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Flexible, remote working is now part of our new normal.

Cloud computing and digital transformation are on the rise enabling workplaces to become more flexible and allowing teams to work remotely.  The recent surge in working from home – due to COVID19 – means businesses need to ensure their working from home strategy is robust to ensure business continuity.

Remote working is now the norm, however, with our lockdown restrictions changing constantly and often with hours notice, employees need to be able to shift seamlessly from their office environment to their homes.  It is more important than ever to arm your teams with the tools to transition seamlessly from the office to home, and anywhere in between.

We have helped many Australian businesses to migrate their infrastructure enabling their teams to work effectively and securely remotely.  This means ensuring employees have effective remote desktops, providing access to systems, files and phone systems and can complete everyday tasks no matter where they are located.

Many of our remote desktop solutions can be deployed without us needing to be onsite.  Contact us today for more information.

Remote working solutions that help employees help themselves

Effective remote working strategies require careful planning and implementation.  From productivity, unification and collaboration tools, to business communications and IT support for your teams, KMT can help.

Enjoy greater flexibility, increased productivity and employee satisfaction with our remote desktop solutions.

Modern Workplace

Embrace your digital transformation with a modern workplace that will empower your teams to work the way they want.  Implement a full suite of Microsoft 365 technologies and productivity apps including Office 365 and Azure, the Modern Workplace is perfect for efficient remote working.

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Unified Communications

Further enhance your Microsoft Teams functionality with Teams Calling our cloud-based phone system.  Empower your teams to work productively and effectively when and where they need by enabling them to make calls, host conference calls and instant messages within the Microsoft Teams ap.

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Remote Desktop

A virtual remote desktop will enable your teams to access their work desktop including files and applications from any device with an internet connection. Businesses can save money on laptops and provide virtual desktops and even introduce effective hot desking.

Secure Remote Access

Employees are now working beyond the physical office buildings making network security-critical.  With our Mobile Device Management, the business can enforce policies to manage applications and restrictions to both personal and business-owned devices.

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Device Security

Block malicious connections, prevent malware and phishing attempts and protect your users regardless of their location and without the need to be connected via a VPN or office network.  Employee productivity can also be tracked with web usage and filtering.

Productivity & Analytics

Monitor and report on your team’s performance with call monitoring, productivity or KPI development via tools such as BI.  Trust your team to deliver on their objectives with full transparency and confidence.

Remote Working

What are the benefits of remote working?

Extending your IT infrastructure beyond the boundaries of the office will reduce your IT support burden and whilst your investment in technology will be limited, your outgoing costs will be lower.

Gartner reports that 48% of employees are reporting higher performance when they are working fully remote.  Remote workers more often go above and beyond and report higher performance.  The question is no longer whether employees can be productive when working remotely, it is what you need to provide to employees for them to be productive. (Source: 2020 Gartner Workforce Responsiveness Survey)

It is no secret that working from home or remotely can bring many benefits to your business including increased productivity, employee satisfaction and low overheads.

Why choose KMT for your Remote Working?

MSP network infrastructure

Quick Resolution Times

Our team of 50+ people are ready and willing to help you solve all of your IT support issues.

Managed Services for Australia for businesses

One team handling all IT support issues

We will handle all of your IT support needs, from the most basic of password resets through to device crashes – we have you covered.

MSP network infrastructure

Visability into your IT needs

We offer a comprehensive dashboard that breaks your team’s requests down by timeframe, type and requestor.

IT Technology Partner

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Work with a great bunch of talented IT professionals that not only know what they’re doing you will love working with them.

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Get back to your day job we will work with you to fix any ongoing issues and take care of any issues that crop up no matter what it is

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Personal approach is totally our thing

Our comprehensive onboarding is where our team works together with yours.  You will get to know your new dedicated support team you’ll get to know us as if we’re one of you.

CHC, Clarke Hopkins Clarke

“KMT provides CHC with quality IT strategy and advice to keep our systems and hardware current and operating efficiently and keeping our teams productive.  The recommendations do not change for changes’ sake.  The team takes the time to research the right solution with absolute consideration for our leasing commitments and budget.  The technology solutions provide longevity. We were tired of investing in redundant hardware and KMT took the time to research viable solutions.”


Clarke Hopkins Clarke

IT for Architects

Your Remote Working questions answered

What is the meaning of remote working?

Employees and managers now expect to be able to switch locations and schedules dynamically where it makes sense to drive productivity and engagement.  Remote work is ‘the new normal’.  A modern workplace is a flexible work arrangement that allows employees to work from a remote location outside of the formal office environment.   These days remote working is changing everything, from how we approach work-life balance to the way we are collaborating with our teams and unifying our communications.

Whilst the concept of remote working is appealing to most employees, it is clear that businesses have a task ahead of them to ensure that they can create a workspace that can be managed online securely.  Businesses are having to pivot and adapt and take into account the evolving responsibilities of socially distanced offices, staggered work schedules and advanced productivity measures.

Employers need to understand and respect the value of remote working.  From a practical standpoint, they need to understand what tools their teams need to effectively communicate, collaborate and manage their work productively.  Solutions like our modern workplace remote desktop do just that.

What technology does my business need for working remotely?

Workers globally are now working remotely due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19.  For some, the transition has been seamless, for others, the transition was harder.  KMT ensures our clients are future-proofed with technology solutions that enable flexibility and productivity.

Here are some of the most important tools and programs you need:

  • Quality Hardware:  This is an essential start, you must have quality hardware to be able to operate effectively remotely.
  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Cloud-based telephony includes video conferencing and chat platforms to stay in contact with your teams.
  • Cloud Computing and remote desktops
  • Effective Cyber Security

If your business needs advice on what technology can help you seamlessly work remotely, contact us today.

Will a hybrid workforce duplicate our IT infrastructure?

Resilient businesses will continuously re-engineer their IT strategies and infrastructure with quality IT roadmap.

A concept called “everywhere enterprise” was raised in a recent Gartner report which means going beyond enabling a workforce with mobile devices and remote access alone.

Everywhere enterprises use technology, team structures, processes, skills and tools to empower remote workforces, harness distributed IT infrastructures and serve ubiquitous customer bases.  Businesses now need to deliver consistent and secure access for all employees, regardless of where they work.

Best practices for designing the right systems for remote working are:

  1. Define requirements and establish the specifics of who needs what, including consideration for download and upload speeds.
  2. Optimising performance by deploying solutions that distribute traffic across the network and prevent backloads that may arise due to routing everything to an onsite data centre.
  3. Invest in cloud-based services.  It will be more reliable and allow your business to quickly shift capacity in response to a disruption.

Kaine Mathrick Tech Partners

We are proud to be trained and recognised in a number of accreditations and partner with the world’s leading technology companies.

The most secure & efficient workplace experiences are created with KMT.

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