Everything you need to know about Managed Service Providers

The secret to superior IT service is hiring a specialist


Why your buisness should consider outsourcing your IT to a Managed Service Provider

In the 21s century, every business lives or dies on the quality and security of its IT systems. Threats to profitability and customer retention – even basic functioning – are proliferating. From ineffective hardware and hacked software to data loss and neglected servers, there are more and more ways a business can be brought to its knees.

In the face of all this, many businesses rely on internal IT departments to keep on top of things. While filled with good intentions, these employees often struggle with juggling revenue-generating innovation with keeping on top of maintaining IT resources and scanning the horizon for new dangers. It is, in the end, too much to ask.

You may have heard of businesses employing Managed Services Providers to help with their IT. You might have wondered what that means. Read on and find out everything you need to know about Managed Services.

Everything you need to know about managed service providers

Here at Kaine Mathrick Tech, we offer the full spectrum of award winning Managed Services, from modern workplace solutions and cloud migrations to cyber security and IT support. Discover more about what we do and find out how we can help with our Managed Services.

What is a Managed Services Provider (MSP)?

A Managed Services Provider is a third-party company employed to manage a business’s IT assets. It will typically maintain, monitor, update and scale systems on behalf of its client. As the digital challenges businesses face grow more complicated, the time and resources needed to manage them in-house are growing exponentially. Corporate IT departments are under more pressure than ever to solve complex issues rapidly. Consequently, Managed Services Providers (MSPs) are becoming more popular with businesses as cost-effective, efficient and resilient alternatives.

Not all MSPs are a good fit for businesses, and corporate departments need to be cautious when adopting one. It is crucial that yours is a partner rather than a vendor, so that your business is treated as a priority and not just a number. An MSP must be as invested in your business as you are, sharing in your urgent need to resolve problems.

What does an MSP do?

MSPs do everything an organisation’s internal IT staff do, only more efficiently, affordably and effectively, freeing up IT staff to focus on revenue-generating activities instead of everyday tasks. MSPs provide computer, server and other asset support, network security, data backup and recovery, tailored software and technology audits and upgrades.

What are the benefits of using a Managed Services Provider?

Melbourne MSP

A raft of benefits comes with hiring a Managed Services Provider.

  • Business owners can concentrate on growth and save on diverting resources to IT departments.
  • More effective IT services. MSPs specialise in the support IT departments do part-time.
  • A full-time IT department for up to 50% less.
  • Relieve employees of repetitive maintenance and daily operations.
  • A partner to share risks and responsibilities. Every MSP is incentivised to run your digital assets as affordably and efficiently as possible.
  • Ready access to veteran experts, best practices and leading technology. By employing dedicated support, you’ll benefit from their greater experience working with dozens or hundreds of other businesses.
  • MSPs can keep your business cutting-edge. An MSP transacts with many businesses and sees first-hand trends and progress that they can bring to your business.  

How much does an MSP cost?

The cost of an MSP very much depends on the size of its client’s business and what services are required. The scale and intensity of support can vary along with price. Some businesses may want simple maintenance, while others will need a full-spectrum of support, strategy and security services. Nevertheless, data shows that businesses see reductions in costs of up to 50% for their IT services, as well as superior performance and security.

Work with a trusted Australian MSP

KMT is a leading, award-winning Australian Managed Services Provider. We value people and relationships, and we strive to bridge the space between human beings and technology. Partnering with small, medium and large businesses, we deliver a suite of services and solutions in every IT domain businesses rely on.

We believe that a secure, efficient workplace is achievable for every Australian business. KMT presently provides Managed Services for more than 110 customers across diverse industries, from architecture and law to accounting and construction. We are based in Melbourne and operate throughout Australia.

If your business demands the best, make KMT your Managed Services Provider. Contact us today to get the best IT support, services and solutions.

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