Kurt Smith

Level 2 Service Desk - The Dream Team


Kurt is an enthusiastic individual who has the world at his feet. He is looking forward to the challenging and fun times ahead at KMT as well as meeting the whole team to hear their stories. Kurt loves tackling complex issues and working with his peers in achieving the same goals as they are. He has a number of years in customer service and knows what it takes to ensure that every client is understood, satisfied, and looked after. He is keen on expanding that and his set of technical skills into the technology world at KMT.

Outside of work

Kurt enjoys his downtime when not in the office. He likes to keep busy by going to the Gym or having a kick of the Soccer ball but also enjoys a night out on the town accompanied by a beer or two. When winding down for the day he occasionally checks out various tech websites for the latest PC hardware as he is looking to build his own PC in the near future. Kurt keeps his creative side in check when playing the guitar as it is a form of expression and a way to experiment with different sounds and think outside the box.

Technical Skills and Qualifications

Bachelor of Information Technology:

  • Major in Network and System Computing
  • Minor in ICT Management