offer a growing range of services that work together to improve workplace efficiencies and security. But we think we can do more.

KMT has grown, we have more people, more services and provide technology services and IT support to over 100 happy Australian businesses across many industries. We realised that we worked our way to the next level and hence will be adjusting our style a little.



Our brand redesign reflects the company’s evolution beyond IT support to a true technology partner putting our people and customers at the centre of everything we do. The new KMT is brighter, has more colours with individual service identities and a dynamic and modern logomark. We have also expanded our language to focus on relationships, not just technology.

Our new logomark symbolises PARTNERSHIP. The K and M are connected by a continuous line and support each other, symbolic of the fact that at the core of our brand – we value partnerships-first.

Lastly, we have retired ‘Group’ as we felt that our value and partner-centric attitude meant we needed to celebrate the people behind the name. Hence we are now known as Kaine Mathrick Tech or simply KMT. Introducing our founder’s names in the name – Kaine and Mathrick – reflects the human face of KMT.

We know we don’t have all the answers, and we have a long journey ahead of us, but we are committed to changing the game – always.

About Kaine Mathrick Tech

Kaine Mathrick Tech is a partner-centric Managed Service Provider that provides quality IT strategy and consulting, effective infrastructure solutions, cybersecurity services, supported by exceptional customer service to promote more secure and efficient workplace experiences.

Working with small and medium-sized businesses, we believe that exceptional employee experiences via an efficient workplace and seamless customer experiences should be within reach of every Australian business.

KMT services more than 100 customers across various industriesKMT is based in Melbourne and operates Australia wide.  Learn more about us.


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