IT Support Team Update for August 2020: On the desk with Tom

on the desk

August was not your average month for this Melbourne based Managed IT Service Provider…

This month’s IT Support Team update contains a little more than just a service desk analysis. August was full of tickets, burgers and a brand launch! That’s right, we have launched our new brand – Kaine Mathrick Tech (KMT). The rebranding journey has been an exciting one and well due after 10 years of operating as KMT Group.  Hopefully by now you have seen the Kaine Mathrick Tech brand across our socials – “THE HUMAN FACE OF TECH”. I would like to shout out to all involved in this immense process, but especially our Marketing guru Carla Bates, who worked tirelessly to get us to this point. Thank you also to our clients and our Team. We are United and Accountable, and we are here to Change the Game!

August has been another month of welcoming some new faces to Kaine Mathrick Tech. Firstly, welcome Zachary who has joined the Bravo team as a Level 1.  Zachary has a keen interest in computers and technology and has been building computers since he was 11 years old. Outside of work Zachary spends a lot of time working on expanding his knowledge of software development, digital electronics and is a keen cyclist.  Welcome to our United and Accountable team Zachary!

KMT also welcomes Josiah Galang to our team.  Josiah, Osi for short, joins Allen Kim in our NOC team.

August has been a quieter month for the Service Desk with a slight drop in overall Service Tickets. I’ve been working with the team to ensure we utilise this time well by working through housekeeping our to do list.

KMT Isolation Games, IT support team working from home, Friday night games, staying connected in lockdown

KMT’s Friday night games: staying connected in lockdown.

Keeping us company through Stage 4 has been KMT’s FOMO Social team. When Stage 4 hit, the brains behind our FOMO Team Natasha and James Costa, launched the KMT Isolation Games. The Isolation Games have brought the team together albeit virtually every Friday for a mixture of activities from a quiz night, a Team Fortress 2 competition and a KMT Masterchef Competition! These get-togethers have not only helped share our United and Accountable culture with our new team starters but also helped make these lockdown weeks fly by. And if you’re just here for the burger pics, stay tuned on our Instagram.

All in all – August has flown and I’m personally looking forward to the longer days and warmer weather. Stay safe and hopefully we have a bit more freedom the next time I sit down to write this monthly IT Support Team update. Thanks again to the KMT team, thanks to our clients and let’s Change the Game!

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