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Brandon Higgins

Level 1 Service Desk - The Dream Team


Background: Brandon H has been active in the IT sector since mid-2023. Prior to this, he sharpened his interpersonal skills working as a bartender in hospitality. His academic pursuit in cybersecurity commenced at Swinburne University, supplemented by further study online and with external agencies.

Brandon’s personal interests lie in cybersecurity and networking, areas he has actively explored over the last few years. He continues to advance his skills, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to both personal and professional development within the tech industry.

Outside of work

Outside of Work: In his leisure time, Brandon is passionate about fitness, challenging himself regularly with rigorous workouts. He also indulges in skateboarding and motorbike riding whenever the opportunity arises.

A tech enthusiast at heart, Brandon spends his spare moments scouring for any technological gadgets he can find. His curiosity drives him to not only learn about new tech but also to revive non-functional devices, striving to breathe new life into them.

Technical Skills and Qualifications

  • Cert IV in cybersecurity
  • ISO27001