Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Since 2010, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses get the most out of their technology, cloud solutions, modern workplace, and cyber security efforts.

Here’s what to expect from your strategy session:

1 on 1 call with our Managing Director Bradley Kaine.

Spend some 1 on 1 time talking with Bradley who has over 20 years experience in IT and has actually designed, built, deployed and managed various IT solutions across companies in various industries that have resulted in increased performance to a new level.  Real advice from a real expert.

Review your goals

The first part of any strategy session starts with the end in mind.  We’ll discuss your business, technology and growth goals for the year and quarter so we can focus on some quick wins.

Provide high-level recommendations

Once we have reviewed your goals, we will discuss your current technology and can suggest some insights to help you reach your goals.

Each session will go for between 30-45 minutes and we can schedule it at your earliest convenience. 

You might be wondering, "Why are we offering you free IT consulting"

When we started this business, we dedicated ourselves to a simple belief.

To be a new kind of technology partner that does the right thing – we want to provide Upfront Value with No Obligation

Many technology companies and MSPs are only scratching the surface, they recommend expensive and confusing solutions, keep strategies and tactics behind closed doors, and don’t provide any transparency around their performance.

Clients are left wondering “How do I know that you are doing what you say you are going to do and what I am paying for?”

Today, we are a leading Managed IT Services provider and strive to help you unlock the power and the promise of predictable IT services via our MSP solution.

Whether you are technical or not, you are welcome to have a complimentary session to understand how you can take your technology to the next level.

We understand as business leaders you are busy and often don’t have time to consider whether your technology is really serving you and that is why we are offering this session.  If you are interested, fill out the form and we’ll get you the details.


Client Testimonials

What our clients are saying about KMT

5 Stars

Been with these guys for some time now and could not recommend a more reputable, responsive and professional company. They truly care about their clients and have a do whatever it takes attitude.


5 Stars

KMT are very knowledgeable and always fast to act on any IT support issues. They are not worried to jump into any IT challenge and work with you finding and executing a solution in record time. Not only that, they helped us future proof our business for the challenging climate we live in right now. Definitely recommend!


5 Stars

Excellent and responsive customer service – thoroughly detailed and was able to resolve the issues in a professional manner, with great follow up to ensure complete customer service. Really Professional. I am very happy with the KMT Team.