Colin Amos

Onsite Technician


Colin started his employment in the Department of Defence (Army) back in 83 which covered Electronics, Clerical, Pay and Computer Combat Operator. He then joined the civilian world in 2000, working for Nomad Solutions – 18 months, Correct Solutions – 17yrs, and recently Power-Net IT Solutions for close to 5 1/2 yrs. Colin enjoys looking after clients as if he is one of them and ensures that he communicates all the way through to the end.

Outside of work

Outside of work Colin has many and varied interests, however his main forms of enjoyment these days is Photography, 4WD and trying to get a You Tube Channel launched.
He is also undertaking a mentorship learning about Money and how to get it to work for you.


  • Software from standard through to unique ones depending on work sector – many I’ve had to sort out with little or no support
  • Firewalls – you name Colin has probably done it
  • Antivirus – all major vendors including some others not as common such as Carbon
  • Wireless – point to point and normal
  • Sophos AV, firewalls and wireless
  • Sophos Firewall Enginner cert
  • Datto RMM, Continuum
  • POS Systems
  • Backups – Shadow Protect through to some VEEAM work
  • Networking equipment such as switches, Aruba, Cisco, Cabletron (now defunct), Dlink
  • Worked in many different working sectors from Retail, Production, Medical, Shipping, Education, Financial, Construction etc.