Lets Connect on Socials!

We take our Social Media presence very seriously.  We consider it a ‘window to our soul’, if you feel the same, then let’s connect.   We would love to offer our clients and partners the opportunity to leverage our channels to share good news or promote their events, successes and activities.

But before we get in bed together, there are a few things you need to know.

Lets Collaborate!

Connect with our Socials

Collaborate with us - we are better together!

You don’t have to be alone…

Planning a social media collaboration with Kaine Mathrick Tech can work wonders for your online presence.  Let’s talk about what this means, how to do it and what some of the benefits are.

But first, lets make sure we are connected!


Step 1 – CONNECT with us on our social media accounts by following us on all of our channels.

Step 2 – COMMENT & LIKE engaging with our posts via your personal or business account will provide you with exposure to our networks.  Building meaningful relationships is vital to remaining authentic on your own social media channels.

Step 3 – SHARE A GOOD NEWS STORY Our audiences love seeing other businesses succeed, so if you have an announcement, a major change in your business or something you can communicate about your culture we would love to hear it.

Step 4 – OFFER OR DISCOUNT People love a deal and provided it is relevant to our audience, we would be happy to promote to our followers for a period of time

Step 5 – CONSIDER SHARING OUR NEWS ON YOUR CHANNELS  we are also happy for you to share or repost our content, please ensure you contact us via the form for permission.


We would love to connect our customers with our networks and provide information, offers, updates and more.  If you are interested in sharing on our social media platforms, fill out the form to let us know.

Come & Hangout with us on our Socials!


Our Professional Network where we talk all things business

Our Linkedin network is a carefully curated group of companies and connections that we have developed over the years.

We like to share company updates, news on technology or updates relevant to our customers and even customer news.


Facebook Logo

A blend of tech news, client posts & staff updates

Facebook is the oldest social media channel and one not to be ignored.  We post on Facebook 3 times a week and will share information on the latest technology updates, awards we receive, staff updates and of course client updates.

Our audience of over 2000 active followers is a strong mix of partners, clients and business connections.


A lot about our culture with a few helpful tips

Our newest social channel Instagram has been a wonderful surprise for us.  Following very closely behind Linkedin, our Instagram audience is the most interested and engaged with our content.

We love to share staff updates and milestones, fun quotes, client reviews and most importantly you – we love to share updates or photos of our clients here too!

You Tube Logo

A great marketing channel providing access to more than 2 billion users worldwide

A mix of training videos, new product or service videos and some fun recounts of our social events, our You Tube channel is a new forum for us to showcase what we do and who we are.