Empower Your Business with Proactive Strategic Account Management

At Kaine Mathrick Tech, we understand that managing key accounts is not just about providing IT services; it’s about building a partnership that drives your business forward. Our Strategic Account Management (SAM) program is designed to do just that—align our technology solutions with your clients’ long-term business objectives.

Our Effective Account Management Has Led to Huge Savings


Yearly savings of a logistics firm upon migrating their infrastructure to the cloud and implementing our cybersecurity solution.


Yearly savings of a company after our team performed major server upgrades (excluding other forms of savings achieved).


Customised Strategic Business Reviews that focus on your specific business needs and growth targets.

Strategic Business Reviews (SBRs) have emerged as a pivotal tool for companies to reassess their strategies, align with market dynamics, and ensure sustained growth. SBRs are comprehensive evaluations that delve into a company’s performance, strategic alignment, and future objectives.

Improved Decision Making

With a comprehensive understanding of the business, leaders can make more informed decisions in the realm of technology and IT management.

Increased Alignment

We don’t wait for threats to strike; we protect, monitor, respond Regular reviews help keep the entire organization aligned with strategic goals.

Enhanced Agility

SBRs enable businesses to quickly adapt to market changes and emerging opportunities.


Strategic Account Management: Beyond Sales to Partnership Excellence

Strategic Account Management in the realm of technology is a multifaceted approach that focuses on nurturing long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients. It transcends traditional sales tactics by integrating in-depth knowledge of the client’s business objectives with a strategic deployment of technological solutions. SAM is pivotal in aligning technology services with the client’s evolving needs, driving innovation, and fostering sustained growth. Through this tailored management, technology providers can anticipate market trends, adapt to changes swiftly, and deliver consistent value, ensuring that their clients not only keep pace with the digital transformation but also gain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

Personalised Service

Dedicated Account Managers provide personalized attention to each client, ensuring that the services offered are tailored to meet their specific business needs and objectives. This personalised approach helps in building a deeper understanding of the client’s business, which is crucial for delivering relevant and effective solutions.

Consistent Communication

Your Account Manager will act as a single point of contact, facilitating consistent and clear communication. This helps in maintaining a strong and transparent relationship, where you feel heard and supported, and any issues or requests can be addressed promptly.

Strategic Insight

With their in-depth knowledge of both the client’s business and KM Tech’s capabilities, our Account Managers offer strategic insights that align technology solutions with the your long-term goals. They play a key role in strategic planning, helping you to leverage technology for business growth and competitive advantage.

Best MSPs in Melbourne ranked by Channel Futures MSP 501

Ranked Best Melbourne MSPs in Channel Futures MSP501.
The technology Industries most prestigious list of global IT Managed Service Providers


Our account managers are backed by a team of technical experts to provide comprehensive support and insights.

Welcome to KMT’s IT Support, where your business’s growth knows no bounds. In today’s dynamic landscape, staying ahead is not a choice but a necessity. At KMT, we are your dedicated allies in achieving uninterrupted growth. Our solutions are designed to seamlessly adapt to your evolving needs, ensuring you’re always at the forefront of innovation. Explore the journey to unceasing progress with KMT’s IT support as your steadfast partner.

Holistic Problem-Solving

Cross-functional expertise allows for a more holistic approach to problem-solving. When account managers are supported by a team of technical experts from various fields, they can address a wider range of challenges and offer solutions that consider all aspects of your business.

Innovation and Creativity

A diverse team of experts brings together different perspectives, which can foster innovation and creativity. This collaborative environment can lead to the development of unique solutions that give clients a competitive edge in their market.

Efficient Service Delivery

With a team of specialists in different areas of technology, service delivery becomes more efficient. Clients benefit from faster response times and more effective support, as the right expert can be quickly mobilised to address specific issues or needs.


Key Features of KM Tech Cyber-First Managed IT Services

Strategic Business Reviews

Our approach involves conducting Strategic Business Reviews (SBRs) for our clientele, providing them with a detailed strategy and roadmap that guarantees their technology infrastructure not only supports but also propels their business expansion. We are dedicated to strategically synchronizing your technological resources with your prospective goals.

