Our unique onboarding process includes a thorough Audit & Documentation of your IT environment

As part of KMT’s onboarding process, our onboarding team will perform an IT Audit across your infrastructure and network.

We begin this process approximately 2 weeks from our agreed ‘Go Live’ date providing we have received access from your existing IT provider / contact. Please find a summary below of the steps that will take place as part of this audit.

  • KMT to complete our initial network and domain audit to gain an understanding of all existing devices – 2 weeks prior to go live.
  • KMT to build and test network policies for our monitoring and remote access agents (limited to monitoring capability initially).
  • KMT to begin client standardisation process – where we will check, document and adjust your infrastructure to meet our KMT standard operating environment in collaboration with yourselves.
  • Complete audit of environment, including collating risks and recommendations found.
  • Finalisation of KMT Onboarding Checklist.

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