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For the business who understands that securing their infrastructure and end users is critical.  A powerful managed cyber security solution that can assist you meet the ACSC Essential Eight Maturity Level 2 as a minimum.

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Real people solving complex cyber issues

The cyber security skills gap can have significant consequences for organizations and individuals. Without enough skilled cyber security professionals, organizations may be vulnerable to cyber attacks and data breaches, which can be costly and damaging.

As Australia’s only cyber-first MSSP, Kaine Mathrick Tech are committed to ensuring that all businesses can protect themselves from cyber threats. Our services provide 24x7x365 managed service, providing security that helps you achieve defined business outcomes.

Cyber security is a standard feature of our managed services so our clients can meet the ACSC Essential Eight Maturity Level 2 without the need to navigate through highly technical information.

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Best Cyber Security Solution

Our cyber security service is unique to the Australian market and was developed in house by our cyber security experts. Your organisation is always covered with our 24×7 cyber security protection.   No other provider provides the depth or breadth of protection.

Mitigate & Respond to cyber events

The only MSSP that only monitors, but RESPONDS and MITIGATES cyber threats that occur. Most providers only monitor and advise you if you have had an attack, we go one step further and respond to the incident.

A true partnership

We treat our clients as partners – Together we are better. We understand and believe in the power of putting people and relationships first.  Our comprehensive range of IT services include Modern WorkplaceCloud & Modern Data CentreHardware & Procurement

Managed Service Provider with cyber security


A comprehensive approach to managing a security through an MSSP

These days all modern workplaces are driven by technology.  It is the heart of a businesses operations.  Technology enables communication and collaboration, it empowers process efficiencies and makes it possible for businesses to interact efficiently with their customers.

However, with technology comes risk and cyber security is the number one issue facing businesses today.    Our MSSP services provide you visibility of your digital world. Have full transparency and understand malicious or anomalous activity that may occur, we will analyse, prioritise and respond to threats in rapid time.

Safeguard your data, people and processes.

Enhanced Threat Detection and Response

Our Unified Managed Security combines various security tools and technologies into a single platform, providing better visibility across your entire IT environment. This integrated approach allows for the correlation of security data and events from different sources, enabling more effective threat detection. Security analysts can quickly identify and respond to potential security incidents, as they have a centralised view of your security posture. This results in faster incident response times and improved protection against evolving threats.

Simplified Security Management

Managing security in a complex IT environment can be challenging and resource-intensive. Our MSSP streamlines security operations by centralising management tasks and policies. Instead of juggling multiple security solutions with separate consoles, there is a single interface to configure, monitor, and enforce security policies. This simplifies administration, reduces the risk of misconfigurations, and minimizes the learning curve for security personnel. It also enables consistent security policies across the entire network, ensuring uniform protection.

Cost Efficiency

Implementing and maintaining multiple standalone security solutions can be costly in terms of hardware, software licenses, and ongoing operational expenses. MSSP can help reduce costs by consolidating security tools and leveraging economies of scale. The streamlined management and automation capabilities of unified security solutions can reduce the need for extensive in-house security expertise, further lowering operational expenses.

Our cyber-first managed services include a unified cyber service


Cyber Security Protection for your end users

Our comprehensive end-to-end protection of critical systems, domains and digital assets and we provide your organisation visibility of the organizational threat landscape.

Workplace Essentials - Cyber Security for End users

Gap Analysis + Assessment

Complete cyber security audit and gap analysis to help you comply with ACSC Essential Eight and shore up inadequacies.

Secure Critical Systems

End to end protection of critical systems, domains and digital assets.  We provide visibility of the threat landscape and monitor networks, and provide rapid response to cyber attacks.

Continuous Improvement

We understand that security threats evolve daily and organisations must be kept up to date and abreast so they are protected.  Our Managed Security Service is always up to date.

Risk & Compliance

Our Cyber protection will help you deal with the governance issues around risk and compliance.  We can help reduce the time and cost of managing compliance.

Endpoint Detection + Response

Managed EDR solutions are used to detect and assess any suspicious activity on the network endpoints.

“In our business, we’ve experimented with both outsourcing the upkeep of our digital systems and attempting to handle it in-house. What we’ve discovered is that, given our business’s size, it’s challenging to justify hiring a dedicated staff member for this specific role or burdening someone who already has a heavy workload. Additionally, our past experiences with external contractors weren’t very positive in terms of responsiveness and customer focus.

KMT has been a valuable partner for our business, providing us with a highly responsive and professional team dedicated to relieving us of this burden.”

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Proactive defence of your IT Infrastructure

Our comprehensive market-leading cyber security expertise delivered as a service, will enhance and protect the full breadth of your organisation’s digital assets so you can achieve tangible business outcomes.
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Keeping up with the latest cyber security strategies can help identify and swiftly take action against potential threats and attacks. By implementing proactive security practices, you can safeguard your business from cyber threats.


Keeping up with the latest cyber security strategies can help identify and swiftly take action against potential threats and attacks. By implementing proactive security practices, you can safeguard your small business from cyber threats.


Implementing strategic measures and efficient response protocols to promptly contain, review, and address cyber security occurrences.


Implementing the proper crisis management and incident response systems can quickly assist in assessing, containing, and remediating cyber security incidents.

Continuous Improvement

To keep up with changing threats and bolster your cyber readiness, we must execute a strategic security program that constantly assesses and enhances your cyber protection.

What is an Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)?

MSSP stands for Managed Security Service Provider, providing security services such as monitoring, risk assessments, patch management, and a more proactive cyber-first approach.

The goal of an MSSP is to provide organisations with the assurance that their information systems are secure at all times.

The top 5 qualities to look for in an MSSP are:

  • Certifications and training clearances
  • Can provide a clear incident response process
  • Offer report on cyber-risk management action
  • Positive quality testimonials
  • Use quality technology stacks and services

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