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Tom Solari

Chief Operating Officer

Tom Solari, the Chief Operating Officer at KM Tech, is a visionary leader who has been a part of the company since 2015. With a keen eye for operational excellence and a passion for technology, Tom has been instrumental in scaling KM Tech’s service desk operations to new heights.

Tom holds a Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems from Monash University, reflecting his deep understanding of the tech landscape and his commitment to continuous learning. His previous roles at Origin Energy and Scorptec Computers have equipped him with a diverse skill set that he brings to his current role at KM Tech.

When he’s not optimizing operations at KM Tech, Tom is an enthusiast of all things on wheels. Whether it’s cycling along Beach Road or cruising in for a drive in a fast car, Tom’s love for motion and speed translates into his dynamic approach to business operations.

At KM Tech, Tom and his team are dedicated to the values of unity and accountability. They strive to change the game in managed IT services, with Tom Solari at the helm steering the company towards operational innovation and excellence.