Account Management

In partnership with your enterprise and the committed service desk team, your Account Manager will engage in regular consultations to present a strategic advisory roadmap. This ensures that you fully leverage the advantages of your technological investments.

Dedicated Service Desk Team

Every client is paired with a specialised IT Support team, an Account Manager, and a Customer Experience Manager, guaranteeing that your team consistently benefits from outstanding end-user support provided by a group of professionals who are intimately familiar with your business operations.

Technical & Security Audits

We conduct an in-depth analysis of every aspect of your business through an IT lens, providing critical insights into your current infrastructure. Furthermore, we equip you with high-level recommendations and the knowledge required to make informed decisions.

Managed Security Service Provider

Simply relying on antivirus is inadequate for comprehensive business protection. Our Managed Cyber Security service adopts a robust, multi-layered defense strategy to strengthen your network and secure your data from cyber threats.

Proactive maintenance

Our comprehensive managed service encompasses automated updates and patches, minimizing downtime due to outdated infrastructure. We guarantee smooth functioning of your IT systems and prolong their operational life.

Endpoint Detection & Response>

One touch for IT issues

Our IT Support desk is equipped to manage all your IT-related queries, regardless of whether the technology was originally supplied by us. This provides you with a unified point of contact for any IT-related inquiries or issues.


Our dashboards provide real-time visibility, enabling you to monitor our service effectiveness, pinpoint frequent IT challenges faced by your team, review IT support ticket data, and evaluate the current state of your IT infrastructure at any moment.

Hybrid Modern Workplace

Refine your technology stack by choosing the right tools tailored to your business needs. Leveraging our extensive expertise, we excel in guiding businesses through cloud migration, improving network connectivity, and unlocking new opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Everything you need to know about or Cyber-First Managed Services

The key to unlocking operational excellence and superior employee experiences is found in engaging a reputable Managed IT Service provider.

Take a look at what our clients have achieved with Kaine Mathrick Tech

Read more about what our clients have to say about working with us

Lauren SchadeLauren Schade
04:22 31 Jul 23
Always willing to help! Fantastic Support everytime
andrew mylesandrew myles
04:55 24 Jul 23
Responsive, knowledgeable and eager to assist. Recommended!
Shane MalloyShane Malloy
04:52 20 Jul 23
Gec EmohGec Emoh
01:11 17 Jul 23
KMT are very responsive and take the issue to heart. Their staff are professional and there is a very defines escalation process. I find it very easy to proved a prositive recommendation to others.
Nicholas AnastosNicholas Anastos
03:23 11 Jul 23
Excellent support!
Dean NelsonDean Nelson
00:10 07 Jul 23
KMT have been a long time supplier to our business and from a support perspective have always solved our issues, remotely or otherwise. Highly recommend.
Clarissa BordinoClarissa Bordino
03:02 01 Jun 23
No matter who is assisting you, KMT'd service is consistent and they go above and beyond to help you. As well their response time was very quick. What I loved the most is that they could handle my chaotic answers ? James, Aleks, Cassandra you are fabulous!
Sharron HealySharron Healy
23:36 15 May 23
Jeremy from KMT was able to fix my technical issue within a minute! Allowing me to get on with my job, instead of continuing to try to fix it myself without success. I'd highly recommend KMT to manage your tech needs.
Martin SzymanskiMartin Szymanski
01:51 21 Apr 23
These guys and gals are great. They know their stuff and get it done quickly. Always helpful and respectful. You can't go wrong using their service.
Beattie GreenBeattie Green
00:40 31 Jan 23
KMT always respond to my help desk requests quickly, are very proactive and communicative throughout the process and have always found a solution to my tech troubles. I highly recommend the team! The web interface is also easy to use.

Let this be the beginning of a beautiful partnership

We have developed quite the reputation for fixing issues others can’t. Let us deep dive into your IT systems, understand your goals, identify any risks and provide you with a plan to move forward.

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