IT Support Team Update for September 2020: On the desk with Tom

Published on: October 5th, 2020
Last edited: November 20th, 2020

IT Support Team Update: August

September saw an increased MSP CSAT score, a new team member, and a croquembouche!

MSP CSAT score, September UpdateSeptember has been and gone! We closed out the month with an increase in our MSP Customer Satisfaction score – great to see given the circumstance in Melbourne. We also had a steady 15% increase in Support tickets since last month which has kept the team busy.

At this same time, we welcome aboard Joe Chay! Joe joins our United and Accountable team with an MSP and infrastructure background. Welcome aboard mate, and thanks for jumping in the deep end. On Joe’s second week here at KMT, he was already rebuilding several servers in the background ensuring minimal impact on the customer’s environment – well done Joe.

This second lockdown in Melbourne has tested everyone’s working-from-home capabilities though it still surprised me how rapidly interviewing candidates over Microsoft Teams became the norm. If you’d asked me 12 months ago, I would have always preferred to meet candidates face to face. But here we are, we have 5 new staff that have been interviewed, onboarded, trained and welcomed into the team without ever meeting the team in person. Safe to say I look forward to the day when I can share a coffee or beer with the new members of the team.

The KMT team have also been working away on our Microsoft certifications as we keep evolving our offering. Stay tuned.

Finally, I do want to shout out to the KMT FOMO team again. We finished up our 10 weeks of Isolation games with a Dessert competition. Check out the decadence here.

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