What is The Cloud and Why Move to It?

Published on: June 16th, 2020
Last edited: August 24th, 2020

Why cloud is something all small and medium Australian businesses should consider

What is The Cloud and Why Should Small and Medium Businesses Move to It?

What is the Cloud?

Have you ever wondered why a user will log into their social media account on a new phone or a different phone from the one they’re using, and still find their old account in place?  With their photos, videos, conversation history intact?  That’s the power of the Cloud! 

The Cloud is like an online home that involves vast network servers around the globe, which are hooked together and operate as a single ecosystem for storing, and managing data, running applications, delivering content or services such as streaming, webmail, and more.  With the cloud, you don’t need to access files and data on only your local or personal computer, but everywhere, so far, there’s an internet connection and a device to access.

Cloud servers are located in data centers all over the world, and by using cloud, users, and companies, especially small and medium businesses, don’t have to manage physical servers themselves. Instead of storing and accessing data on their hard-drives or locally on computers, the Cloud is a better place to store them, and they can get access to it anywhere in the world. 

Why Small and Medium Businesses Should Move to the Cloud

The idea of the Cloud must definitely sound interesting to you by now. As a small and medium enterprise owner, you stand a lot to gain from the Cloud. Let’s take a look at some compelling reasons why you should move your business to the Cloud.


The reason for mobility has been seen in the earlier paragraphs. Just like the cloud in the sky, the Cloud can be accessed from anywhere you’re, through any device so far there’s an internet connection. Cloud technology makes it easy, especially for SMEs and their staff to work remotely from anywhere.

With Cloud, staff on vacation or travels won’t have any problems accessing data, and software, as they can easily get them wherever they are. Cloud and its resources can give small and medium businesses a rapid growth rate.

It’s Cost Efficient

Cost Efficiency is one good reason why SMEs should move to Cloud, as the cost to use this service comes at a much more affordable price. The business only needs to pay for the server and the infrastructural capacity they use. There’s a huge difference between the cost of using the Cloud and spending tens of thousands on hardware or storage devices, maintenance, and more.


Controlling the entire operation of any business with ease is one of the challenges business owners face. It is not easy. The more workforce the business has, the more the need to control. However, the cloud could come in as good leverage here. With the cloud, all users can store, send, and share documents through cloud, where everybody in the team with access can use them.


Flexibility is one of the vital keys that makes a business run smoothly. Flexibility is another thing SMEs stand to gain when they use the cloud. With the cloud, businesses and their staff can modify, store, and recover files from any device in any location across the world. They can access web applications and any virtual resources by getting connected to the cloud via any internet-enabled device anywhere.

Data Backup & Recovery

This is a vital part of any business’s continuity plan or disaster recovery. Cloud securely stores your company’s data, and it makes your data backup and recovery easy. Loss of files can be frustrating; however, with the Cloud, you have a backup and recovery solution running in the background already, ready to be recovered in case of any data loss or security issues.

Data Security

The Cloud has many layers of security. Most times, much more than what small and medium businesses could pull off on their own. For a small business, storing files and data on the cloud can be safer than the traditional methods of storing them on hard-drives, or computers. When you store with the cloud, your files are very safe, and can be reverted anytime.

Automatic Software Updates

Outdated software is one of the things that can harm the productivity of any business, especially a small business. When SMEs leverage cloud, they need not worry about outdated systems again, as the cloud push out regular and timely updates for optimum productivity,  it manages all aspects of maintenance and software updates without the SMEs having to worry.


If you’ve not been using cloud, you’re missing! The market is a very competitive one, and as you can see from the above, cloud happens to be a great problem solver in businesses today. As small and medium business owners, there’s a lot of benefits you get with the cloud. Control, scalability, flexibility, with top-notch data backup and security, are solutions that can help your business grow, all of which the cloud is there to offer you.


Are you ready to move your business to the cloud? Contact us today at KMT Group to discuss more about our services and cloud solution. Our services are affordable, reliable, and detailed. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you and discuss the ideal cloud solution for your business. An amazing experience awaits you.





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