Our expertise is your success

Our IT Consultants will partner with your business to develop a robust IT strategy and road-map for your digital transformation

Digital transformation can revolutionise the way your business works, however, can be risky when choosing the right technology, services and processes if you don’t have the right expertise.

We partner with you at all stages of the project management life-cycle, from feasibility to delivery and ongoing support we work with your team towards a successful implementation across all phases of your project.

We gain a deep understanding of your business objectives to determine the right technologies and systems to meet your long term plans.

Our experts will take a good look ‘under the hood’ either remotely or on-site and review existing strategies, system and infrastructure configuration and technologies and develop a data-driven IT strategy and digital transformation roadmap.

We enable your business to move at your own pace, the IT strategy and roadmap is designed with your business goals, technology requirements and budget at the core.


Experienced IT Project Management is essential

1. Discovery & Collaboration

Our Technical Director and IT Consultant will work collaboratively with your key stakeholders to develop and identify high level project objectives and constraints. We will map your businesses processes to determine the starting point and the ‘actual state’ and gain an understanding of your growth agenda, business strategic objectives, key goals, employee and customer pain points and the role that technology in supporting your business.

2. Planning & Strategic Audit

At the Planning & Audit stage, our IT Consultant will consult with your teams and conduct a strategic IT Audit to understand your IT infrastructure or ‘IT Universe’ and risk assessments performed to ensure there is a precise understanding of business goals and culture. We will choose technology solutions and review the options with your teams encouraging a two way dialogue is always part of the project management process, as input and feedback is VITAL to the process. A project plan is developed covering schedules, details and costs so you have a clear view of what milestones are scheduled to be achieved by when.

3. Design, Recommendations & Approval

Once our technical team has understood your IT Universe or infrastructure and your strategic business goals, we will transition into the design phase of your ideal future state and digital transformation road-map. Recommendations on long term strategic objectives and budget allocations will also be made at this stage so you understand what your technology your business will need ongoing to deliver exceptional employee operating environment and drive efficiencies with processes. A comprehensive strategy will be presented to your key stakeholders with budget and resourcing requirements at each stage. Once approval is achieved, we will proceed to implementation and launch.

4. Implementation & Launch

This is where the magic happens and we begin the implementation of your new technology solution. This will involve our teams coming onsite to your offices, working with key stakeholders (if required) and preparing your business for launch. So your business does not experience downtime, cut over and migration occurs outside of business hours. During this phase, expect an increased level of communication to key stakeholders on the project health, scope, schedule and status of issues, dependencies and decisions that need to be made.

5. Ongoing management & support

Our IT Support managed service is recommended in conjunction with any IT Consulting project or Managed Security service. Have peace of mind 24/7 that our trusted experts are on hand to help for day to day management or top level support.


"Watching all of the key players come together and collaborate to achieve the coutcome was the highlight of the project"

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