Philip Buchanan

Level 1 Service Desk - Quick Fix Team


Phil Buchanan is a seasoned professional with expertise in Risk Management and Compliance, honed over a number for years in the insurance industry. He’s known for his approachable, collaborative style, transparency in communication, and advanced negotiation skills. Over the last 18 months, Phil led and collaborated in IT infrastructure projects, including system installations and remote device setups. He has a multifaceted skill set that can assist in a diverse range of projects.


Outside of work

In his free time, Philip enjoys hands-on hobbies. He builds computers, customizes mountain bikes, and explores nature in places like Lysterfield and You Yangs Regional Park. He’s a motorcycle enthusiast, having owned three Hondas. Philip stays active and occasionally explores self-improvement activities. When he wants to unwind, he plays PC games. It’s a well-rounded mix of hobbies that keeps life interesting for him.