Kaine Mathrick Tech adopts EOS & Why

KMT implements EOS

14th February 2020: The Leadership team at Kaine Mathrick Tech (KMT) recently kicked off implementation of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) using a Professional EOS Implementer Dan Williams at Core Traction High Purpose Teams

I first came across EOS upon meeting Dan back in 2018 while attending the ARN Edge conference. That year, my fellow founder Scott Mathrick and I attended several conferences which, looking back, was the beginning of our transformation growth journey. Back in 2010, Scott and I had a vision to start a technology business that challenged the status quo and did things differently.  At a time when technology companies had a dubious reputation for treating their staff and customers badly, we wanted to start a business that put people and relationships first. This is where Kaine Mathrick Tech Group was borne. 

From day one, we were very clear about what we wanted to deliver, who our clients should be, and our vision.  In the early days, KMT (as it was known then) was just the two of us working out of our homes, we kept each other motivated and strategically we knew where we wanted to be.  Slowly as we grew our client base, we began to build out our team and today we have a staff of 32 girls and guys who really are dedicated to going the extra mile in everything they do.

Kaine Mathrick Tech has grown on average 70% year on year since we started, it’s fair to say we have been busy.  It became evident as we grew our team that our strategy, core values and our guiding vision was not as clear with the newest members of our team as it was with our founding members.  We recognised it was time to embed a robust modus operandai that would ultimately keep us accountable to our strategic agenda and also keep the team working towards the same vision.  This is where I identified that EOS would fill that void and elevate us to the next level. 

We recently undertook a 2 day workshop with Dan and it is one of the best decisions we as a business have made.  The first step involved the Leadership Team coming together to create the Vision Traction Organiser (VTO) which clearly states our Values, Vision, 10 Year, 3 Year and 1 Year plans. We also created an Accountability Chart which aligns all of the key accountability to a person or future person.  All senior members of our team were suitably impressed with the system’s clarity, specificity and the simplicity. 

Its an exiting new chapter for KMT as we are getting close to the end of our first 10 years in business. As we roll out and adopt EOS through the organisation I know that the next 10 years are going to be epic.

Thank you to Scott MathrickMatt DixonTom SolariCarla Bates and Dan Williams for an amazing kick off and thank you to all of our staff at KMT who inspire me every day.  Lastly thank you to our amazing clients, we are truly blessed to work with some great people.

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